Prey 2 - Two More Screenshots Received by Email from the Alien Noire Site

OnlySP: Just last night we had reported on the Alien Noire site that is counting down to what might be a possible re-reveal of Prey 2 on March 1st sending out screenshots to email address who registered for the site. Since my registration last night, I have received two additional screenshots to the ones I posted yesterday.

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ShugaCane1914d ago

This seems real since it has the same art style than the trailer. I'm loving it by the way, so I really do hope this isn't a fake.

BigStef711914d ago

So this game is still current gen? Cuz those screenshots are definitely not next gen

LordHiggens1914d ago

Wait this game still exists? I thought it was obliterated?

badvlad1914d ago

Prey 1 was fkin awsome!!

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