Diablo III for PS3/PS4 Will Not Support Cross-Platform Play with PC

In a post on Blizzard’s official Diablo III forum, Community Manager Vaeflare has confirmed that the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 versions of the game will not support cross-platform play with their PC counterpart.

Vaeflare also discussed the method of controlling the game for the console versions, putting to rest any hope of keyboard and mouse support. There are also no current plans for the PC version of Diablo III to support controllers either.

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DarkBlood1941d ago

ok so what about the ps4 and ps3 version will those be cross platform play with each other or seperate?

this is something thats starting to sound like i should wait till it drops in price a little bit like 40 or 30 dollars

Godchild10201941d ago (Edited 1941d ago )

My question is will there be a pass (online code) like the PC version to play this game on the PS3 or PS4.

I might get this for the PS4, but the price of the System will be the determining factor, since I have my first 3 titles I will getting for it at launch. It all comes down to, if the price of the System is 499 or less.

sithsylar1941d ago

The Real important question will be is if you can play it offline or on the server because yeah if its on the server only im out...

classic2001941d ago

An article on gameinformer just release saying it supports offline play so I guess it will be a put bluray in and play kinda experience. so far the PC gamers are calling this a slap to the face because we are not going to get drm while PC will need it to play the game.

sithsylar1941d ago

Thanks for the info Classic200 and yeah it is a slap in the face for pc gamers....

thehitman1941d ago (Edited 1941d ago )

from what i heard from d3 devs is that it will support offline co-op 4p and online as well No split-screen however so idk how they will do the 4p co-op thing w/o limiting map direction on each player by a certain radius of the cam zoom. Think they should put option of split or not think game could be decent for consoles but its sort of depressing news its not cross play with PC servers.

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Megaton1941d ago

You should skip it all together. Game sucked. Pester Runic Games to bring Torchlight 2 to PS3/4 instead.

adorie1941d ago

I'm going to have to support this comment fully.

This is coming from someone who's hit a brick wall with upgrades, on all 3 of my paragon 35+'s

sithsylar1941d ago

Yep i 100% agree 200+ hours of torchlight 2 says you are right!

Qrphe1941d ago

That'd be great news!

Rockefellow1940d ago

Source for what, Qrphe? Do you need a reading comprehension guide?

Virtual_Reality1940d ago

Diablo 3 is designed to be a console game.

I'm sure console players will enjoy a lot more D3 than PC Gamers.

Here's why:

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Persistantthug1940d ago (Edited 1940d ago )

I Think that They think that because their game(s) are so "great" & popular on PC platforms, that console players are so desperate to play their LATE, and widely reported as being "overrated" game.

I think Blizzard is in for a rude awakening.

aliengmr1940d ago

Not to mention their development cycles which are FAR too long relative to what they put out.

I really don't see 10 years of work in Diablo or Starcraft.

imtheman20131941d ago

From fans, I've heard bad things about Diablo III. Despite the general praise from critics... I don't know what to believe!! It's making the decision of whether to get this or not with a PS4 difficult.

platformmaster9181941d ago

I wouldn't unless you have a group of friends to do 4 player co-op with. It isn't that great and I liked D2 despite not being a dungeon crawler kind of guy.

Pintheshadows1941d ago

D2 was just a special, special game. D3 is slightly slipshod and a little bit of an eccentric experience.

aliengmr1940d ago

D3 is essentially the answer to what became very popular in D2. Loot. If you are looking for story, run. If you are looking for a deep RPG, run faster.

If however you want to go through the story several times just looting stuff, then D3 is for you.

Understand, D3 is far from an epic RPG. Its not bad, but its not great. Which made the "always online" crap infuriating.

Mikeyy1941d ago

That's a huge missed opportunity on blizzards part.. they should have been both able to play with each other.

We already know Sony allows this.

kevnb1941d ago

I was hoping it did, many of my friends play only on console. :(

Rageanitus1941d ago

Just get it on PC... it will be cheaper and it runs fine on low spec machines.

It's made for PC's so its meant for PC gaming.

Virtual_Reality1940d ago (Edited 1940d ago )

No, actually is meant to be a console game, here's some reasons:

madjedi1940d ago

So were sacred 2 and champions of norrath(last gen), it didn't turn them into a horrible game.

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