Uncharted 3 1.17 patch Released and F2P confirmed

Colors! Platinum tier! We've once again skipped over a number and gone to the next one as this patch has some pretty big hidden technical hooks. Patch 1.17 hits Uncharted 3 Multiplayer today.

Along with this when you log in uncharted 3 multiplayer Message of the day confirms Free to Play coming tomorrow.
Players who have the full version will have Naughty Paw with their rank...

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miyamoto1750d ago

great news! lets volley the grenades

r211750d ago

I dont see it anywhere in the link :L

SheenuTheLegend1750d ago

what f2p or patch
Free to play is confirmed when u login onb multiplayer n it appears in message of the day n says everything about it..

r211750d ago

Dont have Uncharted 3 so how am i supposed to get the message. Unless you mean sign in online and there will be a message saying Uncharted 3 going F2p.

plaZeHD1750d ago

this is lame!!!
i thought it would actually be huge.

Nimblest-Assassin1750d ago

A game going F2P is a pretty big deal

plaZeHD1750d ago

The multiplayer portion of Uncharted isn't even polished 'well', yet. Free to play will fuck it up even more.

e-p-ayeaH1750d ago (Edited 1750d ago )

So im supposed to be able to play it without owning the actual game?

medziarz1750d ago

They should also increase the F2P level cap on Killzone 3 Multiplayer, say from 10 to 20...