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Submitted by TheGamerDood 1075d ago | opinion piece

PS4: will the next-gen start when Microsoft says it does?

Xbox’s next-gen aspirations were dealt a bloody nose by Sony in New York last week: everyone’s talking about PlayStation 4. Going first works, says Patrick Garratt, and Microsoft has missed a great opportunity.

“We’ve got a year to sell as many of these things as possible.”

Two Xbox bosses bellowed at each other in the aftermath of 360′s Games Convention press conference in 2005. The atmosphere crackled with “go”. Xbox 360 was to beat PlayStation 3 to market and Microsoft knew it had sledgehammered its way into the console industry’s executive bathroom. Chests were puffed. Sony was stuffed. Microsoft benefited greatly from an early Xbox 360 release, especially in America. You have no competition if you’re the only option available. (Microsoft, PS4, Sony, Xbox One)

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eagle21   1075d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(4)
Knight_Crawler  +   1075d ago
Only time will tell but I hope we don't have to get two jobs to afford a 720 :)
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user3915800  +   1075d ago
Its next gen when the vita comes out.
Oh wait its next gen when the wiiu comes out.
Wait its next gen when every new console comes out.
WIIU current gen.

For the money PS4 AND 720 are the only 2 next gen.

Next gen is the console you buy for sure, whatever console that might be, case closed.
T2  +   1075d ago
Next gen started Feb 20... Anyone who wants on this train better start now .
RememberThe357  +   1075d ago
I think it's clear that Sony got the ball rolling. But I think you'd have to be insane to not want to see MS come out and blow us all away. We should temper our expectations, but it's healthy to hope for a lot.

It seems to me that MS is going to keep pushing for Kinect and I don't like that. But Halo is their bread and butter and they're not going to abandon that fan base. I think they're going to try to quart the more casual fans like they did with last years E3 but I also think they're going to do some cool stuff with their network and software partners. I just hope the system offers enough for core gamers, because they seem to by straying from us.
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slayorofgods  +   1075d ago
I'd even argue that kinect is what allowed Sony to overtake MS this generation. MS kind of strayed away from the core gamers and did pick up a few new gamers with kinect, but Sony maintained a much more broad strategy of satisfying all gamers instead of strictly investing in move. That really showed towards the end of this generation.

Of course if MS gets a back to its roots and gets as aggressive as they were to begin this generation then we may have a good competition on our hands.
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ALLWRONG  +   1075d ago
Doesn't the PS4 have a Kinect like device?
slayorofgods  +   1075d ago

Who cares no one wants either console for motion control. It's all about the games.
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nukeitall  +   1075d ago

"I'd even argue that kinect is what allowed Sony to overtake MS this generation."

Are you serious?

Kinect is what pushed Xbox 360 sales, because core gamers are already saturated in MS main markets.

I bet the vast majority of core gamers already own an Xbox 360 or PS3. If you haven't, no amount of new IPs is likely to change your mind.

"Sony maintained a much more broad strategy of satisfying all gamers instead of strictly investing in move."

Actually, Sony doesn't appear to have a broad strategy at all. They are strictly focusing on games, and mostly core games with the odd casual game every now and then. PS Move was left to die a quick death.

MS is the one that has a broad strategy, but people fail to see that. Don't people see that the complaint about MS is really them just diversifying their audience?

"Who cares no one wants either console for motion control. It's all about the games."

Tell that to all the Wii owners which outnumbers PS3 or Xbox 360 user base. Tell that to the masses that bought Kinect and made it the fastest selling device and maintained MS price dominance this generation as Sony had to drop their price multiple times to compete. Heck, in Europe the PS3 is actually cheaper than the 250GB Xbox 360 bundle, because they don't sell the core 4GB Xbox 360 only bundle.

It's a myth people don't want motion control. They aren't just here voicing their opinion!


"Doesn't the PS4 have a Kinect like device?"

The PS4 has a dual camera, but it is unclear what it's capabilities are. If anything, it will be heavily light sensitive (since it lacks the infrared sensor that Kinect uses) and likely be far more rudimentary due to being behind MS. That is all of course speculation, because Sony hasn't really talked about it. We don't even know if it included in the box by default, which is detrimental to it's success.

That said, we just have to wait and see how this pans out in the next 1-2 years.
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slayorofgods  +   1075d ago
@nukeitall I sure am serious.

The 360 had a firm lead and the PS3 was in crises mode to start this generation. When the PS3 started focusing on actual games and when the 360 lessened their exclusives and how aggressive they were to start this generation the PS3 caught up.. And the PS3 overtook the 360 during the Kenect years of this generation. Talk about who has the broadest strategy all you want, but the PS3 HAS finally sold more consoles then the 360 this generation and overtook them right at the end of it.

