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Submitted by journovampire 1075d ago | news

Sony exec on PS4 pre-owned games: 'We will do the right thing'

A Sony Computer Entertainment exec has said the platform holder is mindful of both the desires of consumers and game developers in relation to the use - and potential blocking - of pre-owned games on PS4. (Industry, PS4, Sony)

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abzdine  +   1075d ago
next Xbox will be dead on arrival if it doesnt accept used games.
Yoshida confirmed PS4 will play preowned games, so what is the problem?
donman1  +   1075d ago
The bigger issue here is how will I be able to play my PS3 games on PS4 without it costing me to do so. Sony needs to address this at their E3 conference. Repaying for a game you paid full retail price on will not be acceptable.
SpringHeeledJack  +   1075d ago | Well said
I know a wacky but very difficult solution to this....just keep your ps3 duh. Next gen is not for you if the most important thing is to play last gen games. Get a ps4 when you're ready to play ps4 games simples.
Wizziokid  +   1075d ago
plug in your ps3?
Jamaicangmr  +   1075d ago
I own 20+ - 30 PS3 games so bc on the PS4 would be a great feature. However it wont play my discs and we will have to accept that. Backwards compatibility is a bonus feature not a requirement. Sony wont owe you sh!t they sold you PS3 games to play on ur PS3 thats their only legal obligation to us. So again playing ur PS3 games on ur PS4 would be a bonus. If you have to subscribe to PSN+ in order to play them consider it an option because thats all it is.

Now stop this constant whining, i swear some of you just seek out crap to complain about void of logical thought.


Im going to do my breathing exercises.
ps4uk  +   1075d ago
I know it would be ideal to have backwards compatibility, but i would think about keeping the ps3 hooked up, using the ps4 less and prolonging its life.
2pacalypsenow  +   1075d ago
Simple just play them on your Ps3
Phaqutomb  +   1075d ago
when I get sick of a game I trade it in so i don't care about b/c. if I want to play a ps3 game I will just keep my ps3. If i can go back into my psn download and down load the full games i bought that would be great .. but lets be honest am i going to redownload poker,bowling, i am alive and what ever else i bought. I dont think i will waste my time to be honest. I will be busy downloading new content
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EbeneezerGoode  +   1075d ago
THAT is NOT the bigger issue!

BC is a niche, a bloody niche!!! Nobody goes out to buy a £400 NEW console to play OLD games on!
This whining is just a point of entitlement and something OLDER gamers never had so don't care about!

When I moved from Atari VCS to ZX spectrum? no BC when I moved from ZX to Amiga? NO bc, when I moved from Amiga to Snes/PS1? NO BC, when I moved to PC/Gamecube? NO BC, when I moved to XBox360/PS3 no BC (with my previous systems) and at NO POINT did that fact ever put me off wanting to buy into the new generation and NEW games.

In fact I STILL have my gamecube in a cupboard - but it would look like ass on my 51" plasma :P

I have two PS3s and can easily keep one for my old favourites - not a problem.

Even if I got rid of both, I'd get over it.

NOBODY ever said a console HAS to have backwards compatibility. They didn't used to years ago so why these days just because a few DID it (almost as a bonus) does it now become a feature that makes or breaks a purchase? it makes zero sense!

What next? an update to allow PS3 to play future PS4 games? /facepalm
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donman1  +   1075d ago

So to follow your logic vs putting pressure on the company to make their new console backward compatitble, you should own all previous generation consoles. So I take it you still own the PS2 (to play PS2 games), the PS3 (to play PS3 games) and then soon to own the PS4. Plus they are all connected to your TV/Monitor. Seriously.... how crazy is that???
Knight_Crawler  +   1075d ago
To all the people saying just use your PS3, what if it breaks...should he have to buy another PS3 just to enjoy his large library of awesome PS3 games.
BitbyDeath  +   1075d ago
@donman1, why not just trade them all in and play PS4 games, or not trade them in and move up once you are ready to move on?

@knight_crawler, he could buy another PS3 if he chooses to do so, or he could sell his PS3 games at that time and move onto newer games.
GribbleGrunger  +   1075d ago
Look, I'm a Sony fan, but for the love of God don't believe the 720 rumours. Microsoft are savvy when it comes to giving their fanbase what they want and they're excellent at advertising. Do you honestly believe that they'll say 'screw you' to their loyal fans? Not a chance. That would be suicide and MS know that.
sway_z  +   1075d ago

'Microsoft are savvy when it comes to giving their fan base what they want....'

