Sony selling PS3 Move and PS Vita titles at a discount

GE: "A bunch of PlayStation 3 Move and PS Vita games are on sale at the official Sony store."

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Krimmson1915d ago

Sorcery for $10 is a steal.

-GametimeUK-1915d ago

Yeah, that price is rather appealing. I have only played it for an hour or so and got bored, but I see the potential for people who like this kind of stuff. Decent game. I recently picked up House of the Dead Overkill for a cheap price because I'm craving for a Move title. I would love to have seen it on the store for a similar price. I still haven't played it yet.

Rivitur1915d ago

Not bad on the Vita titles except reality fighters is trash so 10$ is out of the question.

remanutd551915d ago

Guys if you have a playstation move then you need to get Sorcery, i totally loved it, hopefully sony is working on a sequel, Sorcery 2 on the ps4!!!

Good_Guy_Jamal1915d ago

Move and Vita have games? Lol no I kid.

Y_51501915d ago

Not a funny joke. D for effort though.

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The story is too old to be commented.