Soul Sacrifice Will Have 10+ Free DLC Bosses, Paid DLC Episodes

Soul Sacrifice will be available in Japan on March 7 and Sony Computer Entertainment plans on supporting the PlayStation Vita game with extra content after it launches.

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Sandmano1306d ago

Great, now release a NA demo please!

Myst1306d ago

Listen to this man! I would like a demo to!

Sandmano1306d ago

No not Europe... Im kidding :p yes Europe too!

TongkatAli1306d ago (Edited 1306d ago )

I will buy all the DLC for this game. Awwww a disagree, hater.

Minato-Namikaze1306d ago

Cant, GOW is in march which also comes with a last of demo.... but we can skip march 13th to 25th (bioshock infinite March 26th) and then skip the rest of the days until soul sacrifice, lol

Kamikaze1351306d ago

One of the reasons I bought a Vita last week :)

Can't wait!

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