Like really???

Tell that to the 360 owners who have had zero new IP's from this 'savvy, always giving their consumers what they want' company you speak of?

They already said 'Screw you' years ago when they charged you a subscription on top of a subscription (Netflix/Sky/Simple and free else where Catch up TV), barring UK's BBC iplayer service, and ONLY Because BBC UK wouldn't let MS have it if they didn't allow free access.

Seriously, dude ...where have you been living? the cloud?

*Disagree all you want...not one thing I stated is non-factual. Xbox turned out to be the most costly console to own this gen...equate costs of services over 7 years and you see how stung their consumers are. Don't make me even get into RROD and expensive HDD's and the FACT that to this date MS STILL charge for on line play.

I think Midnight is brainwashed.

Ahhh, I guess ignorance really is bliss ;/
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joeorc  +   1075d ago
100% agreement

this is the same type of viral rumor shift across the internet as was Sony will charge for their online network, as a premium service just to play online games.

Now this very same RUMOR viral infection is moving on and on about How Microsoft is going to stop used game's.

I mean Come on, at least wait to see it if its true or not, which i doubt very much that it is, can it happen, maybe, but d@mn at least people could wait to see it it does before jumping down Microsoft's throat about it.
miDnIghtEr20C_SfF  +   1075d ago
Your SDF is showing Sway Z. We already have the better 3rd party games, MORE 3rd party games, and from what I've seen on metacritic recently. There is less than 3 exclusive PS3 games rated 90 or above, that separate that from the 360.

Oh no.. that's so many more quality exclusives I'm missing. Oh wait.. unless I have both consoles, which I do. But even if I didn't, MS only people are only missing Uncharted and God of War. Forza is better and rated better than GT this gen... don't forget that. Multiple times.

So many new ip's recently for the PS3 that are lighting up the charts huh? No not really. All these games, like the 360 ones, have a part 2 after them.. or part 3... part 4. You even have another Killzone game, and another Infamous game shown for PS4...

Keep talking about all these exclusive IP's, that don't ever rank above a 90 overall...
Sephiroushin  +   1075d ago

3rd party developers make games on the 360 and port them to the PS3, that's one of the reason why they're better rated and it's not the case for every game!

And rating this gen means nothing for many gamers; if I'm not wrong one of the COD was rated better than any XBOX360 exclusives, and COD is not better ... I trust a youtuber that post walkthrough/gameplay videos more than I'd trust most reviewers, especially reviewers from top sites or magazines; the final score they give games sometimes do not match or make sense with their own reviews... If rating tell you which games to get and or are good then you're doing it wrong!

Ah, Forza is not better than GT, not even his commuunity is better than GT's community and I don't care which has better reviews.

On topic, I don't see Microsoft blocking used games; that would be a pretty bad move, and would only hurt the company that choose to ban used games, to be honest I don't see used games getting banned from the market until games go all digital, where "used games" won't exist.
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Revolver_X_  +   1075d ago
Its funny to hear an Xbot like Midnight insult sequels. Out of the 4 exclusive IP's Xbox has, one has already reserved the rights for part 5, 6, and 7 (Halo).
Muerte2494  +   1075d ago
Forza didn't run a 1080p. Forza only sold a fraction of what Gt5 sold.

On topic: I don't really think Microsoft is going to block used games. I think everyone recognizes the sort of backlash you get from it. I like Online Pass because it causes two things to happen. Gamestop either drop their prices for used games (only $5 difference), or people end up buying new. I usually buy new anyway so this doesn't affect me in the least.
otherZinc  +   1075d ago
I have no idea why people hang on the accusation that M$ is going to do away with used games?! That's ridiculous.

If anything, SONY will do away with used games 1st. SONY already did this with the new PS3's. Theres no backwards compatibility on the new PS3's, unless you buy collectors copies of the same game you purchased years prior.

Meanwhile, M$'s new 360 is still backwards compatible with its XBOX game...!

There are several great games I still play on my 360 from the past. It isn't that I'd play old games right away. I would play them months later.
CGI-Quality  +   1075d ago
Help me understand what backwards compatibility has to do with used games. You combined to things that have zero bearing on each other. Just because Sony disabled PS2 BC on newer PS3 models doesn't mean they'll stop supporting used games.

