PlayStation 4: 10 Games Sony Will Unveil At E3

WC: Sony, reeling a little from some of the criticism of their reveal – and the drop of their stock price – will want to bounce back at the world’s biggest video game trade show, E3, which takes place between June 11th and June 13th.

While we’re expecting to see plenty revealed prior to that date, it is imperative that Sony makes a real splash at the show, as not only will all eyes be on them to deliver, but they will have to contend with Microsoft’s quest to try and capture the #1 spot of the next-gen gaming market. Sony will be sure to show off plenty of PS4 titles, both new IPs and classic franchises, and here’s 10 that you can count on them unveiling.

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Wizziokid1850d ago

My guess is the next COD will be at MS conference and Sony will do BF4.

SHORYUKEN1850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

Sony will reveal MGS 5 exclusive for PS4.

Ohh yeah this will be great.

Insomnia_841850d ago


It only makes sense.

CaptainYesterday1850d ago

I hope we see all of these games at E3, I was pretty surprised Hideo Kojima wasn't at the PS4 event I kept expecting him to jump up on stage!

remanutd551850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

Heavenly Sword 2, Syphon Filter, Extermination 2, Crash Bandicoot, MediEvil, Folklore 2.
I know i'm probaly the only one on this website but i got pretty excited when i saw Knack as the first ps4 game revealed, i love platformers and Knack has some big shoes to fill and lot to live up to, crash, spyro, ratchet, sly, jack and sackboy give you a warm welcome to the platformer playstation family.

Kur01850d ago

Game Republic no longer exists so no Folklore 2 unfortunately

DarkBlood1850d ago

but they dont hold the rights to it, sony does

cervantes991850d ago

I agree with you - I LOVE PLATFORMERS! Knack looks interesting - will need to see more at E3.

Exciting times to be a Playstation 4 gamer - that is, once we actually get the system in our hands :)

Enemy1850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

Crash Bandicoot? Lol, Sony gave up the rights a long time ago. They're done with it.

Folklore 2 could happen if the IP was handed to a different developer, but they won't announce that after the terrible sales.

Heavenly Sword 2 could happen under Santa Monica.

Extermination 2 is so random I can guarantee it will never happen. No one remembers that game. The crowd will just be like "2? When did the first come out?"

MediEvil I'd like to see.

Realistically, I think Syphon Filter and The Last Guardian will be revealed. Agent is wishful thinking.

Ju1850d ago

I like that list. Almost retired but great games. Time for a refreshment on those. Would be nice.

Blastoise1850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

You know a new Syphon Filter wouldn't be too unlikely

Bend Studio (The creators of Syphon Filter and made Uncharted golden abyss) are apparently creating a console games. Something they haven't done since the PS2.

Fingers crossed :)

Williamson1850d ago

I recently picked up Folklore and I gotta say that its a great game, I really do hope a sequel is made.

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MasterCornholio1850d ago

Seeing Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes as a launch title for the PS4 would be fantastic.

Insomnia_841850d ago

After seeing the trailer for MGS:GZ I cannot imagine what that engine can do on next gen consoles.

doublejj1850d ago

of the games in this list to have an appearance or at least show signs of life i would say that im most excited about:







of course these games are in question as to confirmation of the games existence or the mere fact that the game is even being developed for the PS4. if these games are planned and confirmed this E3 will overshadow and put Microsoft's presentation in the dark.

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The story is too old to be commented.