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UNCHARTED 3 Multiplayer Goes Free-to-Play Today

Posted by Eric Monacelli // Community Strategist, Naughty Dog -

After a few months of dropping hints our secret is ready to be made public. We are extremely fortunate to have some of the most devoted and amazing fans in gaming and we wanted to introduce those fans, and the world of UNCHARTED 3 multiplayer, to as many people as possible. We also wanted everyone who plays our multiplayer game to engage with it in a way that best suits their own unique play styles. So, it’s time to go big and grow our community even more. With that, we’re thrilled to announce that UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception Multiplayer is going Free-to-Play! (PS3, Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception)

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Dylila  +   547d ago
hopefully this is playable on ps4 day one for free.
Just_The_Truth  +   547d ago
My life is over now.
WarThunder  +   547d ago
Free-to-Play? So they mean "go to PSN download the multiplayer for free and play online?"
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The_Infected  +   547d ago
Yea it's free to play but you can go to level 15, cooperative modes, additional levels, and game modes are seperate. The level 15 thing is kinda lame even though its free.
Tvensky  +   547d ago
great news! it seems I have to go and download it now! See ya everyone! ;)

EDIT: cant find it.... :(
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DoomeDx  +   547d ago
Ugh your comment history..It hurts me so much how your PS4 obsessed.

I cant for the machine either. But your just obsessing.
LessThan2Tflops  +   547d ago
No BC dude
e-p-ayeaH  +   547d ago
digital games might work hopefully
ginsunuva  +   547d ago

You don't know how software works. Ps4 has a bluray drive so reading the disc is not the problem. It can't run the code.
The disc just holds the code. Digital games are just code without a disc.
If the code can't run, it doesnt matter if it's disc or digital.

Oh stupid people...
DOMination-  +   546d ago
I agreed with your point. But felt you didn't need to call the guy stupid.

As for Dylila, Im guessing its Mika.
DarkBlood  +   547d ago
Anyone else know what the symbol bottom left of our rank number is suppose to mean?
Root  +   547d ago
I think it means those who have bought the retail game version
DarkBlood  +   547d ago
i thought as much, thanks.
Obamanationn  +   547d ago
WoW this is huge , i doubt halo will ever be free to play .
LOGICWINS  +   547d ago
Halo is a much more popular franchise than Uncharted. It will never be free to play because millions of people are willing to pay to play it, thus having a healthy amount of gamers still buying DLC. The reason Uncharted 3 is going free to play is because its popularity has fizzled out and Sony wants to make revenue off of UC3 DLC. By making the base game FTP, more people will be likely to buy DLC. Its a business move, no more, no less.

EDIT: Disagrees, is anythg I'm saying untrue? Please correct me if so.
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Ultr  +   547d ago
Popularity definately has not fizzled out :D

" All Free-to-Play players will become a part of this same player pool of over a half a million passionate players actively playing our game every month."

with the sales of U3 still going strong.

Anyhow, this is just great for the consumer :)))
SAE  +   547d ago
Go play halo instead of showing off . call of duty have millions of fans too but that doesn't make it better or anything . It's a matter of taste..
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LOGICWINS  +   547d ago
Dude, half a million players isn't that much. Have you seen what Halo 4/Black Ops 2's numbers are? Why are we sugar coating things again? Its going FTP because people aren't willing to pay for it and Sony wants to cut their losses by at least getting some revenue off of DLC. THATS whats going on. Why are u denying the truth? In the end, it works towards everyones favor so I don't see what the problem is.

@SAE- When did I say I played Halo lol? Do u need to play Halo to comprehend that its a more popular franchise than Uncharted? And who said anything about COD being "better"? Man, talk about deviating from the argument. Is it possible for us to argue like human beings now?
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ZBlacktt  +   547d ago
Uncharted wins Game of the Year awards. Halo does not.
LOGICWINS  +   547d ago
^^Thank you. Not only have you reaffirmed the N4G stereotype, but uve made it quite clear why you only have two bubbles.
Septic  +   547d ago

Lol, I feel your pain mate. There was nothing wrong in your comment at all but these fanboys are too blind-sighted by their loyalty to even comprehend what you're saying.
Irishguy95   547d ago | Trolling | show
ip4jwipthjtt  +   547d ago
Uncharted isn't even on the same level as WoW. WoW is much bigger than Uncharted and Halo combined. Learn your facts.
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-GametimeUK-  +   547d ago
Great news. It just seems a logical step in the right direction. They have a bunch of additional content that they can sell to the F2P users, right? Just an all round win / win. I do recommend that you purchase the full game, but if you're a MP junkie then this alone will satisfy your needs.
kingmushroom  +   547d ago
this is great
Just_The_Truth  +   547d ago
The store updated but I can't find it.
ip4jwipthjtt  +   547d ago
Yeah same here man, reply if you managed to find it...
Rainstorm81  +   546d ago
Go to new games its in there......if u haven't found it
clintagious650  +   547d ago
I miss playing this game but i gave my copy to my brother and he hasnt given it back. Should go buy another copy since its cheaper now.
Soldierone  +   547d ago
Those of us that bought it don't have deal with any fee to play models right?
DarkBlood  +   547d ago
im not sure what you mean?

is it dont have to deal with free to play players or have to pay a fee to play a free to play multiplayer game?
Ducky  +   547d ago
The game has slowly morphed into an F2P model with time.
So yea, you'll have to deal with it even if you bought the game.

