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Remember, The PS4 And Next Xbox Have More To Offer Than Just Prettier Graphics

Kotaku: "It's such a crude yardstick, yet it's the one most people use when trying to gauge the leap between console generations. Graphics. How a game looks. It's great for sizzle reels and screenshot comparisons, but at the end of the day, it's not where the real leaps in video games are made." (Next-Gen, PS4)

DaThreats  +   823d ago

And from the article

"It'll mean bigger worlds. Smoother, more seamless animations. More believable AI. More realistic physics. More characters on screen, more things to kill/solve/race, more realistic handling, just generally more."
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Godmars290  +   822d ago
I actually think efforts in AI have gone backwards from what they were last gen. Not that they were much then.
bobtheimpaler  +   822d ago
Completely agree. Too many shooters still relying on simple scripting to the point where people only care about the MP in shooters. Some games have excellent AI and offer compelling SP experiences. And once you've played those games as I have, those simple games just don't cut it.

I really hope there's more emphasis on AI and game logic. As you've said it's taken a back seat and it's regressed.
plaZeHD  +   822d ago
Wait for Naughty Dog.
PhantomT1412  +   822d ago
If the devs choose 30 FPS, it'll be 30 FPS, just like this gen.

Framerate is not (only) a hardware limitation but mostly a design choice. Uncharted could have run at 60 frames per second, but it wouldn't have been as pretty as it is today. Call of Duty could look better, but then it wouldn't perform at 60 frames per second.
RememberThe357  +   823d ago
Improved latency bitches! Haha I think I'm the only one screaming that from the rooftops. Just more responsiveness is whats really got me excited. I love the prettier visuals just as much as the next guy but the performance enhancement has got me even more fired up. Probably because I was expecting prettier pictures but improving the responsiveness didn't really enter my mind til they mentioned it.

I just had a thought, how badass is a new God of War for the PS4 going to be? Holy shit.
first1NFANTRY  +   822d ago
I'm really hoping somewhere along the way next gen games will actually make the shift to 60fps @ 1080p native.

If anyone can achieve this i believe it's Naughty Dog.

edit: why did i get a disagree for wanting devs to improve my gaming experience? f#ck the fanboy that did that!!! and i mean that with a passion. Why so butthurt?
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Neixus  +   822d ago
Nah,naughty dog is probably aiming 1080p/30fps for a more cinematic experience.
But hey, as long as it never drops below 30, i ain't got a problem with that
arbitor365  +   822d ago
its funny how some people act like graphics and gameplay are totally separate entities.

stronger tech allows the developer to have a larger scope to work with and more creative possibilities. it allows them to push genres further. that is how it always has been.
tubers  +   822d ago
Well, Killzone SF isn't 60 FPS.


I don't think 30 FPS is a deal breaker since that usually translates to higher visual fidelity.

Developers still have a freedom of control with resolutions and framerates. It all depends on what they plan to do with the resources.
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xPhearR3dx  +   822d ago
It some ways it can feel like a deal breaker. We're entering next-gen at the end of 2013. 8 years after the last gen started, and we still can't get 60FPS in every game? What's the point of releasing a "next-gen" console if every game isn't 60FPS. Of course over the years it makes since 60FPS would be harder to achieve once the visuals start improving, but at launch? Come on. Next-gen is more than just graphics, it's new features, AI, performance ETC.

I was able to run every recent title at 60+FPS on a GTX 650 which is a $100 GPU (Until about a week ago when I upgraded to a 660 TI). There's no reason why next-gen console games can't be 60FPS. The graphical leap isn't going to be as big like it was from PS2-360, but the performance should. This is probably my biggest gripe with the PS4 so far and probably the new Xbox as well.

Considering console gamers (including myself until recently) have been so use to 30FPS, it may not feel like a big deal. Once I switched to PC and got 60+FPS for every game, when I went back to playing on my 360 with friends, everything felt so sluggish due to 30FPS. At least if you're at 60 and you drop, it's still going to be smooth. If you're at 30 and drop, it's very noticeable and quite annoying.
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HeavenlySnipes  +   822d ago
Improved AI behaviour, animations, and physics are the most important tbh.

So many retarded enemies in games
Mookie  +   822d ago
I want 60fps 1080p
And no bs reason for half ass spilt screen like gran turismo I understand the ps3 ram problem. I want games that do co-op should have split screen option like dead space 3 SHOULD of HAD!! >:(
And I want in game music for madden on ps4. Is that to hard to ask for haha.
Mookie  +   822d ago
Spilt screen online too.
megamanX2  +   822d ago
"The PS4 And Next Xbox Have More To Offer Than Just Prettier Graphics"

lol like what crap games?
Zha1tan  +   822d ago
So they offer what PCs already have? ok cool except for:

- mod support
- multiple control inputs
- configuration of graphics
- key mapping

etc etc I could go on but Id really like to see consoles become more about the consumer and be a bit more open allowing for things like mods because Skyrim is a perfect example of the PC being the best platform, It is a decent game by its self but with mods it is amazing.

I will prob be getting a PS4 as it has alot of exciting IPs but I doubt I will buy into the new xbox as it is bound to be just to closed off and restrictive.
hano  +   822d ago
slightly better Graphics, that's all.

Other than that, what do they have? The retarded touch pad on the PS4 controller? I bet that's going to be evolutionary, seeing how small and useless it is.

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