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Will the PS3 survive when the PS4 gets released?

The Man Cave Cinema writes, What will happen to the PS3 when the PS4 gets released? Will the PS3 have the legs that the PS2 had?
It will be interesting to see what will happen.

The fanboys will jump on the PS4 no matter what. The price will not bother them or what the launch games are, it will not matter, the fanboys will be lining up to get it, and that's OK. But, what will happen if the PS4 doesn't fulfill what was promised? (Next-Gen, PS3, PS4)

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Moonman  +   920d ago
When PS3 hits $199 and lower, it's going to hit 100 million in less than 3 years.
Peppino7  +   919d ago
Simple... if there's still support than of course. Stop making games and people will forget about it unless they need a good blu ray player.
Y_5150  +   920d ago
November 2013: I will still be playing on my PS3 but also PS4 and Vita.
007Bond  +   919d ago
Who has a Vita these days? LOL
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Ser  +   918d ago
Uh...me? I'm playing Persona 4 on it currently. Stop trolling, kid.
Y_5150  +   918d ago
You fail to see the value for the pricing I see...
DarkBlood  +   920d ago
I too shall be still playing all of my consoles, not including my other consoles etc, i have 94 ps3 games, the collection will continue to grow even when the ps4 gets in my hands beside i will only have a few titles that im getting thats been annouce examples being killzone and driveclub
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LessThan2Tflops  +   920d ago
Ironically it's the 3rd party devs that will still release new games for ps3, watch dogs, diablo 3, destiny are already confirmed dual ps3/4 releases. It's the Sony studios that are going ps4-only and not supporting ps3
CGI-Quality  +   919d ago
And what limited info lead you to that conclusion?
trenso1  +   919d ago
Don't worry he is just another troll account
WorldGamer  +   920d ago
This question always emerges, and the answer seems to be YES. There is a transition period where the PS# will still get some of the same games the PS4 does (Watch Dogs), but then the industry will make the switch. It has been like that since the PS2 days, PS1 still had new games coming out for a while.
CaptainYesterday  +   920d ago
I know I will still be playing my PS3 when the PS4 is out because there are so many games I haven't played yet and would like too, unless the PS4 is backwards compatible which I really hope it is then I will be playing both PS3 games and PS4 games on it :)
Yes because Sony doesn't drop support for their old consoles just because another one comes out. PS4 also doesn't have backwards compatibility so that just makes the PS3 support even stronger.
majiebeast  +   919d ago
I think Sony will continue to support ps3 with Psplus maybe they will do a push for f2p on ps3.
_LarZen_  +   919d ago
I think it will, just look at the PS2 and how long it kept selling after the PS3 was launched.

So yeah I think it will, the price will go even more down and there is so many great PS3 games.

When Gaikai on PS4 hopefully gets PS3 games up and running and the price has gone down a little the sales of PS3 will probably start to decline.
Darth Stewie  +   919d ago
The Question should be will the 360 survive when the 720 releases. Gears is the last Microsoft 1st party game coming out for it. The PS3 still has several titles like Puppeteer, Until Dawn, and Beyond Two Souls that will release after the PS4. Besides of the big three, historically Sony is the one that continues to support their hardware.
Jag-T1000  +   914d ago
Don't you worry both systems will die as soon as both are released.
Paul85  +   919d ago
Still have a huge amount of exclusive games coming out yeah the ps3 is not dying anytime soon
HorrorGod  +   919d ago
"The Last of Us" is the last major PS3 exclusive for this year. I don't see too many more exclusives coming out for the PS3 after the PS4 drops. Watered down ports of PS4 exclusives, maybe, but not PS3-only exclusives.
Kingscorpion1981  +   919d ago
What about Beyond two souls?
gamernova  +   919d ago
Did the ps2 thrive when the ps3 was released? Si.
Inception  +   919d ago
This year i'll stick with my PS3. TLoU, Beyond 2 Souls, Kamipara, Disgaea D2, Killer is Dead, Jojo Bizzare Adventure, Dragon's Crown, Bio Infinite, MGS GZ, and Tales of Xillia are too good to not play them.
first1NFANTRY  +   919d ago
People have to realize when the ps4 is released it doesn't necessarily mean the ps3 will stop selling. Sony are still in a comfortable position with the ps3.

