PS4 Reveal Could Force Microsoft To Delay Next Xbox To 2014

Mobile & Apps: "Recently Sony officially announced its next-generation video game console, the PlayStation 4. Everything Sony showed proves that the company means business, and this could potentially force Microsoft to delay its next console, in order to be a true contender for years to come."

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BakedGoods1912d ago (Edited 1912d ago )

While most opinion pieces are worthwhile, the sheer amount of ads on that site lead me to believe this is a hit generator peice with little foundation outside of "what if".

MS would be shooting themselves in the foot by delaying release. While Sony has the upper hand MS is no slouth, they must have something up their sleeves. No doubt MS has been developing the next Xbox for the last few years, Sony's reveal probably did little to hinder that.

Vames1912d ago

I would have to disagree that this is just for hits only. However, I am not the owner so I am unable to do anything about the advertisement problem, you are not the only one complaining. I'd recommend you use adblock to rectify the problem.

Anyway, I apologize for the inconvenience.

BakedGoods1912d ago

No worries, ads are an important part of revenue. Fair enough, I trust the author is coming from a place of honesty rather than stoking the fanboy fires.

MikeMyers1912d ago (Edited 1912d ago )

Makes no sense to wait until 2014. Microsoft doesn't need to match specs as long as they provide a good platform with great content. So what if the next Xbox isn't quite as powerful? The forums will always be a place for arguments and favoritisms and of course brand loyalty. Where people will focus on any weak point they can. All the arguments between the PS3 and Xbox 360 and how they matched technically didn't really matter much in the end now did it?

irepbtown1912d ago

It will not be delayed till 2014...

Lets say the PS4 is more powerful, Microsoft will release its console: then a more powerful one maybe a year later. We saw them improve the 360 in steps, why not this time?

Though I also doubt what I've just wrote as I'm sure both Sony and Microsoft will pull out the heavy weapons.

g2gshow1912d ago

apologize lol for what??? who ever doesn't like ads should just stay off the internet cause thats all your going to see time is money an everyone has to get paid... warm bottle of milk anyone?lol

phinch1912d ago

@ irepbtown..... they didn't change any specs though, it was just a remodel that helped prevent overheating

Irishguy951912d ago (Edited 1912d ago )

Hey at least you didn't have 5 pages for the article

*Glares at gamingbolt

kayoss1912d ago

I'm a playstation gamer but I do own a Xbox360 for some of their exclusives. With that say I don't think it matter that the next box is not as powerful. Look at the ps3 vs Xbox360. Both console really Well regardless of the power difference.
I'm actually worried that in future multiplatform games on the ps4 will might to sacrifice because games will be made on the next box and ported to the ps4 just like this gen.

Ritsujun1912d ago

They were like, "CRAP we need to upgrade our Xboo specs."

miyamoto1912d ago (Edited 1912d ago )

M$ has deep pockets it will do anything to stop Sony from dominating the living room again.

Autodidactdystopia1912d ago

if that happens then ps4 will get the jump.

b777conehead1911d ago

to irepbtown
you do not understand real world do you . it would cost to much to build two models a year apart with diferent specs. plus upset people who bought the lower specs a year before. they changed the 360 to stop overheating and added a wireless card build in but did not change the specs

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evilhasitsway1912d ago

it is possibley cause look at ps3 came out more than yr after 360 maybe ms thinks this will work for them and it just might.

B1663r1912d ago

Or Primesense doesn't release the new Kinect sensor until later this year as has been prominently posted on their website since January...

greenpowerz1912d ago (Edited 1912d ago )

Stupid article and fanboy logic.

The 720 could be more powerful in the first place.

Sony's rumored specs where not set in stone but MSFT's is? LMAO

"Durango is a memory monster, shipping with 8GB of RAM up against 'just' 4GB in its Sony competitor. It's an ambitious strategy, made necessary owing to Microsoft's hopes for the new Xbox to be more than just a games machine - the hardware is believed to reserve a significant amount of RAM for media functions, and rumours persist that the console can run dedicated apps and media side-by-side with gameplay"

PS4 rumored specs that were almost dead on just weeks ago, 4 gigs of Ram now changed to 8 gigs of Ram after the reveal.

