Aliens: Colonial Marines Infamous Demo Was Running In Real-Time On A High-End PC

DSOGaming writes: "By now, everyone knows that Aliens: Colonial Marines is not up to what they had hoped and does not come close to the demo version that was showcased in E3. Sure enough, our SweetFX mod can bring some of its atmosphere back, however the lack of dynamic light sources and shadows is something that has a big impact on the game’s visuals. So why is the final version so different from the demo version? The answer is simple: the demo version of Aliens: Colonial Marines ran on a high-end PC that surpassed the capabilities of both PS3 and X360."

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hay1880d ago

Well, there is Microsoft's policy to accept only games that are equal on every platform, with some exceptions. Why they didn't bother to work around that and release full stuff on PC?

N0S3LFESTEEM1880d ago

Looks at BF3... EA didn't have any problems.

hay1880d ago

Isn't that apparent? That's the whole point.

chasegarcia1880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

They developers told me this in Pax East plus it was extremely easy to tell.

LessThan2Tflops1880d ago

It's a given that demos for multi plat games are all high end pc footage

MooseWI1880d ago

Even the Watch Dogs presentation at the PS4 event was on PC, so I was told.

2pacalypsenow1880d ago

Yes it was a PC with Ps4 technology

MooseWI1880d ago

Could you explain what that means or point me to an article? How does a PC game run with PS4 technology?

Eldyraen1880d ago


It was on a PC but hardware was comparable to PS4 specs. Its what Ubisoft said somewhere anyways.

e-p-ayeaH1880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

lol that´s a good one its the other way around actually.

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Ippiki Okami1880d ago

"Could you explain what that means or point me to an article? How does a PC game run with PS4 technology?"

Good God man! It was a PS4 dev kit inside a PC case! Why u no understand??

Pandamobile1880d ago

It was a PC spec'd similarly to the PS4.

isa_scout1880d ago

That demo looked awesome, but it didn't look like anything the 360 or ps3 couldn't handle. The demo was far more impressive than the final game, and that's putting it nicely. This makes it seem like some type of revalation that it was shown on a high end pc, but actually most multi-plat titles are. So it's no big deal because obviously it didn't matter; the final game in no way shape or form would look as good as that demo even running on a super computer. This game needed to die before it was ever released. The only way to fix it is to destroy it, and let someone who actually respects the franchise try again. Shame on you Gearbox.

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