"Tell that to all the Wii owners which outnumbers PS3 or Xbox 360 user base."

The Wii U isn't selling. It is considered a flop of a system.. The Wii hasn't been selling. The PS3 has been outselling that console for about a year now. Motion control was a fad. Its over now.

Let's face it Kenect and PS3 motion controls did not capture that market, they only slightly expanded theirs. Thankfully Sony didn't head dive into that strategy.

Here's a question. Since the 360 was ahead of the PS3... How many core gamers did they lose from the Kenect experiment vs how many new gamers did they generate. They kind of did turn their backs on the core gamers.
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nukeitall  +   1074d ago
"The 360 had a firm lead and the PS3 was in crises mode to start this generation. When the PS3 started focusing on actual games and when the 360 lessened their exclusives and how aggressive they were to start this generation the PS3 caught up."

The Xbox 360 would have been far worse if it wasn't for Kinect.

Let's face it, the Playstation and Sony brand in the rest of the world is far stronger. Almost any place in Europe prefers the Sony brand. It's presence in TV, cameras and so on.

If you take out Japan, which has around 7 million units sold the picture suddenly gets clear. Xbox 360 has almost always been on par in sales as PS3. When the PS3 was released, there was about a 6 million unit gap between the two.

"PS3 HAS finally sold more consoles then the 360 this generation and overtook them right at the end of it."

It still hasn't actually. As of the official last count from each company directly, the PS3 is actually still beind.

"The Wii U isn't selling. It is considered a flop of a system."

It is off to a slow start, but so did the 3DS and look where it is now. On the flip side, PS3 started strong, then weakened and same thing with PS Vita that still is heading downwards.

Point being, it is too early to tell with Wii U. It can still turn around, and we won't know for another 10-12 months or maybe longer.

"How many core gamers did they lose from the Kenect experiment vs how many new gamers did they generate."

I don't know, but I do know MS sold over 20 million Kinects and Kinects is what keeps the Xbox 360 selling. The core gamers in MS main markets are all tapped.

"They kind of did turn their backs on the core gamers."

I think that is mostly fanboy fanatics speaking, because my online friends like me use the Xbox 360 more than ever. To watch Netflix, listen to music, watching ESPN and so on in addition to gaming. We still have plenty of games to play, and I still have that backlog. Still looking forward to Metal Gear Rising, Gears of War: Judgement, Dead Space 2 & 3, Dishonored, Walking Dead and so on.

It's just a small section of people that complain there are "exclusives" specifically as if that is the main criteria what people look for in a game. The general core gamer don't care if it is exclusive or not, only if it is good and if they like the setting.

So get over it!
Dylila  +   1075d ago
if next gen didnt start with the arrival of the wii u then why would it start when the xbox 720 is released.

next gen starts when ps4 is here
MysticStrummer  +   1075d ago
Yeah it's funny that no one but Nintendo fans think of WiiU as "next gen". As for MS telling us when next gen starts, I think they should have to win a generation before trying to declare when another one starts. But, this is an obvious flamebait title so I hope no one clicked to read the whole thing.
WildArmed  +   1075d ago
It may not meet "next gen" standards, but it is def. a 8th gen console.

It feels like after Wii, Nintendo has been lagging behind in tech compared to their competitors
xursz  +   1075d ago
The Wiiu is a good little machine but I think that if Nintendo wants a core gamer crowd they need to show us the benefits of owning a Wiiu over (or in addition to) other next gen platforms, aside from a lower entry cost. I don't think core gamers are fussed over entry costs.
Kaiou  +   1075d ago
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AngelicIceDiamond  +   1075d ago
"next gen starts when ps4 is here"

Lol gotta love the internet, you people are amusing.
user3915800  +   1075d ago
For the same reason we have standards, superior to mediocre, the judgement its always on the very best gaming has to offer and that we dont know yet. We know PS4 its more powerfull than wiiu, but MS its a whole different beast.

We will see if it is the standard by which we judge or not. We will know soon enough.
BitbyDeath  +   1075d ago
I think the term means 'last one out of the gate' / Beginning of the end.

Sony said next gen started with them cause PS3 was the last to release just as the XboxNext may also be this time around.