And from where I'm sitting, the PS3 has continued to live without much hassle, despite the loss of PS2 BC.
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Cupid_Viper_3  +   1075d ago
"If anything, SONY will do away with used games 1st. SONY already did this with the new PS3's. Theres no backwards compatibility on the new PS3's, unless you buy collectors copies of the same game you purchased years prior."

Or.... you can use your PS2 that Sony have supported for years, right?

welcome to my ignore list buddy.
G20WLY  +   1075d ago
What has backwards compatability got to do with used games?
kenshiro100  +   1075d ago
Anything to take a swing at Sony, huh?
Revolver_X_  +   1075d ago
Other then AAA Xbox games, which you can count on your fingers, no Xbox game runs properly on 360. Neither KOTOR works, any small budget game doesnt work. But you can play Halo and Fable, and thats good BC, right? I wanna blast that last bubble.
DarkBlood  +   1075d ago
i own 94 ps3 games and well if the ps4 doesnt play them directly then meh, not a problem i have a ps3 and a phat one thats suffered the ylod that can always get repaired plus i plan to get more ps3s later down the road sometime after the ps4 anyways
MAULxx  +   1075d ago
It may indeed play used games but there maybe a fee involved to do so or some sort of extra charge.

Another thing is ... what are developers going to do next gen? Locked out MP is ongoing now so what next?

Im going to require all these details before I jump into next gen. I started out excited about PS4 but now it's more of a waiting game to find out what Sony & developers have planned.

Like I've said before... I have alternatives for gaming & alternatives to gaming if need be.
I guess the masses will keep paying no matter how many fees there are & how many activation codes they have to enter but, I won't.
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TongkatAli  +   1075d ago
It doesn't matter Sony. You will get hated on.
Acquiescence  +   1075d ago
I hope his definition of the "right thing"...
is the same as mine.
LightofDarkness  +   1075d ago
You know it won't be. They'll pretty much just not mandate anything, most likely. They'll likely leave it up to publishers to institute an activation fee if they so please, and they may set a limit on what that fee can be, but that's as far as they'll go.

It's completely ridiculous to expect people to pay you more than once for the same product, it does not happen in any other industry, and it's actually now illegal in Europe (people are allowed to sell their license to digital content just as they can with physical).
rainslacker  +   1075d ago
If they left it up to publishers I would be OK with that. I'd be very interested to see how that plays out with the consumers. If people accept it, then you can expect everyone to jump on board, and likely next gen will not allow it. If there is a huge backlash with people actually standing by their convictions and not purchasing a game because of it then maybe this whole argument can finally die.

While I don't buy many used current gen games, I do like being able to find an older title that I missed. Look at any game this gen that came out over 2 years ago and see how easy they are to find new, particularly in certain Genre's like JRPG, niche action titles, and titles that didn't sell well at first. Amazon isn't bad, but doesn't lend itself to impulse purchases like I would have at GameStop, and I have to actively search out a particular title if I want it new(which I do sometimes).

I guess my biggest problem with this whole debate is I haven't seen any hard numbers on how much used game sales actually take away from the publisher or developer. I'm having a hard time believing that newer games are so negatively affected by them, and with older games(2+ years) I doubt the publisher even cares anymore since they aren't really providing games that old anyways. If I could walk into a retail store and see a large majority of older games for any system then I wouldn't care. But that's just not the case. In the cases where both used and new are on the shelf, I always opt for new.
CatXFlash  +   1075d ago
The right thing is to not block them.
yesmynameissumo  +   1075d ago
Whichever system doesn't play used games is dead. Unless they both don't. Then the Wii U has a chance.
MadMen  +   1075d ago
LOL - wiiU is failure.
Detoxx  +   1075d ago
Wii U games are sh*t
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MooseWI  +   1075d ago
The right thing could mean a lot of things.
RuleofOne343  +   1075d ago
I say go for it, besides shops like gamestop are just leaching off the industry.
MadMen  +   1075d ago
Japan is irrelevant if you live in the states and vice versa.
Karpetburnz  +   1075d ago
I hope they dont block used games, Me and my brothers will probably buy our own PS4 each at some stage and we would want to share our games between eachother, And you wont be able to borrow any games from a mate.
dcbronco  +   1075d ago
There are ways around that. There could be donate codes for friends and family. Permanently transferring the game to them. Borrow codes. Allowing a two week or more transfer period. Or share codes with a limited number of people.
dcbronco  +   1075d ago
Gamers think it's in their best interest to have used games. Even tough we have already lost so many studios and many more will be lost or merged into EA or Activision. If a company the size of THQ can't survive how many of the smaller ones will. Soon we will be down to EA and Activision. Two companies with bad reputations for customer treatment the way they do business. Keep looking to get around developers being paid for their work and you will be giving gaming to guys like Bobby Kotick.

