Xbox LIVE Ultimate Game sale kicks off with incredible Halo offerings

The first day of the Xbox LIVE Ultimate Game Sale kicks off today, and Xbox 360 gamers can enjoy some great savings for the next 24 hours on various Halo games as part of Microsoft’s Games on Demand sale.

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MooseWI1847d ago

Not bad actually. Too bad the population on their games have died a bit..

BLAKHOODe1847d ago

Considering how greedy Microsoft tends to be, this is actually really AMAZING.

2pacalypsenow1847d ago

wasn't Halo 4 39.99 since last year tho?

medman1846d ago

Halo 4 has been available for 34.99 on Amazon for awhile now. Gee, thanks Microsoft.

Fasttrack761847d ago

It's not that great, still get most at this price in shops

Jek_Porkins1847d ago

If this were a PSN sale, this article would have 100+ comments by now. There are some great deals to be found, full games for $5, that is great!