onPause: The PlayStation 4 – More than ‘just’ visual upgrades

onPause writes:

The Internet often blurbs out opinions and statements without letting the dust settle and really think about things. The most recent example to me here is the PlayStation 4 reveal on February 20th where Sony officially unveiled the next generation hardware from the company. Please keep in mind that what follows is solely my humble opinion and in no way me trying to force a stance onto the reader.

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Speed-Racer1878d ago

Can't wait till E3 to see it in action.

RonyDean1878d ago

I am right there with you! This E3 is gonna be intense!

brandonw001878d ago

Nicely said. As developers learn the new hardware, I think we'll see some awesome things coming to the PS4. I can't wait to see some more of Star Wars 1313 on PS4!

mcroddi1878d ago

I wonder if we will ever see Star Wars 1313 with Disney taking over Lucas...

WorldGamer1878d ago

I believe the "next-generation" of consoles will emphasize recreating a more natural and dynamic set of character interactions. In Hitman Absolution's train station level ( I believe we see a glimpse of where the PS4 will shine.

I think graphical improvements are a given, but the character interactions, mass AI behaviour, sprawling environments, sound mixing, etc. will be where the real differences will be seen.

mcroddi1878d ago

It is funny, especially on this site, flame wars come up about graphics and other things that truly matter are brushed aside.