PS4: 5 Features You Don't Know About

Here are 5 things you never new about Son'y official next gen console, the Playstation 4!

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GribbleGrunger1885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

yeah, very nice. It's so refreshing to see features discussed without bringing up all the nonsense that's going around at the moment. Bubble

Donnieboi1885d ago

My favorite addition to ps4 is the potential for headtracking in first person shooters, racing, and flight games. Pc gamers know how cool of an option that has been. The immersion level would be cool. I dont wanna use the ps move, just the ps4 dual shock and then use the slight tilt of my head to quickly see around corners. It would be the closest thing to having the occulus rift in ps4.

Hey sheep, since you know so much about this kinda tech, is it also possible for the new ps4 eye to do Eye Tracking too (based on the ps4 eye's specs)?

DaBigHalo1885d ago

I bet we will see a 4k wipeout

punisher991885d ago

My favorite things so far about the PS4? AMD 8 core CPU, the controller looks sleek and next gen, and 1080P native games.

Godmars2901885d ago

Corrects a correction (around one minute mark) in his video.

Classic :p

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