Ubisoft CEO on Beyond Good & Evil 2: “It’s coming”

'We'll have something new next time,' teases Guillemot.

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Relientk771701d ago

Can't wait for Beyond Good & Evil 2, the first was amazing and completely underrated and overlooked

RememberThe3571701d ago

Great news! They've been so vague about whether this game is going to happen or not, it's nice to hear the main man say that game is going to happen. It's become my most anticipated game.

Prodigy-X1701d ago

I hope we see something at E3 hopefully it comes to next gen consoles and release by 2014.

r211701d ago

Yes! The director said BG&E2 was in hold until next gen. Well, guess what, next gen's coming so start making that sequel please! :D

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