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Walker1220d ago

Holy wow @ that scale and graphics! best hack and slash game of this year is coming . santa monica FTW !

Enemy1220d ago (Edited 1220d ago )

HOLY SH*T at those new bosses. Who the hell was that Predator-looking thing? The new colors and lighting make everything look so much better.

Edit @ datcu below: When are God of War games ever underrated? What?

Krypto1220d ago

I'm so glad my friend gave me his remastered collection just before GOW3 came out. Questioning myself "wtf was I playing on PS2 days when this series started!?!" and the complaints about any of the GOW series...I just don't get it, cuz I can't get enough of this.

DatNJDom811220d ago

My favorite freaking series of all time!!! I cant wait to listen to the soundtrack while ripping stuff up!!! Oh man, this is how it's done ladies and gentlemen! God Of War and Playstation for the freaking win.

Army_of_Darkness1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

I didn't think they could make another GOW game better looking on the PS3!!?? wow!!Can't wait to chop those Titans up!

Now this is exactly the type of advertisement and commercials they need on TV!

WarThunder1220d ago (Edited 1220d ago )

I was reading the comments and someone said: "This game is before Chains of Olympus, so, Kratos never even imagined being the god of war"


look what I've found! hehe cute!

Detoxx1220d ago

Sorry for the disagree dude:( Wanted to agree

VINNIEPAZ1220d ago

DAMN! About time they showed a awesome single player trailer. i cannot wait to get my hands on this game!!!!!!

BlmThug1220d ago

Nothing more I can add other than GoW is by far and away the best hack and slash series in videogame history and one of the best series ever

Outsider-G1220d ago

That trailer is awesome! Not to mention the demo is very sick, and those who haven't played it yet, you will love it and want more.

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ArmGunar1220d ago

Day one for me + the demo of The Last of Us :P

Epic boss incoming !!

ILive1220d ago

I want this game right now!

GribbleGrunger1220d ago

Now THAT is a launch trailer!

GiggMan1220d ago

Agree 100% Santa Monica and Naughty Dog got trailer making down to a science!

HarryMasonHerpderp1220d ago

Ahhhhh! This is gonna be awesome!!!

Nambassa1220d ago

Just imagine what Santa Monica will be capable of with the PS4! Can't wait for this though, definitely pushing PS3 to it's limits.

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The story is too old to be commented.