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Submitted by Valay 1007d ago | screenshot

Phantasy Star Online 2 PS Vita screenshots

Take a look at some screenshots showing off the PlayStation Vita version of Phantasy Star Online 2. (Phantasy Star Online 2, PS Vita)

1upgamer99  +   1007d ago
Looks like the Gamecube version....Sorry, but it does.
TongkatAli  +   1007d ago
The Gamecube was and still is awesome.

Edit : Hey! I wasn't agreeing with you about the graphics. ALL VITA GAMES LOOK BETTER IN PERSON, dat screen.
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1upgamer99  +   1007d ago
Yes, it was and still is. Sheesh, look at all the disagrees... More than likely from those WHO NEVER PLAYED THE GAMECUBE VERSION. They should look it up on DOES look like the Gamecube, hell the Dreamcast version.
Bimkoblerutso  +   1007d ago, it doesn't look anything like the Dreamcast or Gamecube games.

Here, I'll even help you out:

Related video
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Qrphe  +   1007d ago
It's probably just nostalgia goggles. GC version was 480i, had low-res textures and had little lighting effects.


Compare yourself
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1upgamer99  +   1007d ago
This is what I remember.....and it looks pretty much the same from the screen shots.
tubers  +   1007d ago
The only thing that looks like the GC version is the LOD of the environment.. even then environment on the VITA is a bid wider.

The character models, enemy models and animation are better.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying it looks FANTASTIC or anything.. but it certainly doesn't look horrible.
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sherimae2413  +   1007d ago
i wish i can lend you my vita
SOD_Delta  +   1007d ago
Why hasn't this game been announced for NA & EU?
Kingthrash360  +   1007d ago
Show me the US screenshots. ... (hint, hint)
sitharrefus  +   1007d ago
US release date?
Mottsy  +   1007d ago
I hope this game comes to NA! I wish it got announced for the consoles.For the fact I don't have any portables. I much rather have this then that joke of a game, "Phantasy Star Universe"
telekineticmantis  +   1007d ago
I live in
porkChop  +   1007d ago
I was hoping the game would roughly look "similar" to the PC version, obviously with toned down graphics and textures. But wow... the graphics took a HUGE hit, much bigger than I thought they would.

I mean, just look at the difference...



This is on top of the Vita version being gimped as it still has smaller areas, less enemies on screen, less players per server/area, etc. At least it's free to play, but still, I think they could have done a lot better than this. They look like 2 completely different games.
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Studio-YaMi  +   1007d ago
Are we REALLY comparing the PC version to the Vita version here !?
porkChop  +   1007d ago
Did you even bother to look at the pictures? We've seen other games on the Vita that were at least comparable to other versions of the game, including PC versions. This isn't comparable at all. It's a completely different game.

I'm not saying the Vita version has to be as good looking as the PC version, that would be an unrealistic expectation. But the 2 games should at least be somewhat comparable. They aren't. We're getting a completely gutted and gimped version on the Vita, on top of it looking horrible.

I've seen much better looking MMO's on Android. The Vita has much faster hardware than most Android phones, and due to every Vita having the same hardware, Vita games can be optimized much more than Android games that have to accommodate for a wide range of hardware.

The Vita is capable of much more than this, and Sega could have done a hell of a lot better. Now, if you're fine with developers clearly half-assing Vita games, good for you. But I'm not ok with it. The Vita is a great handheld and I bought mine because I know it's capable of some amazing games.
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tubers  +   1006d ago
What are your list for better looking TPPerspective MMO's on Android?

Are you talking about shooters?
profgerbik  +   1006d ago
Man you people are freaking stupid. Comparing full resolution screenshots on a PC to that of ones that were stretched and enlarged on the Vita.

That makes sense, that is like me getting into PSO 2 on PC taking a screenshot at 1920x1080, then getting on the Vita, taking a screenshot which isn't at that resolution and enlarging the image to 1920x1080. Comparing the two...

The Vita's screen is not that big, so it will look totally different on the Vita compared to what the screen shots actually look like, if you owned one and played the Japanese version of the CBT you would know...

Another really important factor is the PSO has never been a graphically intensive game, even the PC version will run on very old PC's... I know PSO 2 could run on a 128mb graphics card for christ sakes.

I have had LAN's with friends who only had that and the game ran just as fine as on my computer, with two 690GTX's and 8 core CPU with 64GB of RAM..

If you ask me it seems that Sega was just lazy, knowing that even the PC version is fairly outdated actually it is just outdated in terms of everything, why on earth would the PS Vita version need to be gimped.

I know it is more powerful than a damn 2 core computer with 2GB of RAM and a 128mb graphics card.. Which is what PSO 2 on PC easily ran on.

The system requirements are so low to begin with, why even brag about the PC version and as I said PSO has never been a title with high graphical praise so why bother comparing either version..

No shit it will look better on a damn PC that can exceed the resolution on the PS Vita, that alone will make it look better even if they were the exact same versions.

The system requirements speak loudly for what I am talking about.

- Windows XP (32-bit versions only)
- Vista (all versions)
- 7 (all versions)
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 6300 (equivalent or better)
GPU: 256MB Nvidia GeForce 7800GT (equivalent or better)
HDD Space: 8GB

Exactly just being lazy porting things to the Vita as always with most developers.

Just a bull crap excuse from Sakai. Knowing what they did with NFS: Most Wanted on the Vita, I know they could have pushed PSO 2 way more, NFS: Most Wanted graphics far exceed PSO 2 on the Vita and is also a open world game and completely online in the same sense..

I just know it's a bunch of bull crap but why would a developer sit there and say I was too lazy to really push the Vita's hardware of course they are just going to blame the device, they aren't going to make themselves look badly.

With Sega's complete lack of communication skills and their piss poor work for the most part it isn't surprising. Sega used to be great but they aren't really that great anymore always leaving people in the dark till the very last moment always speaks to me as being lazy developers, almost like how for CoD: Declassified we never heard anything substantial about that game forever for good reason because people could notice what little work was put into it.

You see games like Killzone on the fucking Vita you know Sega could have done more, way more especially with such an outdated graphics engine which they use for PSO 2..
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Studio-YaMi  +   1007d ago
Who's hopping they would announce a PS4 version to release next to the NA Vita version and both would release later this year !?

I AM ! O_O
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Lifebanisher  +   1007d ago
i too wish they get pso2 for ps4 it's time for sony to get rpg's on consoles
PS3gamer4life  +   1007d ago
When this game coming out in na?
Drithe  +   1007d ago
Please please please let this game come out in the US this year.
Toon_Link  +   1007d ago
I almost forgot this was just about to come out, my extra memory card is excited to get to download this soon.
LiViNgLeGaCY  +   1006d ago
*Sigh* And STILL no word on a U.S release huh?
profgerbik  +   1006d ago
Yep really sucks I personally see no reason why if this game is free-to-play why it can't just come to NA on the Vita but with SOA lately who knows.

The fact Yakuza 5 has not even been loclaized yet and there is no word about that either is somewhat disturbing and making me lose all hope for PSO 2 on the Vita but we will see.
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swice  +   1001d ago
I thought I read somewhere that PSO2 is coming out a little before summer in the US...I think I read that late last year.

Oh, and LOL to the people that thinks this looks like the GameCube version. Just, LOL
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