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Ken Levine still wants an original Bioshock for Vita to happen

Viva la Vita: "In an interview with IGN discussing Bioshock Infinite, PlayStation 4, and more Irrational Games Creative Director and Co-Founder Ken Levine reveals that he still wants the original Bioshock game, announced at E3 2011 to happen:

"I’ve got my fingers crossed that that’s going to happen because it’s something I want to do. But until somebody starts signing the checks, there’s nothing I can do”

In an earlier interview Levine revealed that Sony pressured him to announce the game in an attempt to show support for Vita, no matter the stage of development for the title." (BioShock, PS Vita)

H4all  +   1004d ago
i still want it to happen... :(
please make this happen...
LOGICWINS  +   1004d ago
That depends on how many consumers pick up a Vita within the next year or so. Vita's install base needs to climb before Take Two deems a portable Bioshock is worth the risk. Bioshock Infinite's sales will also play a role as it will give Take Two a ballpark estimate of how many people are still interested in the franchise in order to justify a portable entry.
TheOneWhoIsTornApart  +   1003d ago
im sure a lot of people would buy a Vita if a brand new Bioshock was made for it. I know I would. Ken said it would be in a completely new world.
Hingle_Mcringleberry  +   1003d ago
Not one single game on the Vita has crossed the million units mark. And at 3.45 million units sold in 2012, the Vita has to be the slowest selling mainstream console of all time.
It took 42 weeks for the vita to sell a million in Japan, compare that to the psp which took only 10 weeks and you can see why 3rd party developers aren't falling over themselves to make games for the little doomfest
delboy  +   1003d ago
To bad Sony lacks interest in it, or they would pay for development and publishing.
Like N has done with Bayoneta.
Even Sony lost faith in Vita, or else they would put more money in it, buying game exclusives, publishing, marketing, price cuts.
Sony have to push Vita in every way possible.
fermcr  +   1003d ago
Is it viable (€€€€) ?

In all honesty, i would prefer they spent their money and time on a Bioshock (or new IP if they want) for next gen consoles.

Gaming on tablets, smartphones or portable gaming devices ... I'm over that phase.
murdock55  +   1004d ago
does it matter how many vita's were sold? i mean come one here we got 3rd party dev who wants to make a game for the vita not even caring about how many system were sold. Ubsoft did the same and their happy and GG is doing it also and GG is a hell of 3rd party dev, and they but their top game on the vita which is getting a lot of ppl attention. have anyone seen the comments on yotube ppl clearly saying that they thought that KZM ws for the ps3 and want the vita new?!
murdock55  +   1004d ago
Beetey  +   1003d ago
Ummm.... Okay.
CalvinKlein  +   1003d ago
GG is a 1st party dev but I get what you are saying. I understand the devs lack of faith in the vita sales but at the same time any high quality game released for the vita now would get alot of sales with a bigger spotlight on it with few big games releasing. Too late for bioshock vita to get a big spotlight tho. For it to be successful they will have to make a good game.

Im not a huge killzone fan and may not even buy the one on ps4 when I get it at launch. I will however buy KZ mercenary on vita to support their great vita effort and also to be able to try a FPS on a portable that is actually good. like you said about extra attention, Im more likely to buy a killzone game on vita then I would be if there were tons of other good FPS on vita. Same could have happened with bioshock if they were already making it now(although I would already buy bioshock on anything, others might get into the series with vita and then but the console one too maybe).
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murdock55  +   1003d ago
you have to spend money to make money or less sony has doubt in their hand held system.
BigStef71  +   1003d ago
Sony and 2K sign those checks so this game can happen
Prodigy-X  +   1003d ago
Make it happen.
WeAreLegion  +   1003d ago
Soldierone  +   1003d ago
Sony simply isn't going to help pay for everything. They are doing their part, and I'm sure they will help with the production, but 2K are the ones that need to step up.

When more Vita units are selling this year, we will see more support. Hopefully Sony is smart and strongly integrates it into the PS4.
Blank  +   1003d ago
The title should be "Ken Levine, vita owners present and future want an original bioshock on vita"
mastershredder  +   1003d ago
"Ken Levine still wants an original Bioshock for Vita to happen".

So do I!
TheDivine  +   1003d ago
Sony needs to stop announcing games before they're even confirmed. Examples are resident evil psp, last guardian, agent, vs 13, 8 days, bio shock vita, ruin, and about a dozen other titles that never came to fruition. I would love a bio shock on the go though so someone needs to step up. Sony should fund it.
sherimae2413  +   1003d ago
please 2k sign those checks!....
DiRtY  +   1003d ago
Those 15 PS Vita users will go nuts!
Kevlar009  +   1003d ago
The fact it would be an original Bioshock (not Bioshock 1+2+Infinite) means it would be a pretty major undertaking, 2K and Irrational don't seem to be the type to be able fork over tons of cash on a risky game
mbover  +   1003d ago
would you kindly make a new bioshock for vita :)
Sandmano  +   1003d ago
If only the protagonist of Bioshock 1 was the head of 2K...
joeorc  +   1003d ago
Like it would really matter at this point anyway!
until the perception about the PSVita goes from too expensive over priced, forced blank memory card required, no Games worth the purchase of this handheld. Perception of not just the forums on the internet, but in many cases the very Gamer's that this handheld is trying to sell too until this perception changes for the Better, its not going to matter one d@mn bit what game gets released on the PSVita to build up its install base, or its market Viability.

And That is just the truth in my Opinion, this is from someone who play's his PSVita and really like's this handheld game system. Sony know's the problems going on with the Perception of the PSVita, that only with Time and investment from inside Sony's 1st party can really fix the perception of the PSVita as a viable product, just like the PS3. the PSVita and so will the PS4 have these very same problems, because the Perception of Sony as a whole in every market is Seen as "Poor" viability.

And Once again Sony knows this, All Sony can do is
rebuild the good will to the Consumer that they have lost in the last few year's and try to rebuild those burnt bridges that have done quite a number on the Public relation's between Sony as a company and the consumer. That is exactly Sony's problem, many in the Market are just not really interested in Sony product's as they were when Sony was 15 to 20 year's ago, Sony is just not the "in thing anymore" and many in the forums and Media are letting people know it.

PR wise Sony has mainly in Mind share and market share has now had to start over. the company has now concentrated on rebuilding its good will with investor's and the stock holder's and pretty much every consumer that even has somewhat tepid view of SONY IN THE ENTIRE MARKET AND THAT will take Many , Many YEAR'S TO REBUILD THAT GOOD WILL again. The great thing if anything about this is Sony's Board of director's and Kaz and his senior staff recognise these problems and working on fixing them and does indeed show that with their action's.

Sony is not in a good position right now, but at least they know what direction they need to take to fix the problems, its just that many still think they can fix this over night, and that is not the case. Sony has to weather this they have no other choice, but since when has rebuilding anything ever been easy?
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e-p-ayeaH  +   1003d ago
So it was never meant to happen? what´s the point of announcing it then...

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