Inspirational Journalists in Video Games

The perception of events that take place within the video game industry comes from the window that is the gaming media. Through this window we gain insight into the positive and negative, interesting and dull, light and heavy aspects of gaming; laid out for us in its plainest most objective form. The most critical part of this are the people who help gather and deliver the info about all the games we care about. From them, there are those few individuals who go above and beyond the bare minimum and excel at their craft to a point where their passion and diligence shine as a bright example for others in the field. Not simply doing what they do for the sake of getting a paycheck or increased notoriety, but to inform gamers and have them walk away with something of value. These are the individuals that become some of the most inspirational role models in video game journalism.

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jaggernaut251938d ago

Great list. Adam Sessler is the reason I got into writing about gaming!

RememberThe3571938d ago

I remember him at TechTV with Extended Play when it was him standing in an arcade filming his reviews. I watch Rev3games on Youtube now because he's there.

rbailey1938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )

I'm glad to see Greg Miller make this list. Not only is he a great journalist but for him to beat cancer and come back even better then ever is a testament to his stellar work effort.