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Vita To Be The Ultimate PlayStation 4 Peripheral

Eskimo Press: Think it's a coincidence that the PlayStation Vita launched only a year before they announced the PlayStation 4? Concerned that all those features that were promised for the PlayStation 3, such as remote play and what-not, have been canned? Well, don't stress it--we believe that Sony designed the Vita to be the ultimate PlayStation 4 peripheral.

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Community1694d ago
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Buff10441694d ago

That's all well and good, but I want original games for this system. Just signed up for PlayStation Plus...probably grabbing a 32GB card with store credit...I don't want to just think of Vita as that system that plays PS4 games. I want content.

donman11694d ago

I know Sony is trying to use the connectivity of Vita and the PS4 to massage sales of the Vita... but that is not going to work. Who is going to put down $450 (for example) for the PS4 then another $200+ dollars for the Vita. Love or hate it, the Wii U did the right thing by including that option with ever purchase of the Wii U.

I do not see this catching on and it will be the only fail for them this coming next gen.

Phaqutomb1694d ago

From what i heard they might have a SKU that packs a vita in with the PS4.

Buff10441694d ago

That would be interesting....packing it with the system...cost will be key of course.

mi_titan271694d ago

one problem with the wii u gamepad, you cant play it from more than 20' away from your wii u (which i own), thats definitely a benefit from the vita remote play.

DA_SHREDDER1694d ago

ya mi, but the vita could never replace any controller that doesn't have L3 & R3 analog sticks. also it doesnt play mario

donman11694d ago

Never heard of a pack in and would increase the post. Well we will know for sure this E3.

DivineAssault 1693d ago

idk bro.. The PS4 also allows u to connect ANY mobile device to it for dual screen connectivity.. So my smartphone or tablet can act as a 2nd screen while i use my dual shock.. My vita just opens up even more options.. on the go unique gaming, ps1-ps4 game streaming, apps, services, etc.. Theres a lot more to this than just a wii u type play style

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Apollosupreme1693d ago

You'll need the 32GB because it does have content and there is a lot more on the way.

You should be excited about the PS4 remote play and the potential to play PS2 and PS3 games on there via Sony's Gaikai service.

The Vita is gonna be a total gaming beast in a couple years and then we're only talking three years into it's planned ten year life.

ichimaru1694d ago

well no crap the press conference took 20mins telling us that

-GametimeUK-1694d ago

This has turned me from showing no interest in the Vita to a potential buyer. Obviously I will wait and see how things turn out before I hand over my cash. The fact I have Gravity Rush, Uncharted and Mortal Kombat available for download because of PS+ is killing me, though. Tempting.

Apollosupreme1693d ago

The key thing to remember is that Sony tried to make the PS3 work with the Vita after it was developed. The Vita and PS4 were in dev at the same time and Sony has had additional time to plan the PS4 to work exceptionally well with the Vita. I predict the Vita and PS4 to work very smoothly together. I'm super pumped about it because it will give the Vita a market advantage and Sony needs that.

Apollosupreme1693d ago

And that's important to we the gamer to get more people playing the Vita, which will attract more developers, which will bring in more and potentially better games.

GribbleGrunger1694d ago

I'm going to repeat myself one last time so I apologise in advance: The Vita was released early to get an install base ready for the machine it was designed to twin with.

donman11694d ago

I agree with what you are saying, however the Vita has been sort of a fail. This attempt will not get it to sell any better than how it is selling now.

Buff10441694d ago

Right...the install base needs to grow.

FunAndGun1694d ago

strongly disagree. The Vita will be just fine in the future once its potential is realized with the pairing of PS4 and streaming.

Yes the Vita is not selling very well out the gate, but I really don't think all of its features are revealed just yet. It is obvious from that conference that Sony has big plans for the future of Vita. It is far from dead or forgotten in the eyes of its creator and sales will most definitely improve.

If they don't sell any better than how it is selling now by this time next year, I will cancel my account on N4G and never come back, promise.

FunAndGun1694d ago

yeah, it is clear the Vita will be around for awhile and get a lot of support in the future.

I think one of the big reasons they put a touch pad on the DS4 is to make parity with the Vita's touch interface. That means less compatibility issues for games regardless on what console you play them on.

I am just glad I already have a Vita to go with my eventual PS4.

Capodastaro1694d ago

In that case it didn't work.

The PS4 will out sell the vita 3x over in a just a few weeks.

CaptCalvin1694d ago

This actually pretty depressing, think that all that power I spent $300 on is taking a back seat to just streaming graphics off another system that I don't plan on buying any time soon.

punisher991694d ago

"This actually pretty depressing, think that all that power I spent $300 on is taking a back seat to just streaming graphics off another system that I don't plan on buying any time soon."

Thats just not even relevant. Because they are not gonna stop making dedicated PS vita games. They are just simply adding more functionality to the Vita by doing this.

CaptCalvin1694d ago

It just that I see way too many people putting too much emphasis on it, going as far as saying console exclusives are "playable on Vita" which is really supposed to be "playble WITH Vita." I might be really pessimistic in thinking this, but if people praise this feature so much companies are going to start thinking that this is all people want, that they can get away with just streaming their games to the Vita and be less encouraged to actually develop actual games for the Vita.

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