MSFT being stuck with old rumored specs and Sony forcing MSFT to re-do the 720 after Sony recently changed their specs is delusional paranoid fear logic/reasoning/deflections.

MSFT more than likely had a few prototypes in the pipes to counter any of the competition directions/ambitions.

For all we know the leaked stuff was a ploy. Crytek has been working with MSFT behind the scenes for a couple of years now on exclsuives and probably next gen console concepts. The next Xbox will be very powerful due to it being a hybrid PC for games and MSFT products.

Sony not showing hardware after announcing a new console, after changing specs to slightly beat rumors of specs of the competition and it's MSFT with the weaker console that needs to be delayed? LMAO

otherZinc1912d ago


That is the post of the year to date!

You said everything I was going to say since February 21st; one day after the release of SONY's PS4 statistics theyre shooting for.

kickerz1912d ago

Microsoft has been working on this next gen machine for years. I highly doubt it will be crap. If it is I will be hugely disappointed.Its all about the games though and I really hope there will be some awesome new first party games.cant wait to see.

1912d ago
Sh0ckWav31912d ago

i agreed , i said it b4 but you know how n4g is...

BlueTemplar1912d ago

@greenpowerz so all the devkits out there are of completely different spec to what they're going to unveil?

One thing to up the amount of ram in a new console, another thing entirely to ditch the motherboard so they can swap in an entirely different type of ram

greenpowerz1912d ago (Edited 1912d ago )

MSFT has used different spec levels of different prototypes as well.

4 gig 720 from the first leaked docs assuming they were leaked vs planted as a ploy for MSFT's competition.

8 gig 720 from another supposed leak possibly planted as another ploy

MSFT asks the leading devs making the most advanced games and or with the most advanced engines/tech at the time of development to help design xbox(s) as they always have, this time being Crytek ID/RAGE etc(not talking devs not exclusive/1st party devs)

PM me for that job if your not messing around LOL.

Man I think their was like 6 differnt 360 hardware prototypes and over a dozon shell concepts. You best Bet MSFT has a few differnt 720's mocked up assuming they're not going with the rumored ungradable 720 where the higher sku can be fitted with better specs later on.

I'm assuming MSFT will be going with the most expensive and best spec prototype they have considering they were stingy with price cuts this gen vs destroying PS3 with a proper price cut(s) to take the massive hit for the 720 launch (price control)

Also MSFT test ran the subsidized payment plan on the 360 which is proving to be great for them.

BlueTemplar1912d ago (Edited 1912d ago )

@greenpowerz you cant seriously believe that there are 6 different varieties of dev kits out there that developers are working on in parallel just to make sure they have stuff working on whichever one microsoft finally decides to use?

I think you need a reality check.

BlueTemplar1912d ago

@greenpowerz even if what you are saying was right (which it isnt), anything released in the first year or so of the consoles life would have to have been developed for the lowest specced prototype - games arent developed in a couple of months, they take years.

Knight_Crawler1912d ago

N4G is infested with PS3 loyalist and will attack anyone who dares to criticize the PS brand.

MS can cure cancer and some how the people on here would find away to make MS look like monster by saying that they stole the idea of curing cancer from Sony.

This place is going to go into melt down when MS announces the 720.

pixelsword1912d ago (Edited 1912d ago )

Let's just wait until MS" reveal. I think Sony shot some of their load for one or two reasons :

1. To keep momentum going on their stock after the news that they were in the black

2. They have so many games coming that the E3 time would cut into the experimentak games the want to show.

ABACAB721912d ago

Well, to be fair, Nintendo didn't show the WiiU when it was originally announced either, so it doesn't really matter. Having said that, MS has always had some sort of box to show once they first announce a console. They did it with both the Xbox and the 360. So, I would expect them to have a console to show for this one. Whether it is the final one that we get once it comes out remains to be seen, but that's something that they do differently than the other companies do.

kenshiro1001912d ago

And you guys freak out whenever people criticize Microsoft (and rightfully so). I look forward to Microsoft's announcement. I hope for their sake they won't announce a Kinect 2.0 because if they do, there goes their fanbase.

