Facebook Friday: What's Your Thoughts on the Wii U?

GameNTrain's newest feature has arrived -- Facebook Friday is here! The newest feature on GameNTrain is all about you! Let us know... What's Your Thoughts on the Wii U, with the PS4 coming out soon?

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1914d ago
bigchad1914d ago

well thet guy must not have a boyfriend/girlfriend or family if he cant see the value of off tv play. ha ha.

broadcasterjeff1914d ago

Hi bigchad. What does it matter if I have a family or not? I can recognize what's clearly a marketing gimmick by Nintendo for what it is.

I understand the value of off tv play, I just don't think an entire system should be marketed on one feature that doesn't add much to gameplay.

Now, looking at Nintendo Land, the tablet controller is clearly used much more effectively (hide and seek games, perception tricks, ninja star launch pad, etc.)

I may not like that Nintendo Land is not included with all versions of the Wii U, but I defend the way the game uses the system's technology.

Oh and yes, I do have a wife and child. Not that it really matters for the sake of sharing my opinion.

bigchad1913d ago

hi broadcasterjeff, i want to apologize for my comment. i think the trolls and flamebait are getting too me.
i agree with some of the points you made. unfortunatly, there isnt any games to showcase the system effectively, and the games are not here yet. its easy to show shiny new graphics (ps4), its a whole other thing to show new gameplay experiences (wii u). and they chose the later route. it was easy for the wii, the wii u not so much. i think that is going to be much harder for nintendo to do than they anticipated.
i think they will have some great innovative games. but they will have to be played to understand and its going to be hard to market that. the ps4 is going to be a beast but right now nintendo themselves is their own worst enemy. if they impilment this innovation (what ever that might be) in the ip's (mario, link, samus,) might be able to convey that and save the day for them. who know right now?
have a good day!

EliteGameKnight1914d ago

3:30= To a strong degree yes it is, but it also introduces many new features, such as varying art style, one level is devoted to the works of Van Ghogh, and also brings in a fairly well received bonus mode. Which in my oppinion is quite fun.

3:55= Yes, a new Mario game is being made by the studio that created Mario Galaxy and Super Mario 3D Land. It will probably be covered at the upcoming E3.

4:30= Not everyone has a personal television. And since the console aims mainly at families, this little, stupid thing to you is amazing to someone else.

7:50= The reason for those accusations is that judging a console on quickly released ports is something you should never do. But if you were to judge it on the well worked ports, like Need For Speed, you see the system is actually quite powerful.

9:16= don't rely on 3rd party Wii U specs to compare it with the the other Next-Gen systems. Although the PS4 may very well be more powerful, the 3rd party specs of the Wii U have many parts that we have no idea what are used for, resulting in flawed analysis.

I fear this video may strike up a considerable flame war.... :(

peterthomas61914d ago

Thank you for creating valid and accurate conversations based on facts and not on asinine opinions of feelings.

GuruStarr781914d ago

We desperately need some new games. . First party would be nice..

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