Here's some of his thoughts on gaming.

Games are too cheap. They should be $70 or $80.
There should be monthly fees for online play.
Charging for day one DLC that is already on the disc.

The used game market will make all of these things happen.
grassyknoll  +   1075d ago
It's not just about buying used games, it's about swapping with friends & owning multiple consoles. Many people use their older games to buy new ones, the used games market helps games companies. I would buy far less games if I couldn't trade mine.
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rainslacker  +   1075d ago
That's a pretty big leap in logic there. Used game may be a contributing factor, but they are far from the biggest reason these companies are going out of business.

Unless you have some hard data on the effects of used game sales on the companies bottom line? I didn't think so.
Darrius Cole  +   1075d ago
If anything I think the combination of games costing $60 and online multiplayer is what is doing it. Both things lead to people buying fewer games. A used game market actually helps games sales.

Online multiplayer lets people play the games that they already have for a longer period of time.

People don't buy as many games when they cost as much. Without getting into broader economic theory, I will just say that this is a function of a simple supply and demand curve.
dcbronco  +   1075d ago

Any popular used game is usually only $5 cheaper at Gamestop and can usually be found much cheaper on sale. Less popular games are quickly discounted new. It is very easy to buy new for cheaper than used.

Rain, If you assume that people that buy used games would never buy new you're kidding yourself. And if you don't believe that, your other option is that you believe new games don't provide any revenue to the developer.

Cole, I agree that online components cause a decrease in game sales. But games do sell. And if a persons only option was to buy new, it increases the developers revenue. Bad developers will continue to fail. No one cares about that. But good developers will do better if people had to buy the product from them. Gamers will buy a popular game. And they will support the source of that game. It's like exclusives for a console. If you can only get it from one source you might skip it. But a lot of people won't. If Microsoft could take used copies of Uncharted and make them work on the 360, I'm sure Sony would have a problem with that.

And I'm sorry but most economic theories are based on rationalizing exploitation.
rainslacker  +   1075d ago
Not really sure what your replying to with me since I didn't assert the things you said in any way. In fact in other posts I said that the used game market helps people finance used games, something even backed up by GameStop's CEO.

I simply said that used game sales aren't the reason that developers are shutting down. I also said that there is absolutely no data out there to make me believe that used games are as bad as publishers make them out to be. Even if they did come out, because of how they said piracy numbers affected them I would be rather skeptical of them.

Believe me, I would love if every game I brought this gen had been new. But it's very hard to find games new when they are more than 2 years old. Some of this may be better if there were no new games, but look at titles from NIS, or Atlus, or Xenoblade Chronicles. Games that receive limited release can be next to impossible to find new now. At that point do the publishers still even care? Obviously not because they aren't distributing the game anymore. Did used game sales of their games hurt them?

Do used game sales hurt the sales of COD or Halo or AC or other big AAA titles to such a degree that it warrants stripping away yet another consumer right? I would say not, because if they were we would see numbers from the publishers. They had no problem doing so with piracy numbers.

As to your second comment, it may actually have an inverse effect. Good games will sell, no doubt. But if the consumer starts to become disillusioned with the market, and know that the money they're spending is gone with no recourse for getting anything back, do you think they will be willing to get as many games day one? In the end more people will wait for games to go on sale, which will only cause developers to bring in less revenue. Just look at A:CM from last week. How many people got burned on that? Is it much of a stretch to think that some of these same people would be more cautious about pre-ordering and instead will wait for reviews or whatever? This will hurt the smaller titles being released a lot more than it will be big AAA titles with huge marketing budgets...which in the end will mean it will hurt the smaller studios even more.
#11.5 (Edited 1075d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
dcbronco  +   1074d ago
I understand the used market for the more rare games. We have no argument there. I thing the console holders need to make older games available online. But I believe the move to digital will also help small companies. I apparently got some of your comment mixed up with another. But I put no faith in the CEO of Gamestop. His whole business model is based on exploitation. I expect him to say nothing else.

