Tomb Raider: PS3 vs. 360 gameplay comparison video

CVG:Check out how the two console versions stack up side by side.

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faysal1851d ago

ps3 version look better.

WarThunder1851d ago (Edited 1851d ago )

0:51 xbox got blurry textures and ps3 har sharper textures..

Looking at this HQ video just shows how a 4 years old game like Uncharted 2 looks way better than this game.

Eyeco1850d ago

I'm sorry but I can't believe it's 2013 and people still care about these silly graphics comparisons, so what the 360/ps3 version has slightly "better" lighting so what ? Does anyone really play a game thinking to themselves "oh yeah, i've got the version with the slightly sharper textures giggity "

Come on these comparisons only ever fuel fanboy wars that's about it.

Tonester9251850d ago

I don't usually give bubbles
But when I do
I give them to people who speaks with some sense.

parabolee1844d ago

While I agree with your disdain for fanboy arguments I have to disagree that these things are otherwise worthless.

As someone that owns both systems it is very important to me that I get the best version. I don't care which system it's on, and I have no interest in petty "this console is better than this one" arguments.

But one version having a much better framerate or not suffering from screen tearing is a big deal IMO.

I loathe to buy and game and discover the version on the other system runs much better. Even one just looking sharper is enough to make me annoyed if I got the inferior version.

I would be very annoyed if I purchased Skyrim for PS3 with all it's problems or Saints Row the Third on 360 with it's horrible screen tearing.

I find these comparisons very very useful, and I waited to pre-order my collectors edition of Tomb Raider until I knew which version ran the best. Thanks to this video I dropped my money on the PS3 version.

-GametimeUK-1850d ago

I wouldn't know. I stopped checking in 2008 and just bought multi plats for my PS3 regardless. I would assume at this point in the generation there is not a lot seperating the two.

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gillri1851d ago ShowReplies(1)
THC CELL1851d ago

Ps3 version is sharper
Xbox a little blur

vividi1851d ago

I think this is a must have game for adventure fans no matter what console you prefer

KillrateOmega1851d ago

The PS3 version does look a little better.

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The story is too old to be commented.