Perjoss1912d ago

What Knight_Crawler said is both sad and true.

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MysticStrummer1912d ago

Why would MS delay? Even if they rush out a faulty product, they've done it before and it worked out well for them, so there's not reason not to do it again.

GameSpawn1912d ago

Except that it has taken them over 2 years to dig themselves out of the bad PR that came of the Red Ring fiasco and consumer trust still isn't that great with them.

You can be assured Microsoft will not release a half-assed console again. Remember: "Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me." -- Don't make the same mistake twice.

I also don't see them waiting a year after Sony because the 360 is no "PS2 fallback" like the PS2 was for the PS3 (by this I mean they don't have the foreign/3rd world market interests to keep the 360 going steady like the PS2 did when the PS3 came out). Microsoft NEEDS to release at the same time as the PS4 or they will never keep pace. Hell they had a year with the 360 and Sony caught them by the end of the generation (was much faster in non-US regions, aka Japan and Europe minus the UK).

ABACAB721912d ago

You have to remember, the RRoD was not purposefully done. They did rush out the 360, and paid dearly for it. They did do the right thing by extending the warranty however, and once they were doing that, they were making the slim model of the 360, and took their time to make sure that the same thing didn't happen again. They're not going to rush it out. They've learned their lesson. If that is really the only chink in the armour of Xbox's history, that's fine with me. Besides, they can't really afford to release another faulty product. They are still new to making hardware themselves, and have to realize that it can't be treated as they do software with a simple update and that's it.

morkendo231912d ago (Edited 1912d ago )

ps4 reveal could push nextbox back to 2014

thats a bunch of BULLSH'T the real deal MS not ready to release becuz as I said many times on here a friend of mine work in xbox quality control center for gaming he is a engineer said: they having heatsink problems and connectivity infar-red issues with kinect combining everything as a whole that not tweak out yet. need more time to adjust.

my opinion if nextbox release sooner it will be a disaster this time.

JohnnyBadfinger1912d ago

No bloody Idea what you just wrote then...

Assuming English is your second language. So I can tollerate that. Pretty sure you don't have a friend who works at Microsoft. All the employees would be forced to sign a nondisclosure agreement before they are hired. If he voided that, and Microsoft found out he will be flogged harder than a teenage boys man bits.

showtimefolks1912d ago

i think next xbox and ps4 will launch around the same time, but even if one is 6 months apart i don't think it matters as much as what people want you to believe

ps4 launched a year after yet did good and now has #2 spot in world wide sales.

release your system when its ready MS we don't want another RROD

007Bond1912d ago

P$3 did it and they came out alright so im sure M$ would as well.

Mike134nl1912d ago

Could be or not, either way both consoles have a similar pc structure. I do believe that the ps4 will be the better console. If the new xbox or ps will be underpowered compared to its direct competitors it will most likely show in the pricing of the consoles. In the end is has too be seen if the added processing power of either consoles (whichever will have the better hardware)will lead to a substantial graphic advantage.

If Microsoft might ad/change something it will be on the peripherals it might be a touchpad like on the ps4 and ouya, speaker or a forbid a share button. This would most likely not lead too a delay into 2014.

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000011912d ago (Edited 1912d ago )

i thought it was understood both Sony and Microsoft are taking two separate paths to be successful next generation.

Sony is going after the primarily gaming only crowd, while introducing social features to integrate its games into everyday life making "social gamers" out of all of us. Sony still plans on offering media and apps but this will all revolve around gaming is first and central, the philosophy they outlined at the reveal.

