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Review: Crysis 3 | OnlySP

OnlySP: Few things get a PC gamer like myself going like the prospect of a new Crysis. 2008 and Crytek’s Crysis – and CryEngine 2 – set the standard for PC benchmarking and graphical finery for, well, pretty much the last five years. When a new video card came out the PC gaming community would whisper in hushed tones – yes, but does it run Crysis? Most midrange systems these days still struggle to run this beast at MAXIMUM SETTINGS. Put up on a tech pedestal as it was, it’s easy to forget how good the gameplay actually was. Presenting a lush, open tropical island to explore in your super-suit, players were free to approach situations from any direction they wanted. Option and choice were the aims of the game, with the Nanosuit’s various powers in combination with a modular weapon attachment system giving a number of tactical possibilities. 2011 saw the release of a new Crysis game and a new engine – CryEngine 3. It still looked great, but CryEngine 3 was not the technological leap forward that some were expecting. Set in a warzone version of New York, Crysis 2 condensed the action into smaller areas and intensified the shooting, emphasising action over a more contemplative approach. This week brings us Crysis 3, and I’ve deigned to don the Nanosuit again. Is it good? Is it bad? Oh alright, I’ll tell you. (Crysis 3, PC, PS3, Xbox 360) 8/10

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