AMD TressFX Hair Simulation Technology Brings Life To Lara Croft’s Hair In Her Adventures

AMD in a partnership with Square Enix’s studio Crystal Dynamics has announced their new TressFX Hair Simulation Technology. The new TressFX Hair Simulation Technology is aimed to provide dynamic hair physics and simulation to Lara Croft’s hair in her latest adventurer’s in Tomb Raider (2013).

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N311V1913d ago

WOW! That makes a huge difference, I've always found in-game hair annoyingly chunky and stiff. If this isn't possible on NextGen consoles then PC gamers will finally have something I'm envious of. Looks great.

Pain_Killer1913d ago

It sure is a fantastic addition for us PC gamers.

But i see the eventuality of this or a similar feature coming to consoles soon since its an AMD exclusive feature and the new consoles are based off AMD hardware hence Direct Compute is also available on their architecture.

Nevertheless, its great to see a competitor to NVIDIA's PhysX. Maybe we would see more GPU Physics effects from both NVIDIA and AMD in the future titles. :)

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1913d ago

Depends.. How resources does it use? console devs have to make different decisions.

SpartanGR1913d ago

It's a directx 11 feature. Works on nvidias as well.

LordSane1913d ago

Can't wait to see this technology in the next God of War game.
But seriously, it looks like hair from CGI movie.

dcbronco1913d ago

I think this will definitely be a feature on consoles. The APUs are designed especially for putting off compute functions to the GPU. Jaguar cores should definitely be capable of this.

Kur01913d ago

@LordSane but... Kratos is bald...

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LightofDarkness1913d ago

PS4 is using GCN architecture by the sounds of it, so this could well make its way over, provided the GPU has enough grunt.

Walker1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

Joel and ellie in The Last of Us have the best hair/beard effects and simulations i've ever seen to date.

Edit: check it out

Letros1913d ago

Thanks for circling the head, I would have missed the hair otherwise!

kmanmx1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

"A new frontier for graphics realism"

Talk about hyperbole. Cool tech ? yes. A new frontier for graphics realism ? no.

CGI-Quality1913d ago

Isn't it a more REAListic feature?

kmanmx1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

Yes. But I wouldn't describe it as a new frontier.

Ray Tracing is a new frontier. Dynamic lighting was a new frontier.

But improvements in Lara Crofts hair quality are an incremental improvement in a very small part of the picture.

CGI-Quality1913d ago

Eh, not sure if you do development, but as a Designer, I can tell you what you said isn't true. Hair is actually one of the staples of what devs try to simulate, and this is a substantial move forward.

hesido1913d ago

It looks superb. The next step is to make that hair dirty, it currently looks like it is from a shampoo commercial, even after all the beating.

LAWSON721913d ago

Physx or fancy hair= nvidia vs amd

pr0digyZA1912d ago

Except fancy hair isn't exclusive, its dx11 so its for every card that supports it.

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