It's similar to what Valve did with TF2.
kingPoS  +   547d ago

Fresh meat!
Tonester925  +   547d ago
This is exactly what I thought haha
FamilyGuy  +   547d ago
ZILLA  +   547d ago
This is the GREATEST 3rd person shooter this gen(period)if you havent played UC3 online what are you waiting for?!
Y_5150  +   547d ago
I was going to disagree with you, but come to think of it. This was the best 3rd person shooter I played this generation! If anybody thinks not, reply to the man on what is better than Uncharted's single and multiplayer. I spent countless hours on both.
LessThan2Tflops  +   547d ago
So overrated , it's a tps cod
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Y_5150  +   547d ago
I wish Uncharted had Call of Duty's popularity, it's more deserving.
ZBlacktt  +   547d ago
I put so many hours into UC2. I could do all the Co-Ops alone on hard, lol.
DarkBlood  +   547d ago
anybody notice how the music while waiting for a match seems to be skipping for some reason?
StreetsofRage  +   547d ago
Free to play is a great idea to try to get a struggling multiplayer some life. They did the same with killzone. I wish they did this for older games like shadowrun.
Danja  +   547d ago
I was excited for this since it's been knows for months
But after patch 1.17 yesterday all my excitement went out the door, I know I will get tons of disagrees for this but I don't really care, Uncharted 2 is one of my fave games ever unfortunately Uncharted 3 is one of the most overrated games ever, the Single player story is weak with tons of loops holes the story falls apart mid way through, the most anti-climatic boss fight & ending ever, not to mention the amount of game breaking bugs/glitches to be found in the single player with some people having the never ending Spinning ring so they can't even play or finish the game.

The Multiplayer was great during the BETA, the retail release is a mess, the current online game is a broken mess filled with laggers, UC3 is downright one of the laggiest online game EVER, not to mention the plethora of Technical probs in th game, no one aims anymore it's a complete blindfire fest. The game favors those with poor internet connect & punishes those with good connection, so all the people who will try this game for free will end Up running as far away from in it in the end because in it's current state it's pile of sh!t.

Naughty Dog is one of the most disgusting & disrespectful devs in the industry they don't care about their game community, they have tried to milk UC3 worse than Activitision does with COD, they are money hungry devs that have completely lost their way, and I expect them to destroy the online portion of TLOU & milk it for all it's worth while turning a blind eye to all the technical problems like they did with UC3.

So all you blind a$$ licking fanboys in here are a bunch of idiots for defending Naughty Dog.

P.S - before I get called a Xbot, I've never owned an xbox, check my comment history from 2007 on this site I defended the PS3 on this very site back when it was a breeding ground for xbox fanboys back in the day.
Knushwood Butt  +   546d ago
The single player has it's flaws, but it's still better than 95% of the competition.

Haven't played the multiplayer enough to pass judgement.
miyamoto  +   545d ago
what is this a love - hate relationship?
Grandmaster-B  +   547d ago
I feel your pain bro, sadly U3 is a huge mess with all that COD crap.

Aiming is more accurate than blindfiring??? Fuck you ND
younglj01  +   547d ago
"Aiming is more accurate than blindfiring???"

I think this logic should go for any type of shooter....
Grandmaster-B  +   547d ago
Jup, but not for ND.
cyclindk  +   547d ago
Veeeery smart approach to the free-to-play model. Take an already established online environment and keep it making you a bit of money and build off the current population of players to extend/bolster the life of that particular multiplayer experience at the same time and promote the base game as well.

Killzone did the same thing, it's smart.

Devs stand to make a few more bucks
Players get something for free
Original purchasers have an reinvigorated MP due to influx of new players

Its a win-win-win situation
taiyed80  +   547d ago
this is fantastic news. i spent way more time playing the multiplayer in uncharted 2 than i did the campaign.
e-p-ayeaH  +   547d ago
Killzone 3, Uncharted 3 and MAG multiplayers free 2 play

why even pay for games to play online when you can have these.
#20 (Edited 547d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
CaptainYesterday  +   547d ago
That's great! I played the beta never got the full game thought the multiplayer was pretty fun though. I was hoping they would add multiplayer to Golden Abyss too.
ichimaru  +   546d ago
this wasn't always free?
tommygunzII  +   546d ago
Playstation rocks. If I didn't know any better I'd assume we were the ones paying $50 a year.
lovegames718  +   545d ago
In resp to Danja.....

Yeah the first beta before the stupid subway one was the best mp game i ever played and was awesome. It felt so right, yet ND decided to change it idk why.

The issue with Nd milking Uc3 has been an issue i was very vocal about for a long time although i still enjoy the mp. But many agree uc2 mp is way better!!!! and made it unique.

The lag and so forth i experience on most games that do not have dedicated servers. Its not really Nd fault. Actually i don't exp. it as much anymore or i just don't notice it but it becomes an issue when your playing with ppl across the world that have a shitty isp.

One thing i don't agree with you however is the overall mp. The mp may not be as good as Uc2 but it is far better than 95% of the mp games out there even with its bugs. I still play it and enjoy it and it still receives report via labs, tweaks, etc......

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