Microsoft is continuing the route they've been on with Kinect, media and apps. Why fix what ain't broke? Kinect was confirmed by Guinness World Records as the fastest selling tech of all time back in 2010. Microsoft will continue to push hands free software as well as media capability with Kinect 2. At the same time, Microsoft will also strive to make the next xbox a complete media box rivaling the cable providers or even services like netflix and hulu. Games will still be there, but i would expect mostly third party titles with a few new first party ip's.

Minato-Namikaze1912d ago

Ps3 was the number 1 used device for netflix. Sony i think is gonna take a balanced approach like it did for their last 3 systems. Hopefully MS realizes they went too far casual towards the end of last gen and comes back towards the middle.

Blackdeath_6631912d ago

i couldn't agree more. MS sees the xbox as some sort of living room tool that can do everything and provides for all consumers the casual,the hardcore and the non gamers but i feel that this will make the xbox a jack of all trades but master of none. yes sony has other services but they are targeted at the core gamer whereas MS is trying to target everything.

dcbronco1912d ago (Edited 1912d ago )

It's amazing people buy into those two ridiculous arguments. Fanboys are incapable of reason. They are fanboy arguments and should be ignored. Use common sense.

The Wii U is probably more powerful than the PS3 and 360. I'm sure it is. But it still looks like a slightly enhanced Wii on paper. They got a lot of additional power from re-designing the same parts with more modern technology. There is no reason to be the PS4 is more powerful at this point. Microsoft's own leaks show that they plan to use dual GPUs. One mainly for graphics and the other mainly for compute. But both capable of both.

How can anyone think Sony is doing anything different from Microsoft when they are both doing the same things. What features are there on the 360 that the PS3 doesn't do. Kinect, Move. Both have movie services, casual games on their networks. Music services. Sports. Sony additionally has Blu-ray. But somehow there is this silly argument that they are going for different audiences. They are not. The PS4 will have a camera in the box just like the 720. They will have Apps. Facebook, Twitter and a browser. There is no difference in an attempt to get the casual user.

It's all based on fanboys, who are completely incapable of comprehension or rational thought, repeating the same phrases over and over again. Or more simply put, Nazis. Repeat the same lie again and again and it will become the truth. Joseph Goebbels would be proud.

000011912d ago (Edited 1912d ago )

so because i think the two consoles will go after different audiences this time around im a fan boy? where in my post did i say one is more powerful than the other or anything regarding one system having features the other didnt? please tell me, you wanted to see a fan boy where there isn't one.

_-EDMIX-_1912d ago

Though both Sony and MS are aim for casual and Hardcore, only Sony looks to take the casual stuff with a little more respect. I say this with a game like Knack, its not Kinectamls or anything like that. Its a game thats art direction is clearly geared at a younger audience but noting so "shovel ware like" that its a turn off. I see ME getting that game and I'm currently play BF3 and Dead Space 2.

But on the 720, if they want to do a whole "Fable Journey's thing" I don't see me as getting one.

Another thing to note is, Sony invested a lot of money in buying studios and the handfull they bought this gen shows it. MS didn't. They only bought studios for Kinect and even closed down a lot of studios while doing the whole "Kinect trimming the fat" plan.

I'm just saying, they year before MS started teh whole Kinect craz, they got ride of a ton of studios and didn't fight to keep the ones that left, it was as if they where being let out of contracts not to be re-done. I start to find it hard to believe Bioware, Bungie, Bizzare Creations etc all just wanted to up and leave ending of 2007. I'm sorry but that is just to much of a coincidence. MS made some moves and its quite clear studios knew this and began looking else where.