Nothing implied meaning more/less power etc
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OneAboveAll   1075d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
StrongMan   1075d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(2)
ichimaru  +   1075d ago
starts when all the players are dealt their hand. sony and nintendo are waiting patiently over their drinks and stale chips while MS takes forever to come out of the restroom and join the boys
RememberThe357  +   1075d ago
Well this that analogy every player has their cards; Nintedo showed it's hand and they had like two pair; Sony showed a straight flush, ginning; MS is gonna have to show up with that royal flush if they want to take the momentum. That's a tall order, I don't think we've ever really seen a royal flush in this industry before.

Again, I'm talking in a cards (poker) analogy. But we'll see eventually. Gotta love competition!
EverydayGuy  +   1075d ago
I would be happy with a straight flush, because I thinking they have a full house.
Bowzabub  +   1075d ago
Sounds dead on to me.
The_Infected  +   1075d ago
Umm next gen started on Feb 20th. Lol
Max-Zorin  +   1075d ago
Next gen start when it start. Hatred between gamers with different preference don't start until N4G say so.
Qrphe  +   1075d ago
Next-gen is current gen and it started last November.
jessupj  +   1075d ago
Don't kid yourself. Next gen hasn't started yet.

The Wii U is a current gen console. So far we haven't seen anything on it that pushes the industry forward.
EbeneezerGoode  +   1075d ago
The Wii-U to the Wii is no different than the 3DS to the DS. Improvements, tweaks, upgrades but NOT enough to clear current gen standards to be called 'next gen' without bursting out laughing.

The fact is Nintendo, since the WII, have been a generation behind and always will be until they hold back - launch last - and beat everyone else on spec AND game content. Can't see that happening.

BIG N dug themselves into this hole by crapping all over the core players who put them where they were, now the casual players have gone back to house cleaning, exercise bikes or scrumping there is barely anyone left to fight Nintendo's corner. And that is entirely their own fault.

And the same COULD happen to MS if they screw up the next box with too much kinnect crap and not enough power/core experiences.

Sony are the only known quantity so far to be 100% focussed on gamers and giving them the spec needed to evolve gaming in meaningful ways rather than mere gimmicks.

And even on that score, move is better than Kinnect and Wii-mote too - back of the net!
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Dogswithguns  +   1075d ago
LMAO on the new gen Xbox.. hahaaaa
WhatchaTalkinBout  +   1075d ago
bahahahaha i think it already started.. who writes this sh*t
plaZeHD  +   1075d ago
Next Gen starts when the successor to the current gen console releases.
Nintendo's next gen started last year.
Sony's next gen will start this year.
MicroSoft's next gen will start when ever MicroSoft releases the successor to the Xbox 360.
And after all these successors releases, they will all be current gen.
MadMen  +   1075d ago
A statement from SONY that they ended up eating LOL

Next gen will start when the first system of true NEXT gen launches So Nov will end the cycle. Which means

Wii 1st
Xbox 2nd
PS3 3rd

Sorry WiiU your a lamer.
DarkZane  +   1075d ago
Axtually, the ranking would be :

1st: Wii
2nd: PS3
3rd: 360

The PS3 already passed the 360 in sales, so Microsoft lose once again.
Twinzclipz  +   1075d ago

1.Wii (99.38Millions)
2.PS3 (70 million (International Data corporation January 2013 estimate: "about 77 million")
3.Xbox 360 (75.9 Million)
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whoyouwit04  +   1075d ago
Sony has not pass Microsoft in sales, what did Trenton say we sold as many as them PROBABLY more
now why would he say it like that? because he knew he could not come out and lie and say we have out sold them. if they actually out sold the 360 there wouldn't be a probably in it.
hellvaguy  +   1075d ago
But did MS really lose in terms of profits? I mean charging $15/month online and usually selling the most multiplatform copies, you know they made way more money than the other two.

That plus they are in a good position keep supporting the 360 after the 720 comes out, because both are x86 processors. I personally will have a tough time getting back out of pc gaming now, but I do love that Sony teamed up with Steam since I have a lot of games on their already.
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ALLWRONG  +   1075d ago
If the PS3 actually passed the 360 in sales Sony would be boasting and not saying things like "maybe" or "probably".
EbeneezerGoode  +   1075d ago
Factor in many people bought duplicate systems (2 xbox 360s) to replace DEAD RROD ONES!!! This BEFORE the warranty/repair thing. I know a few people who saw no problem rewarding MS shoddy build quality by going out and buying ANOTHER 360 to replace their dead one... that includes later on when the cooler running chip set versions were released.

360 sales figures are inflated from that alone, fact, and nobody can differentiate what was unique sales vs 2nd/3rd console buyers due to RROD.

