Randy Pitchford says work has now started on new Borderlands 2 DLC to raise the level-cap

Randy Pitchford revealed today that Gearbox Software has now started work on DLC packs that will finally increase the Vault Hunters' current level-cap in “Borderlands 2.” The developer has mentioned that raising the cap was something they would like to eventually do but Gearbox is now confirming that not only is DLC addressing a level-cap increase is on the way, but work on the add-on has now officially started.

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v0rt3x1998d ago

Gearbox should really be focusing on their own IPs and new IPs - instead of messing around in somebody else's.

ironfist921998d ago

ACM criticism aside, it wouldve been awesome if they had Space Marine skins for the Vault Hunters, as well as a Pulse Rifle gun

RememberThe3571998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

Of course it is. You screwed over Aliens fans for Borderlands, the last thing you want to do is screw over Borderlands fans too.

xPhearR3dx1998d ago

I wouldn't say they're screwed Borderlands fans over thus far, but their DLC has been really lackluster compared to Borderlands 1. I LOVE Borderlands, but man, the DLC for BL2 was a heaping pile of poo.

rawshack1998d ago

They where all right they had there moments .the scarlet one was ok

MartinB1051998d ago

Lots of work to do.

diff borderlands2_constants_old.h borderlands2_constants.h

- #define MAX_LEVEL 50
+ #define MAX_LEVEL 70


R_aVe_N1998d ago

There is more than that involved in raising level caps that...

Megaton1998d ago

Can't be too much more. There have been level 100+ characters running around since launch.

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