MS made a choice, they paid for it, opened up studios for it and closed the rest of the hardcore studios to get it. Now this tells me MS is looking to cash in on Kinect big time and really...why not? They made money and clearly they feel there plan worked. If MS wanted to do a "Sony" ie buy a bunch of studios in a generation....they very much can....they didn't. Sony did, MS didn't. To say they have the same plan is a joke and you seem to only be looking at the surface. ie Sony has Move and MS has Kinect...and...Sony had the Eyetoy for PS2, didn't stop them from buying over 6 studio this gen to make hardcore games. Kinect stopped MS from doing that and even made MS get rid of the few they had, IPs and all.

dcbronco1912d ago (Edited 1912d ago )

No Blue. I'm not saying you're a fanboy. I'm saying those are fanboy arguments. They are based on nothing but a "My chose FTW" mentality. I'm saying to feed into them.


The goal is the same. The dancing puppets game is not aimed at the hardcore market. Both systems are trying to capture as much as they can of an ever expanding market. A Market that includes more and more casual players. Players that over time can be moved over to different kinds of games.

Microsoft isn't stupid enough to believe that casuals are the market. Casuals are fickle. They will jump on the next big thing and then be gone. People look at Kinect as a casual only product. I don't think it is or ever was intended to be. But Kinect was easy money for the current generation. The power to do other things with it won't be there until next generation.

People talk about them closing studios. What successful studios did they close. Thy disbanded studios that weren't working. They made studios to do things they thought would. The current generation has gone on far longer than people expected. MS invested small amounts in Kinect titles that probably mostly made a profit. Sony invested millions in a lot of exclusives that probably lost money. At the end of the day they are still companies that need to make money.

The key is people are assuming that Microsoft isn't working on hardcore games because of this generation. Sony might be thinking that too. I'm sure Microsoft would hope they are. No one expected Surface. No one expected the changes to the 360. It's good to be underestimated. I actually doubt Sony will be stupid enough to not take Microsoft seriously again. That's why they have a camera peripheral too. It's an expanding market and the guy standing at the end is the guy that gets the most of it.

But like you said. Business wise you can't argue with the results. Sony is a company on the edge of bankruptcy looking to gaming to keep it from falling off the edge. You think some of that casual market would help?

_-EDMIX-_1912d ago

I agree with you 100%. MS sold over 18 million Kinects and closed studios to make Kinect studios. (I think there might me equal to more Kinect studios then core studios) They made a lot of money, but I truly believe they may not go back to the "hardcore" outside of Halo, Gears, Fable, PGR and Forza. I think this because of the acutal moves they ahve made.

Sony bought studios, MS closed them down, and when they did buy and open studios it was to fund kinect. Even studios they owned before Kinect are working on Kinect games. Sony did do all of that, though the Move sold about 15 million, Sony doesn't have its core main studios exclusively making Move only games in the same respect MS is doing with there own. Business wise, MS is going the Kinect route harder and stronger then Sony is going the Move route.

Where Sony bought teams like Guerrilla Games in 2005, Zipper 2006, Evolution Studios and Big Big studios in 2007, Infamous in 2010 and Media Molecule in 2011. I think I'm missing a few to.. Sony very much geared and invested in targeting developers to make core games, MS got rid of teams that would make core games in favor of Kinect games.

Business wise, you just can't argue with results. MS made a lot of money cutting those studios and making Kinect games, they made a lot of money off the hardware too. I don't see MS buying studios and going "nuts" for the hardcore next gen, like Sony did this gen. They have all but one new studio to make core games, I think its called Black Isles or....its in Canada. But they are the only developer to my understand that was bought by MS to solely make a AAA FPS IP for the MS for the 720 to cease the BS from MS.

dcbronco1912d ago (Edited 1912d ago )


Another thing you're not taking into account is that while Sony hasn't opened Kinect only developers, they have closed some of those hardcore studios. So give Microsoft credit for the foresight to drop what's not working. As time goes on and Microsoft has given Sony true direct competition, Sony has adjusted the way it does things. They have to look at it as a business instead of throwing money at a wall.

And the "I just want good games" mentality has to die with bad studios. Everyone wants good games, but companies need to make money in order to keep making games.

Also, You gotta love how the "It only does everything" crowd criticizes the other machine for doing anything but gaming. Not saying you Edmix. Just commenting on that fanboy mentality in general.