Used games don't hurt big titles in the traditional sense, but they definitely hurt the sales numbers. A lot of those people that buy them used would buy them new if that was the only option. Games like that are like crack, people will buy. Especially considering the majors are $5 cheaper at Gamestop. Halo 4 is $15 cheaper OnDemand this week. People have to be smarter shoppers.

Companies ruining their reputation is a good thing. And will help the industry in the long run. Gaming isn't a fad. Because it's not, surviving developers will try harder to prove themselves. Look at the American auto industry. They got arrogant and greedy and would have gone out of business several times(if not for our undercover communist system). Now look at the far better quality coming out of Ford. No one is going to save a game developer. So they will try their best.

Also, without re-sellers, day one isn't as important. Slow selling will still be sells for the developer. And the market can then increase the price again once people realize the game is worth it. You could launch an unknown IP on sale at $40 and then stop the sale once people realize it's a good game. Some will buy early based on reviews just to get that early price. John Legend sold his first album for five bucks. Bet you can get it for that now.

Good companies will prosper and bad mistakes can be made-up for like EA had to with all of that free ME3 DLC.
josephayal  +   1075d ago
I would buy a console that BLOCKED used games. if blocking used games on a system with help keep good devs open, I’m with it
The Meerkat  +   1075d ago
But what if they up the price of new games by 30%?

Will you still be happy?
grassyknoll  +   1075d ago
People very often sell their games to buy new ones. The argument that preowned games is destroying the industry is ridiculous. A block on used games would lead to far less sales, not more. Have you never traded games before? Never bought a used game then got the sequel new? The games industry is risk averse as if is, things would get even worst.
Ron_Danger  +   1075d ago
Why are people acting like the second the PS4 comes out, suddenly your PS3's will cease to function?
HexxedAvenger  +   1075d ago
Maybe the PS4 will try to take out the PS3 if they come to a close proximity.
CanadianTurtle  +   1075d ago
Maybe because some people will have to sell their PS3s to purchase a PS4. Or that they only have one tv set?
cleft5  +   1075d ago
The right thing for who? For the game developers that think every used game sold is a sell lost or for gamers that want to play games before they buy them. If Sony pulls this bullshit where they don't let you rent games then screw them and their underpowered PC. I will go buy a nextbox, a wiiu, and a gaming PC. Yes I can afford all three so money isn't the issue here. I can't imagine paying $60 for Alien Colonial Marines because I couldn't rent it first.
sway_z  +   1075d ago
There is no better B/C than keeping your PS3 ...Look at Crysis 3, Kill Zone 3 and Uncharted 3?

....why would you give up on the thing ;)
HexxedAvenger  +   1075d ago
Didn't Sony say they wanted to keep BC out so the cost of the console would be more affordable or something? I mean there is nothing wrong with the PS3. Won't Sony support it for a little longer?
anderssc  +   1075d ago
To anyone who thinks that the nextbox will not be blocking used games I invite you to watch this short video, which captures Eidos President Ian Livingstone stating pointblank what Microsoft plans to do.

Related video
PR_FROM_OHIO  +   1075d ago
Look I'm a SONY guy but to all the people who are thinking Microsoft will block use games are just retards bc there's no way in hell they can be that stupid!! But if they do block use games then the PS4 will destroy the next XBOX!!
fOrlOnhOpe57  +   1075d ago
MS and Sony are staring each other down over this used game blocking business. Who will blink first I wonder?
It could well settle the generation before it even starts if one of them calls it wrong.
plaZeHD  +   1075d ago
You tricky bastards, playing puzzles with us. HA HA I love Sony.
ps3_pwns  +   1075d ago
They always do the right thing in these situations. same reason why online play is free on playstation. playstation is an honest gamers console.
Timmey  +   1075d ago
if that means blocking used games i will definitely play through a lot less games throughout the year because i always sell games to fund new ( or used) games. if that won't work anymore i will just have to wait for huge price cuts und only buy my personal blockbusters then
from the beach  +   1075d ago
It would be nice if they could stop kicking the difficult questions into the long grass, ie., post-720 announcement. If it's "the right thing" just come out and tell us what it is.
SDF Repellent  +   1074d ago
Sony will do the right thing??? If they are going to allow used games across multiple consoles, why didn't they come out and flat out say it. I think everything is rumor and take it as it is. I don't see Sony and Microsoft going different path, they will do what the other do for the sake of being competitive.

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