They are yet to drop the price to $199 and when they do we will see an influx of ps2 gamers who will eventually upgrade to the ps3.

The ps4 will have it's share of good sales but that doesn't mean the ps3 will be overlooked.

This is the same company known to support their consoles for 10yrs each console generation.

I just wish people would think before coming up with these questions. Use your brain power to formulate a logical scenario based on past events. It's really not that hard unless you're trolling on purpose in such for hits.
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Kingthrash360  +   919d ago
Any system will last as long as the price is right...
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   919d ago
ill stick with PS3 for a little longer still a few big hits coming out.
strigoi814  +   919d ago
only if the PS4 wont support playing bluray movies lolz..sarcastically wont happen
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a08andan  +   919d ago
Yeah it will, duh. Since it has blu-ray in it, it will be great for emerging markets like India and perhaps even China, if Sony ever gets permission to sell it there. Other continents like South America will continue to buy this since it will be a cheap way of getting both a blu-ray player and a machine for entertainment.
HorrorGod  +   919d ago
I still played my PS2 even after I bought my PS3. (I didn't like the way my PS3 made my PS2 games look.)

I'm sure a lot of people (myself included) will still continue to play their PS3 after they buy a PS4.
As well as those who decide to buy a PS3 when the price drops dramatically, post-PS4 launch.
madpuppy  +   919d ago
yeah, like playing burnout 3, I still don't know why Criterion won't release a Burnout collection, do they have some sort of Douche running that company?
strigoi814  +   919d ago
^^^ im the one of the few who have some unfinished business with my ps3 games..
kingPoS  +   919d ago
Your not the only one
TemplarDante  +   919d ago
Polygon is funded by Msft. Google it.
Author Gies who works for them is on a Msft payroll and actually a massive Xbox fanboy spreading false specs about PS4 and giving fake leads on Xbox 3 "secret sauce" etc.
So it comes as no surprize that rather than say PS4 has adopted a pc like architecture with X86-64 CPUs, the author says PS4 uses "standard pc parts" implying its a currently avalible non-tweaked, non-modified AMD APU found in laptops today.
What a joke Polygon is.

EDIT: PS2= 0.006TFlops
PS3=0.23TFlops (And we get Uncharted, Killzone etc)

PS4=1.84TFlops GPU alone. :)

I have a back catalog of games on PS3 to play, but it damn blows my mind dreaming up with Naughty Dog are cooking up :)

PS4 ten times more powerful than PS3 confirmed!
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mistertwoturbo  +   919d ago
Dude... like... seriously... bro... forreals...

Naughty Dog...


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PimpDaddy  +   919d ago
The PS3 will do just fine when the PS4 launches. By the end of this year the PS3 install base will be over 80 million. There will be plenty of first/3rd party support this year and at least the next couple of years as it takes a few years for the user install base to transition from one console to the next. Not to mention a probable price drop to $199.00 and Sony's history of supporting their older consoles when new consoles launch.
MysticStrummer  +   919d ago
"By the end of this year the PS3 install base will be over 80 million."

PS3 install base will hit 80 million long before the end of the year.
d3nworth1  +   919d ago
I was going to rush out and say yes but then I remembered that the ps3 didnt have the same success as the ps2. I know sony will continue to so yea it can survive.
kingPoS  +   919d ago
Why would Sony give up on the PS3? They haven't suddenly dropped the PS2 after the PS3 debuted. Heck!... they still sell and support the PSP.
NateCole  +   919d ago
no. once the ps4 is released sony will send out ninjas to destroy all ps3's
PS4isKing_82   919d ago | Trolling | show
ps3_pwns  +   919d ago
i will get the dual releases for the ps4 and things that are still ps3 exclusive i will get for the ps3.
bunfighterii  +   919d ago
A big price cut, ongoing PSN support and hey, I might even get a second one!
Hicken  +   919d ago
Nope. Sony will immediately cut support for the PS3 as soon as the PS4 is released.

... wait, I meant Microsoft. The PS3 will do what the PS2 did: carry on.
Jaqen_Hghar  +   919d ago
A man agrees. A company has said they will support PS3 till at least 2015. A man would wager even further given the past. Valar Morghulis.
maniacmayhem  +   919d ago
The PS2 only did because it was dominant the last gen and was damn near in every home. And it wasn't Sony specifically, it was third parties and lots of Madden that still released on PS2 well past its prime.
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