Bigpappy1912d ago (Edited 1912d ago )

The is Zero difference between M$ and Sony other than Sony having a few core studio's. They are direct competitors. Sony is coming heavy of the social media front and is just as eager to play to the casual crowd as M$ is. M$ will have an equally capable system and it will release this year. If will focus on core gamers and have many social apps built in, just like Sony. Sony has its casual camera just like M$.

@ EDMIX: M$ sold over 25 million Kinect and 76 million 360's.

ABACAB721912d ago

Why not do both? I think this next gen, MSFT is going to be able to do well on both the multimedia and gaming fronts. No reason why you can't do both of them well at the same time, and be able to give people what the want on both ends of the spectrum. How they do that remains to be seen.

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Moonman1912d ago

Anyone who purchased a 360 the first year should give Microsoft a hard time until the hardware is solid. "Rushing" hardware should be the LAST thing they ever do again. Jeez!

SpinalRemains1381912d ago

Rushing their hardware ultimatelt lead to more sales for them.

We can talk about rrod till we're blue in the face, but the facts are that users purchased multiple boxes rather than abandoning the system. They enjoyed playing their 360s and they got replacements. Then they got another replacement. Ultimately this was a happy accident for Microsoft and the 75 million consoles sold reflects that. You think Microsoft would rather have dependable hardware leading to 36 million consoles sold worldwide?

I certainly do not think so. Money maketh the world go round.

Minato-Namikaze1912d ago

But that short term gain could cost them long term customers. At some point people will start to take a wait and see attitude with a manufacturer that sells shoddy hardware

jmac531912d ago

I love how people say that the RROD gave Microsoft more sales when that is so wrong. Microsoft was forced into replacing the consoles costing them a ton of money. I should know since I had to send in my console about 4 times. I know one thing for certain the next Xbox will be rock solid in reliability.

stuna11912d ago (Edited 1912d ago )

I wouldn't say it was such a happy moment for Microsoft, considering that they had to set aside Billions for replacements.

@jmac53 it did boost the sells of the 360! Because a lot of people didn't want to wait on repair or, replacements! Many just went out and bought new ones.

Drekken1912d ago (Edited 1912d ago )

I will NEVER buy a Xbox because of the RROD BS. NEVER. I talk people out of buying one because their hardware was unreliable junk. If you think the RROD benefited them in anyway you are absolutely off your rocker.

And lets just mention real quick how people can site they sold 76mil 360s... how many of those replaced a 360 out of warranty? Way more than replacement PS3's. The number of people actively playing a working 360 is way lower than 76million.

ABACAB721912d ago

The same could be said for the PS2. Most people forgot how the original PS2s used to break down with the overheating and the disc read errors. The difference was Sony didn't extend their warranty and you had to pay to fix your PS2. It wasn't really worth the hassle, because they are known for charging through the nose to fix their stuff. That's Sony, btw, not just PlayStation. Sony products are normally very expensive to get fixed after the warranty expires. That's one of the reason why most of their stuff hardly breaks down, or people just buy a new device. Really, the RRoD is the first major hurdle that MSFT had to deal with, cos there was no problem with their first console at all. But no one would know that cos most people didn't buy it.

andibandit1912d ago


But it was a happy accident for Sony too, many users switched to Sony, and we can thank MS for sony having 70-80 million sold today instead of 30 million.


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Walker1912d ago

And billions of dollars in losses for microsoft !

givemeshelter1912d ago

How many billions did Sony lose over the PS3? That's right....
Remember it comes with the territory of launching new consoles.

redDevil871912d ago

What? He didn't even mean it as an insult to the 360 yet you took it that way lol.

Take off your fanboy shades and re-read what he wrote.

kenshiro1001912d ago

Sony executives must have touched you in the wrong place or something.Rushing to defend a corporation when you accuse Sony fans of doing the same thing.


StrongMan1912d ago ShowReplies(4)