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Tomb Raider: PS3 vs. 360 gameplay comparison video

CVG:Check out how the two console versions stack up side by side. (PS3, Tomb Raider 2013, Xbox 360)

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faysal  +   574d ago
ps3 version look better.
ArmGunar  +   574d ago
Yes, apparently
WarThunder  +   574d ago
0:51 xbox got blurry textures and ps3 har sharper textures..

Looking at this HQ video just shows how a 4 years old game like Uncharted 2 looks way better than this game.
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Eyeco  +   574d ago
I'm sorry but I can't believe it's 2013 and people still care about these silly graphics comparisons, so what the 360/ps3 version has slightly "better" lighting so what ? Does anyone really play a game thinking to themselves "oh yeah, i've got the version with the slightly sharper textures giggity "

Come on these comparisons only ever fuel fanboy wars that's about it.
Tonester925  +   574d ago
I don't usually give bubbles
But when I do
I give them to people who speaks with some sense.
parabolee  +   568d ago
While I agree with your disdain for fanboy arguments I have to disagree that these things are otherwise worthless.

As someone that owns both systems it is very important to me that I get the best version. I don't care which system it's on, and I have no interest in petty "this console is better than this one" arguments.

But one version having a much better framerate or not suffering from screen tearing is a big deal IMO.

I loathe to buy and game and discover the version on the other system runs much better. Even one just looking sharper is enough to make me annoyed if I got the inferior version.

I would be very annoyed if I purchased Skyrim for PS3 with all it's problems or Saints Row the Third on 360 with it's horrible screen tearing.

I find these comparisons very very useful, and I waited to pre-order my collectors edition of Tomb Raider until I knew which version ran the best. Thanks to this video I dropped my money on the PS3 version.
-GametimeUK-  +   574d ago
I wouldn't know. I stopped checking in 2008 and just bought multi plats for my PS3 regardless. I would assume at this point in the generation there is not a lot seperating the two.
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THC CELL  +   574d ago
Ps3 version is sharper
Xbox a little blur
vividi  +   574d ago
I think this is a must have game for adventure fans no matter what console you prefer
KillrateOmega  +   574d ago
The PS3 version does look a little better.
Genuine-User  +   574d ago
Why did they cut out the button notification. Anyways If I'm to believe this video, it's clearly sharper and more vibrant on the PS3.
Hmm wonder why they didn't show the PS3 version till now.
ps3_pwns  +   574d ago
They didnt want to make x360 only owners mad that ps3 is the best version.
cgoodno  +   574d ago
Microsoft has an advertising exclusivity deal with SE for this. Note the controller and the commercials will have the 360 splash at the end. Kind of the same thing Sony has with many EA games.
GiantFriendlyCrab  +   574d ago
shit, we gonna soon compare ps4 vs 720 multiplats,
Rhythmattic  +   574d ago
Looks pretty much the same on either platform..

Whichever platform you choose it for, as long as its a worthwhile, valued experience you cant go wrong.. right?
cgoodno  +   574d ago
I would say that the biggest difference is the gamma settings, which should be adjustable on the 360 to be even more comparable to the PS3 version. They likely just used the default settings for both and PS3 ended up having the better default setting.
Rhythmattic  +   574d ago
Gamma or not.... I'm hoping we all get to experience a decent game.
Kaiou  +   574d ago
This video is a little fishy and i have a feeling that they swaped the footage around , i mean aside from the sharpense the 360 versions are almost always a little bit darker in color which is the case here. I would wait for a reliable source before deciding which version to get(that's of course if the PC is not an option)
Genuine-User  +   574d ago
I think it's legit. I just checked their channel and they have a review up for Tomb Raider as well, shot directly from the PS3 version and it looks exactly the same as this comparison video.
OptimisticPrime  +   574d ago
That's because most games are ported from Xbox to ps3. Look at final fantasy xiii compared on the two consoles. Ps3 was the lead and has darker, deeper colors. I don't know what lead console here was but if it was ps3 then this would be accurate
PersonMan  +   574d ago
As long as the PS3 version has zero amounts of screen tearing, I'll be happy with that version. Otherwise, I just cannot purchase this game.
cleverusername  +   574d ago
Suprised at this as the 360 version was lead console platform and the TV ads are showing the 360 version too!
kenshiro100  +   574d ago
The PS3 version looks a bit more colorful, imo. But everyone should have a good experience with both versions.
PersonMan  +   574d ago
The 360 version looks blurry as hell. If this is true, this is a giant win for PS3!

This game looks incredibly good for current gen tech.
givemeshelter  +   574d ago
You can actually see the difference? LMAO.
They look almost the same across the board.
And folks, get ready for this also with the PS4 and Xbox720.
Differences will be little between 3rd party cross platform games...as they are now and have been since 2009.
leogets  +   574d ago
wishes I didn't see ps4 reveal cos now I look at current gen games and can't help but notice they all blow now. :( oh well another 9 months of shoddy graphics can't be too bad hehehe
megalonagyix  +   574d ago
Wow PS3 looks so much better
Max-Zorin  +   574d ago
The behavior in this gen is bad enough as it is. These comparison videos only fan the flames.

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