Divergence Reemerges

From RaidWarning:

"It's a rare moment to find something during your evening internet search, that you can point to and say "This is true passion." Yesterday, Ethan Casner has revived a long dormant project, named Divergence on indieGogo, ushered back to life with an emotional and heartfelt video."

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xseven1910d ago

I'm all for crowd funding now, especially when the people with a good idea deserve a chance

Wormwood1910d ago

Exactly. I'm all to happy to throw a little money towards people with ambitious and innovative ideas. Particularly when they involve perma-death...

washednblood1910d ago

Wow, it's amazing what he's been able to accomplish by himself, imagine when he gets a whole team!

Grayn1910d ago indie mmo. I am intrigued.

Wormwood1910d ago

Yeah, it's an ambitious idea. But i think that the MMO market is ripe for a dose of Indie Creativity. Could be a very good thing.