One Year On: What We Want From PlayStation Vita writes: "The PlayStation Vita turned one in Europe last Friday, and though we wish it many happy returns, Sony are probably less happy with the return they've seen on the handheld thus far. Sales have been sluggish, while woefully inconsistent software support has left huge gaps between the few utterly brilliant leading lights.

We've thoroughly lambasted the Vita's performance thus far. We've teased it mercilessly and screamed about current flaws until we're blue in the face. But only because we love the hardware, and we want to the platform do well as early adopters. So, here are the top ten things that we want from the PlayStation Vita - either in terms of new hardware iterations, unannounced dream projects or just 2013 games we're really excited about."

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CaptainYesterday1938d ago

I agree with all of these it kills me how Ken Levine teased us with a BioShock Vita game! Sign those checks Sony! Also that Borderlands game c'mon Sony get on that!

Blues Cowboy1938d ago

Yeah, can't believe they announced that BioShock game so early. I'd love some Borderlands action too, perhaps at a budget price to apologise for the Aliens SNAFU. wishful thinking.

Hope Soul Sacrifice will live up to those trailers, could be a proper system seller.

CaptainYesterday1938d ago

You should never expect one game to be a system seller, but Soul Sacrifice definitely is! Imagine if they announced Borderlands and BioShock at E3 that would sell a lot more units! :)

murdock551938d ago

this is tripping me out with the ps4 remote play. why the hell did sony allow you to use any hand held device to use remote play for the ps4. if they do that no one will buy a vita due to the fact that everybody has a smart phone already and they can use a smart phone for remote play then waste money on vita.

profgerbik1938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )

Yes because a smart phone is clearly built like a Vita, sorry but the features in the Vita far surpass almost all smartphones especially when it will be used between the PS4 not just for remote play but for the cross platform features that will be used with PS4 games.

You would only be limiting yourself and remote play is not even that big of a deal, I don't get why everyone is acting like remote play is so horrible for the Vita on the PS4, only ending up dooming the device further.

If you think they are not going to use any cross platform features with any new PS4 games with the Vita that is just crazy.

I would much rather stream a PS4 game to my Vita than any smart phone or tablet I have.. It has sticks and buttons for one which gives it a huge advantage.

You also have no idea if this will only be restricted to Playstation certified devices. Which means most people probably won't all have a Sony phone and probably will see it easier to just buy a new Vita instead of another phone that is Playstation certified when they already have a phone that works fine for them.

I can almost bet that with the games you can use the PS Vita with on the PS4 those features will be restricted to the PS Vita.

Like how the new Sly Cooper uses the PS Vita.

For all we know that port on the Vita, that has been a mystery since it's release could very well connect to the PS4 also being used even exactly like the Wii U. Of course that is just an assumption of mine.

There is really no downside to what Sony is offering, it is blowing my mind people are trying to make one out of it.

Like I said all Sony fans practically begged for better PS3 and Vita support but I knew because the PS3 was so old at the time to when the Vita actually came that it was much more likely they would put more effort into the PS4 due to their development times practically being in the same period.

Now that has happened and everyone is complaining about it.. Does anything Sony does make people happy? I mean for fuck sakes.

murdock551938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )

well i hope so that its only streamed to sony devices.

Irishguy951938d ago

Hmm will I get a portable gaming device for 200 quid AND a Ps4? Or will I just get a Ps4 and use my smartphone for portable gaming.


Well I have a Vita anyhow and I bought it for the exclusive games on it. Just like I buy everything else for. But portable gaming could be a pretty big blow to the Vita if Casuals pick up on it.

crillinFLIP3371938d ago

When did they say remote play would be available on smartphones/ tablets? I remember them talking about their app which would let you browse content or watch your friends playing games, but for remote play to work you would need buttons and sticks which can't really be replicated on just a touchscreen device unless you covered the whole screen... So, I'm pretty sure remote play will only be available on a Vita