Tomb Raider - Nixxes Talks About PC Version, More PC 'TressFX' Screenshots Unveiled

DSOGaming writes: "Nixxes has also revealed some new information about the quality of textures that will be packed in the PC version. Nixxes will be offering very high resolution textures on the PC build, much higher than anything they have ever done on PC before. As they claimed, for most textures they have 16 times the data compared to consoles."

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aliengmr1696d ago (Edited 1696d ago )

Nixxes? What PC port did they do recently? Was it Sleeping Dogs?

If memory serves they did very good job with the recent port.

Capodastaro1696d ago

I know they did the porting for Hitman: Absolution which was a pretty sweet port by anyone's standards.

john21696d ago

Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Hitman: Absolution

starchild1696d ago

Yeah, they did a pretty good job on Deus Ex HR. I'm really happy about the PC version of Tomb Raider.

aliengmr1696d ago (Edited 1696d ago )

Ahh, that was it. Thanks

Yea they did a great job.

In fact Square Enix has been pretty kind to the PC over the years with ports. Can't remember one, if any, that weren't solid well polished ports.

betan211696d ago

My alienware mx18 is going to eat this up cant wait.

aquamala1696d ago (Edited 1696d ago )

sweet! pc version it is

TekoIie1696d ago

Looks awesome! Cant wait!!! :D

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