Uncharted 3 free-to-play multiplayer confirmed, digital GoTY version incoming

GE: "Uncharted 3's multiplayer has officially gone free-to-play. Users booting up the game have come across a message confirming the news."

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-Mezzo-1942d ago

Should i go download it the F2P off the PSN, Is it there yet?

Sandmano1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

I won it in a COD tournament so I got it F2P ages ago ... he he he ... :P

@Mezzo Ya mezza inta You wont know if you dont check :D

Root1942d ago

Yeah I don't really know how this has been worth the hype to Uncharted know those who already have the game and play online

They've been teasing the online community for weeks and this is all we will this even effect us

Nambassa1942d ago

Lots of noobs to prey on :D

kingPoS1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

We're the predators for now until they lvl up first.

Nambassa1942d ago

Do those who already have the game get any DLC packs for free?

sandman2241942d ago

Wow! Sony sure does take care of their customers. In glad I game with Sony. I get free online service and free games. So tell me what do you get with Xbox? Oh I know an empty wallet with fun kinect games LMAO!

Y_51501942d ago

This is not an appropriate time to say this stuff, this is not any sort of an argument.