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Submitted by Nerdypie 1008d ago | opinion piece

5 Developers Who Would Make a Really Good Aliens Game


Aliens games do not have to suck. Here are 5 developers who would probably do the franchise justice. (PS3, PS4, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

RememberThe357  +   1008d ago
Gearbox looked like they were making a really good Aliens game, then they started lying to Sega and outsourcing the development. I'm so glad their eating crow right now, hopefully it stops anyone else for trying to screw people over like this.

OT: I actually like that list. Platinum Games really let me down with MG:R. I really liked the pick of Playdead, you know they'd do something really cool.
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ironfist92  +   1008d ago
Eidos (Deus Ex HR) would make a very atmospheric Aliens game, as would 4A Games (Metro 2033). Or imagine an Irrational Games developed Aliens game. Basically Bioshock in space...with Xenomorphs instead of Big Daddys :D

Although, at this point, I suggest giving Rebellion another go at making a sequel to their imo great AvP game. Cant be any worse than CM
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hiredhelp  +   1008d ago
I agree Eidos, io interactive makers also hitman great engine
JCENAdaBest  +   1008d ago
Hitman sucks. It wants to be played like splinter cell yet still give you the impression you are a hitman.
MasterCornholio  +   1008d ago
Hmm might as well hand it over to Visceral games since they have plenty of experience with these types of games.
JCENAdaBest  +   1008d ago
But after DS3 they have lost my vote otherwise I would have agreed with you.

We want a scary alien game with similarities to DS1 but Visceral these days would give us a mutated Alien Queen the size of a tall building with a mounted war gun to take her out and crappy quick time events throughout the entire game and no survival or challenge so they can make more money despite the raging success of DS1 and 2.

Visceral make me sick.
JCENAdaBest  +   1008d ago
Valve is an interesting concept. How about Epic? A gears of war- like Aliens game could be amazing but perhaps FPS is the way to go? - in which case maybe Crytek??
SlapHappyJesus  +   1008d ago
Monolith Productions (FEAR, Condemned) would be able to handle the license rather well, I would think.
Maybe if we got them off of their work on smaller, downloadable titles, Warner Bros?

4A would also be a good choice. This one is a given.

Visceral would also do good with the license, I feel. Despite what some people think of them after Dead Space 3.
Nerdypie  +   1008d ago
Monolith would be perfect. They would capture the atmosphere really well.
Johnny_Cojones  +   1008d ago
MasterD919  +   1007d ago
Irrational Games

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