Tomb Raider: 16 Brand New, In-Game, Super HD Screenshots Released

With the reviews coming in, Square Enix decided to throw some more excitement towards our way. Check these 16, 1080p screenshots of Tomb Raider. The screenshots depict action, gameplay and breath-taking surrounding visuals!

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tubers1916d ago

I've checked some of those What's so "SUPER HD" about 1600x900 res shots?

hiredhelp1916d ago

Cant wait doesnt matter abour super HD or non SuperbHD i seen enough there to know i still excited for this game.
Textures lighting are amazing only game on consoles ive known to be like that is uncharted.

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hiredhelp1916d ago (Edited 1916d ago )

Im AMD fan ill admit they need change the name lol who knows maybe there do more physix in time come on AMD.

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