I had a 360 in 2006 and it died - ANA chip as well as GPU, ANA wasn't covered by ANY warranty at the time and it was too costly too justify a repair (that as we all knew wouldn't last anyway) so I had NO choice but to throw my £400 console in the bin! I then bought a PS3 as did a few RROD people I know, but some idiots bought ANOTHER 360 and it died again (and again).

PS3 definitely 'won' this gen, by matching (in reality surpassing) sales AND by having easily the most impressive, best looking exclusives and gamer centric ethos (and free online).
classic200  +   1075d ago
Switch xbox to third and your accurate. Unless your talking about america.
Ashunderfire86  +   1075d ago
Valve say hello Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo. I like you to meet the Pandora Box, our Steam Box!
Loki86  +   1075d ago
If you ever need proof that this site is biased, look no further than this topic. You know nothing about the Next Xbox beyond what random "sources" are telling you. So sad.

On topic, I hope MS can step to the plate because if not I am going to forced to get a PS4 first.
#15 (Edited 1075d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
classic200  +   1075d ago
Yea and yet you stated you will have to get a PS4 in your sentence because deep down you kinda understand why gamers are always poking fun at microsoft.

You yourself in that statement shows why so many people are loving sony and hating on microsoft, I doubt people poke fun at microsoft because they are microsoft. The do it because they are not afraid to jump out and talk about flaws.
Loki86  +   1075d ago
No because in my statement I am giving Microsoft a chance unlike so many sheep on this site. You yourself just decided to troll my post because of your obvious hatred for a product that you have yet to even see. Also, notice that I said first, meaning I plan on picking up both eventually because I want to enjoy all forms of entertainment. So no the difference between me and you is the fact that I am open to all choices and I will pick the one that best fits my needs.
#15.1.1 (Edited 1075d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(3) | Report
inFAMOUS_KRATOS  +   1075d ago
yuh because microsoft is flawless, if the rrod happen to sony, the enite american media would eat them up.

i gave them a chance in 2008 wth a brand new 360 to try out forza, guess what? it lasted less then a 3 months. im done.

EbeneezerGoode  +   1075d ago
*IF* NextBox blows PS4 away on spec, capability, EXCLUSIVE GAMES AND build Quality - then they will have my money (though I'll still buy a PS4 for the exclusives that I MUST play :) )

The problem is many of us got burned by them last gen with the whole RROD thing and they now have a LOT to prove that they won't knowingly release sub standard hardware on gamers just to beat Sony to the punch.

I won't rush in to a nextbox sale because of what they did last gen (and the money i lost on them), but PS4 is a no brainer... much better build quality from the off.
#15.2 (Edited 1075d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
WitWolfy  +   1075d ago
Couldn't of said it better myself!
Ashunderfire86  +   1075d ago
Yet we know so much about the PS4, thanks to the many rumors on here that were actually true. Plus PS4 was one of the worst kept secret, because everybody know it was going to be announced. What makes you think we don't know about the new Xbox? Heck thanks to this website we knew what the 360 look like before it was revealed. 360 the worst kept secret ever!!!
Gamer-Z  +   1075d ago
I just want MS to come out and show something already, i want to see the Nextbox!
Clarence  +   1075d ago
Jack Tretton actual statement was " I think we’re at 77 million sold right now." Never in the article did he say we sold as many as them probably more.
Nice try.

1st Wii
2nd PS3
3rd 360

Next gen starts when a real next gen console comes out. We all know the Wii u is not next gen.
M$ is waiting until April to show something because their trying to regroup after Sony dropped the bomb on the world with the annoucement of the PS4.

M$ has nothing right now. The way those talking heads @ M$ shoot their mouths off they would have showed it by now. They would love to get the jump on Sony again if they could.
#17 (Edited 1075d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
soxfan2005  +   1075d ago
Sony dropped a bomb all right. I'm sure MS was as surprised as anyone that the "future proof" PS3 had it's successor announced before the supposedly inferior 360. Why was Sony in such a rush to put out new hardware? Why couldn't they make this generation last as long for PS3 as it has for the 360?

There's just one company that needs to regroup and refocus, and it's not MS.

