Sony VP: “PlayStation 4 will have the strongest launch line-up we’ve ever had”

PlayStation’s vice-president of Worldwide Studios has spoken with considerable confidence about the potential strength of the PS4′s range of games at launch – claiming that it will be Sony’s greatest-ever line-up.

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Prcko1849d ago

Hype over 9 million!!!

Wizziokid1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

It's over 9000!!!!!!

Dylila1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

wicked. i cant wait to buy a ps4 on day one. i was thinking of getting a physical copy of killzone 4 but now i think ill buy it digitally.

with what sony did on ps3 ps2 and ps1 i can definitely believe them on this because they delivered a lot of quality exclusive titles and third party titles. with the features and power of ps4 its going to be very hard for others to compete especially when sony has the most 1st party dev studios making a lot of AAA titles.

ps4 is the future

SandWitch1849d ago

Eh, Sony didn't learn from their mistakes, did they? They should spread their games at least 1-2 moths apart to prevent drought. Not to mention less-blockbuster-esque games will get more attention that way. I can already see DriveClub being overshadowed by a Killzone, Watchdogs etc just because they are more wanted by most consumers. See what happened with Wipeout 2048 - despite being an awesome game with phenomenal graphics it was overlooked because Uncharted Golden Abyss got all the attention.

Reverent1849d ago

He says "Hype over 9 million!!!" And you come back with just 9000? Come on, man... You're supposed to try to top the other person, not go lower.

Wizziokid1849d ago

Over 9000 can be anything over 9000 so technically it can be over 9 million?

kreate1849d ago

They need consistent flow of games after launch. Not just a great launch line-up.

DigitalRaptor1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

@ Gynga

Launch titles MotorStorm and Resistance went on to sell a lot and gained a large fanbase and recognition. WipEout HD was a gem, but it was also a network title that was praised.

As a company you should support your console's launch fabulously and then keep that momentum going over the following years.

MariaHelFutura1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

I'm buying Driveclub over Killzone and Watch Dogs.

MikeMyers1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

Let's hope they do have a stellar lineup because if they don't the media will be all over them. They need to have a constant flow as seen by the sparse support Vita is getting after it too have a strong start.

Eyeco1849d ago

I think your getting Sony mixed up with Nintendo

killcycle1849d ago

I have the feeling they will limit the Ps4 to 1 console per account..

For this reason i will buy hard copies, otherwise digital is great.

Man-E-Faces1849d ago

DriveClub is the reason I want a PS4 day 1, now the icing on the cake for me would be at E3 we get an RPG/JRPG announced to be available at launch as well.

Autodidactdystopia1849d ago

I would expect it to the games are what they concentrated on this conference, which is almost like a first in the industry.

I think them showing kzshadowfll right off the bat was the best decision they could make and definitely makes up for the kz2 fiasco of 06

hope the come with more new ips though

KingKevo1848d ago

Some people don't know or look at the video. I immediately knew what you were referring to without even clicking on the video. Gosh we're nerdy ;)

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-GametimeUK-1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

I don't think that is a hard goal to reach. I can't remember the PS1 line up, for the PS2 I got SSX and Tekken Tag and I got the PS3 4 months after release here in Europe, but the launch titles didn't do much for me. I did get both Motorstorm and RFOM which were launch titles here in EU.

I don't think any system picks up pace until around a year in. Wii-U has had the strongest line up from what I can remember, but the tech is so old that it is understandable and expected.

Killzone would be a great launch title for me. I think Sony is really going to come right out the gate and hit us with a brilliant line up.

WarThunder1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

Even if they releases 10 good exclusives the so called "gaming" journalism will still find ways to bash it...

GiggMan1849d ago

PS2 Launch was pretty good in my opinion. Off the top of my head I remembered getting Dead or Alive 2, Smuggler Run, Ready to Rumble, and Time Splitters within the first month or two. So far the only thing we know for sure is Killzone, and maybe Watchdog.

I hope he is right though, can't wait to see...

kudakadere1849d ago

Being a neutral fanbody i want it to have a crazy line up just so microsoft can respond and do the same .

IAmLee1849d ago

My excitement constantly grows...

AngelicIceDiamond1849d ago

I freakin hope so. Though Sony seems to be making a lot of claims early on. I'm hoping they don't back fire at launch.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1849d ago

Game over.... Ps2 era is back!!!

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NeverEnding19891849d ago ShowReplies(7)
bicfitness1849d ago

I want an RPG, not necessarily a JRPG, but a massive RPG from the East or West.

Deep Down will do and D3 will be around I guess. But since this gent is mostly talking about "1st party" output in the interview, I'd like to see a Wild Arms, LoD, Demons Souls sequel (Sony own that IP, Dark Souls is a different story) or even Everquest Next.

Rarely, if ever, does a system launch with an RPG. I'm struggling to think of a case where that wasn't true (360 with Oblivion?). And I mean AT launch, not "launch window", which is always a bit of a moving target with these console makers.

MariaHelFutura1849d ago

360 did not launch w/ ES4. I want the PS4 to launch w/ Fallout 4. Bethesda has been working on it for a long while and have stated it is for next-gen.

Cocozero1849d ago

Thats what was said about the Vita and look what happened there.....

wolokowoh1849d ago

Vita was their best launch. Then no games came came months after the the launch. The launch period however had plenty of titles including some of its best games so far such as Uncharted Golden Abyss and Lumines. PS4 will likely have Killzone at launch and because it's a home console, it will get a lot more third party support than Vita does.

Hicken1849d ago

What happened was that the Vita DID have the strongest lineup ever. Third party support hasn't been what it should have been, but the library is still solid, thanks in large part to the launch lineup.

Nice try at trolling, though.

Well, not really.

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