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PlayStation Mobile has been a bust, here are some suggestions on how to make it work

With some quality PlayStation Mobile titles making as little as $2000 the platform has certainly turned into a bust for indie developers. This article looks at ways for Sony to make PSM a healthy market for games, and gamers. (Android, Life of Pixel, PlayStation Mobile, PS Vita, sixty second shooter deluxe)

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Godchild1020  +   788d ago
I'm just one person, but I think I have only bought 3 games from PSM for my Vita. Life Of Pixel was one of them. It's not in a place that I would normally go to in the store.

Maybe Sony needs to make PSM its own app on the Vita, so it can be more visible.
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sinncross  +   788d ago
I think the article makes some good points. I think in general,

1) The service needs to be in tons of countries.
2) Easier to access on Android devices.
3) Its own section on the PS store.
4) First party games.
5) get known good mobile games on the service.
6) Trophy support... because people do enjoy these.

i know point 4 might put some people on edge since they would want Sony to have their studios making the big budget games they do, but Sony also has some smaller studios like Tarsier Games who ONLY do LBP DLC. Let them try make a small game or something to put on the service.

If Sony pushes it themselves with smaller games that their studios can potentially do on the side, then they will at least show that they support it. Also, they dont need to rely on new games... get EA to port over Dead Space and Mass Effect to the service... SE to bring over Chaos Rings... get some of those high profile iPhone games (that are also on android) and get them over.
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gokuking  +   788d ago
Sony is supporting PSM to a degree, but it's their lesser known franchises like Lemmings, Numblast, and Beats. That recent Uncharted card game is something I felt very easily could've been a PSM game.
remanutd55  +   788d ago
Trophies, i think thats all they need to add for psmobile games to become profitable.
CalvinKlein  +   788d ago
yup, I bought one game for PSM on my vita, alien breed and I wish it had trophies. Then they released a vita version with trophies for 2x the price. Playstation mobile is supposed to get trophies sometime they said.
Greenmanboy  +   788d ago
Agreed trophies.
also only 9 countries have psmobile. pretty sure there's more than 9 countries in the world
Megaton  +   788d ago
I didn't even know this was a thing. I remember seeing something about it a couple years ago, and that was it.
Temporary  +   788d ago
Same. Ive never once seen an ad for PS Mobile devices or PS Mobile games. And Im a huge Sony fan...so there's a disconnect somewhere there.
Rockefellow  +   788d ago
How did a blogspot ever get approved? This should have been banned instantly.
Soldierone  +   788d ago
I always check it, but its lack of updates reminds me of the Zune. It would get maybe an app a month, and it sucked.

I check PS Mobile, and the apps are not even there. Youtube, netflix, facebook, etc are all listed in the main store.... they should be under apps in PS Mobile.

I'd buy the games if they had trophy support in a heat beat.
Pintheshadows  +   788d ago
Hehe, 'a heat beat' sounds dirty.
freezola75  +   788d ago
Trophy support would be nice.

I hope that you guys have been taking advantage of the free PSM game they give away every Wednesday tho.. I'm not sure how long that's gonna last.

So far I have Samurai Beatdown and OMG Zombies.. decent games.

What makes the PSM a bust tho?

But on an unrelated note, I'd sure like to see a Temple Run 1 & 2 on the Vita... Peace
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r21  +   788d ago
Make it available in other countries. My Singapore store doesnt even have PSM :L
Where's Gribble? I told him Ps Mobile and Wonder Book would flop hard and he laughed at me. Gribbs!! Where you at??
joeorc  +   788d ago
"I told him Ps Mobile and Wonder Book would flop hard and he laughed at me"

and people are still laughing @ you, why because a story like this is just trying to gather hit's, here is a true fact, not every d@mn game on electronic network distribution is going to be a hit, and this story blog user is trying to say that Playstation Mobile is a bust on a sample size of just a few games?

that's like saying, hey lets take a few games on android and a few select developer's with their experience on Android and iOS and cherry pick the worst selling, and most unapealing ROI, to show an entire service in Bad light. Hell anyone can do that, does that make it true? nope. So please get on with your view and carry on, that does mean what you say is true? No

it just means you have an opinion that , maybe not everyone share's. Nor think is the only outcome that is a viable opinion!

hell even some playstation gamer's share this opinion as the service is a bust just as some do not share the same view.


i mean this was said about the PSVita before it went to open release in the US:


so really nothing new with being negative heard it before and Im sure we will keep hearing it again.
and Again, and yet further Again. but yet there is a 50/50 chance in life thing's will or will not happen it does or does not happen, until Sony stop's support on Playstation Mobile or wonderbook they are not a Bust!
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