Aliens: Colonial Marines Review | Slant Magazine

Slant Magazine: "Colonial Marines is a mind-numbing, tension-free shooter with no gravitas and thrill."

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doomtrain1852d ago

another cock-smoking crack addict takes a shot at reviewing Aliens: Colonial marines .........

Sketchy_Galore1852d ago

You joined this site 45 days ago and so far you've only posted comments that praise this game or insult reviews and reviewers that give a negative opinion of this game. Are you just THAT crazy about this game (and not at all interested in anything else going on in gaming so far this year) or is there something else going on? I mean, I don't want to sound like a conspiracy theorist but look what company we're dealing with. I don't think it's insane to wonder if you had anything to do with this game's creation.

CalvinKlein1851d ago

ALLRIGHT RANDY, or are you one of the people they pay to hype up their garbage.

doomtrain1851d ago

well either i am a gearbox employee or your all activision employees ............ or visceral...........