Your pre-emptive attacks on a console that doesn't even exist just reveals your fear and anxiety. Don't worry, you're not alone. Maybe you guys could all start a "please please please don't let the next Xbox be better than PS4" support group, because it's so obvious that's what you're thinking.
Horny  +   1075d ago
Soxfan, the ps3 will be 7 years old by the time 4 launches. New consoles normally come out 5-6 years in the past so now you're criticizing Sony for releasing one before MS because the 360 is a year older and outlasted it.
Wasn't Microsoft the one who dropped support for their previous system when the new one came out, you don't have to worry about that with Sony.
You also have to realize they are competing with nintendo. Do you really expect sony to give them a two year head start? X box actually didn't outlast the ps3 since most died from the rrod. im surePS3 will still be sold after 360 production stops.
KontryBoy706  +   1075d ago
LOL what is Microsoft going to show? Gears? Halo? Forza? Then what? They better have been creating some NEW IPs during ALLLLLLLLL these years they haven't had any games.
#18 (Edited 1075d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
headblackman  +   1075d ago
yes! it does start when Microsoft officially announces their next Xbox console, but the start never guarantees a win. its never about how someone starts, but rather how they finish. but in this case the start, middle, and finish will determine the true winner. I'm rooting for Xbox all day, but most of all I'm rooting for good, strong,hardcore, exclusive (none of that timed b.s),games for either system. oh yeah, that also includes Nintendo
PS4isKing_82  +   1075d ago
shroomguy22  +   1075d ago
The wiiu is next gen, look at the new Xeno game.. is there anything like that on the ps3?? NO!!
jessupj  +   1075d ago
PC already absolutely wipes the floor with that game though.

PS4, when it releases is still going to be behind PCs, but only by a slight amount.

The Wii U on the other hand is that far behind, you simply can't call it next gen.
Dlacy13g  +   1075d ago
I love a good chuckle when reading.
TheOneEyedHound  +   1075d ago
Next gen starts when this on ends....

Did that sound cool?
delboy  +   1075d ago
Wait and see,but if MS shows a better system, sure, why not, it would be epic if MS trolled back at Sony.
They need to fight to death, in the end it's us gamers who benefits from competition.
inFAMOUS_KRATOS  +   1075d ago
you are delusional if you think microsoft can change the spec on the entire next box just to match the playstATION®4 gddr5 8g

the entire network would shutdown and be delayed, this isnt thing of adding hardrive is recreating the entire processor.
delboy  +   1075d ago
The rumors of dd3 are over 10 months old.
But if true, they just need to change the edram, put some 256 Gb/s edram in it like on xbox360, and there goes your bandwidth advantage.
AnnihilaSEAN  +   1075d ago
The amount of so called 'gamers' stating that the WiiU is not 'Next-Gen' is somewhat worrying. Don't you people realise console generations are determined by time and not technical specifications? The WiiU might not be any more powerful than the Xbox360 or PS3 but since it succeeded the Wii (Nintendo's 7th Gen console) then it's a 'Next-Gen' console (8th Generation), thus the next generation is already under way.
WitWolfy  +   1075d ago
the thing I dont understand is if Ninty made so much money on the Wii, then why didnt they make a console equally as great as their competition?? Just doesnt make sense....
Oh_Yeah  +   1075d ago
Because Nintendo realized they could pull in big sales numbers while having the weakest hardware so they're attempting it again...For that profit.. They also recycle their game franchises a lot and don't spend much $ taking risks on new ips because a ton of people keep buying them so they'll keep recycling. Same thing Microsoft does in a different way.. They play let's see how little games we can give them and let's charge for multiplayer while we're at it...and people still buy it. Spend less money making AAA games and charge for multiplayer and still get good sales= big money . That's why I like Sony,they give so much to the gamer...they don't come up with dick head schemes. If Sony is charging for something you best believe there is proper value behind it.. Ps+ is a great example.
#26.1.1 (Edited 1075d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(0) | Report
Ashunderfire86  +   1075d ago
I gonna say this for Microsoft, show your new console like you did when you first revealed the 360. At that point Microsoft can say hey people we have proof of a console, but where is the proof of a PS4? Check out our launch line up of games: Killer Instincts, Perfect Dark 2, Kameo 2, Crimson Skies 2, Kinect Sports Next gen, Modern Warfare 4(with timed DLC Map packs), and many more unannounced games. We are coming back full force with hardcore games, but it is still better with Kinect. You know what I am saying? LOL!!!
DiRtY  +   1075d ago
The Xbox 3 will be as powerful as the PS4. Well in the 5 - 15 % range at least. Games like Killzone 4 will be easily possible on both machines.

I don't get the hate towards the next Xbox, but hey, this is N4G.

Somehow offering entertainment features is bad now. Even though that was the USP Sony tried to sell with "It only does everything"
SpinalRemains138  +   1075d ago
The next gen starts when the first baby tiger gets petted!
CPTN MITCHELL  +   1075d ago
Lmfao at the title....
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