PlayStation 4 Release May Pressure MS to Release Xbox 720 Prematurely

With the upcoming next generation console wars seemingly already brewing up, Joseph DiGrado of RealGamerNewz takes a moment to analyze the potential moves each company is making and what they mean going forward.

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Moonman1525d ago

Sony is on top of their game! *grins in delight*

platformmaster9181525d ago

Playstation has patiently waited, but not we are ready to reclaim our top spot

Hydrolex1525d ago

Sony will always be the Ferrari in the Console business !

doesn't mean Mercedes ( Microsoft ) or Kia ( Nintendo ) suck... LOOOL

Dms20121525d ago

We? Do you realize how crazy your comment makes you look?

platformmaster9181524d ago


Also guys I was kinda joking, but seriously Sony looks to be ready for a return to leadership this gen. They made 3 big errors that would mean death for any other manufacturer last gen that they won't be repeating.

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wastedcells1525d ago Show
007Bond1525d ago

On top of their game? LOL good one

Mounce1525d ago

Isn't this what Sony did with PS3 though? I swear that's what had happened.... which was what resulted in 360 being prematurely released and the OBVIOUS hardware faultiness because Microsoft was pressured to release faster....RROD Anyone?.... It was because Microsoft felt pressured and bought it this current generation, and they paid the price of it with the worst god damn hardware flaws in gaming history with the highest failure rate.

sarshelyam1525d ago

Yeah, but you're talking about a year release head-start. No matter how early Microsoft wants to release, it's nothing considering the PS4 is launching this holiday. No way in hell Microsoft is anywhere near ready to combat that by much...if any.

Mounce1524d ago

If they can fuck even after that much time, then am sure they'll fuck something up within the 8-9 months they now have left, lol.

I'd rather wait and see on Microsofts end at their launch after 1-3 months to see for one, how fast it'll get hacked and secondly, how long before a new form of 'RROD' comes about for their new console. Then I shall find a group of like-minded people to laugh with!

PoSTedUP1524d ago

sony needs to play their cards right this time around, maybe They are forcing themselves onto the market forcing MS onto the market... lol

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StrongMan1525d ago ShowReplies(1)
DarkBlood1525d ago

hope not, wouldnt want to wait too long after i get the ps4 first otherwise steambox will be my next big purchase next while i wait for this hypo 720 problem to resolve itself

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1525d ago

Always make the first move. If you make the first move then you set the flow of combat. You should always be acting and never reacting. Says Batman anyway..... and no one argues with Batman.

NegativeCreep4271525d ago (Edited 1525d ago )

But Chuck doesnt have his own credit card.

KwietStorm1525d ago

Batman would beat the hype out of Chuck Norris. Right after Bruce Lee.

NegativeCreep4271525d ago (Edited 1525d ago )

Hey man, if the Durango comes, it's never early; its RIIIGHT ON TIIIIIME!

Props to Dave Chappelle.

MasterCornholio1525d ago

Well if its going to be a retard you can always have an xbortion

LOL i kid

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The story is too old to be commented.