How Valve hires, how it fires, and how much it pays

Valve economist-in-residence Yanis Varoufakis offers a rare glimpse behind the curtain of what may be the most unique management structure in video game development today, in which projects thrive with zero management.

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guitarded771940d ago

Sounds like a good place to work.

joab7771940d ago

Its ironic but i work somewhere in which we used to operate this way, as a team. It has changed and caused many problems because everyone has been taught that we operate as a team. I am in the midst of trying to figure out what to do so that everyone is happy and productive.

DaThreats1940d ago

This is what I call a democratic workplace.

MeatAbstract1940d ago

I'd love to work at Valve but it's one of those places that require you to have 'skills'. I don't have many skills :(

Rivitur1940d ago (Edited 1940d ago )

Hell I bet the janitors have a say in what's under development over there too. Just imagine a reality show based inside Valve :O.

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