The Last of Us 'probably' coming to PS4 too, says Pachter

A PlayStation 4 version of The Last of Us is "probably" in development alongside the upcoming PS3 version, industry analyst Michael Pachter has predicted.

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Dylila1884d ago

this would be awesome and if its a better version of the ps3 version then i most likely will buy it also on ps4. this game looks amazing and i cant wait to buy it. most previews ive seen of this game makes it seem like a next gen title

GribbleGrunger1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

Yes, I've been considering this for a while now. Don't discount other huge 1st party IPs that are coming this year too. Now, all we need to hear are the words Cross-Buy and these games will sell well on both systems.

Nitrowolf21884d ago

would be a great Cross buy thing. Buy Last of Us on the PS3 get a free digital enhanced version to play on the PS4

WarThunder1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

Don't be fooled!

Pachter made this up! Last of us will not release on the PS4. Last of us is made for the PS3 architecture. His just trying along with to mislead/confuse people to wait for the PS4 version which will not come. This way Naughty Dog will lose sales.

bicfitness1884d ago

WarThunder, all PS3 assets are made on the PC, then crammed into PS3 architecture and RAM restraints. Developers have already said that porting to the PS4 is a dream. And I'm pretty sure Naughty Dog stated that all their assets are ALREADY in 1080p - or higher - PC format.

This rumour is hardly a stretch.

yoshiroaka1884d ago

The last of Us can easily pass as an early next gen title with some minor upgrades to the lighting and textures and what not.

And with the release date being pushed to the day after E3 means that maybe there is going to be some kind of showing for the game as part of the PS4 showcase as a launch title so it will gain press.

Instead of getting buried by next gen news it can actually be part of it and really shine.

And then mention "oh and if you cant wait you can get the ps3 version"

miyamoto1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

This will be awesome if true!

ND hinted in an interview that that they made all of their PS3 game assets in very high resolutions ready if not easy to be ported on PS4.

Is this the reason for the delay?

Looks like there will be a trend of PS3-PS4 games coming this year

Diablo 3
Watch Dogs

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DoomeDx1884d ago

Reading your comment history hurts me..

Loving a system is great, but your obsessing.
Just saying :p

XxDarkGamerxX1884d ago

Some people go far beyond 'loving a system'

They marry it.

Tonester9251884d ago

I'm in a dilemma right now. I want to buy a PS3 for games like GTA V and such but I don't want to if they're going to be released on the PS4 as well..


doublejj1884d ago

i would wait for the release of the PS4 due to the fact that you only have 3 and a half months till E3 and then after that you will have another 5 months to wait for the PS4 and it will be well worth the wait. that's what im doing i don't have a PS3 right now cause i don't want to invest my money just yet as the reward of me waiting will be a new system with these games available for the PS4 via the cloud by Gaikai.

Campy da Camper1884d ago

Agreed. Epic 1st world problem for me. Can I really white knuckle it all summer and fall on it or will I cave? I reeeeally want to experience it for the 1st time in ps4 glory but the wait....

KaBaW1884d ago

See, I also think the same way.. I'd rather buy it on the new system.
Same goes for Watch Dogs, I'd rather wait and buy that than get it on PS3.

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NYC_Gamer1884d ago

I'll wait for the PS4 version then

GiggMan1884d ago

I agree. Although I'd probably want to hear this from Sony.

gillri1884d ago

I can see this happening with alot of games tbh albeit with higher res texture, better framerates, native 1080p etc etc

plaZeHD1884d ago

That would be AWESOME. Huge The Last Of Us fan here. I am more excited about The Last Of Us than ANYTHING, yes ANYTHING, even PlayStation 4.

Genuine-User1884d ago

Same. Although the last of on PS4 seals the deal for me.

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