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Sony Asked Ubisoft What They Wanted From PS4. Ubisoft Said Make It More Like PCs And Phones.

Kotaku - Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot likes the PlayStation 4. Otherwise he wouldn't have showed up at Sony's big PlayStation 4 event last week, right?

He likes the PS4 in part because it's, well, a little less like a console and a little more like some of those other machines you might play games on: the computer and the phone. It's more of a connected machine, letting you capture and share video, network with friends, access the device and maybe some of its games from other devices like phones and tablets, etc. Ubisoft are fans of this kind of thing. (PS4, Sony, Ubisoft)

DaThreats  +   791d ago
PS4 is a PC phone.
HammadTheBeast  +   791d ago
I get the feeling Kotaku is trying really hard to put in some subliminal trolling...
classic200  +   791d ago
HAHA its one powerful PC phone.
Crazyglues  +   791d ago
Well they can't say SONY didn't listen to developers this time around...

I remember the guys at Epic were saying they need to have at least 8 GB of memory so they can do the things Gamers would want from next gen..

-And they said they would have to step up the specs if they wanted it to run Unreal-4 engine...

So when I saw it running Unreal 4 engine on the dev kit at the Feb 20th presentation, then I got really excited because that means they went all out and made the systems the fans would want...

It's going to be Awesome.. Can't wait to start playing games on PS4..

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Number-Nine  +   791d ago
Ubisoft and square enix should merge. The company will be called....

Tsar4ever  +   791d ago
More like UbiSqaure....nyuk, nyuk.
Corax  +   791d ago
Quiet you. *eye poke*
HexxedAvenger  +   791d ago
LoL nice
Crazyglues  +   791d ago
Why not Softsquare...? LoL
Reverent  +   791d ago
Number-Nine calling their merged company "Squaresoft" is funny because that's what Square was back when they were actually awesome.

Any other combination of the word just isn't funny guys...
krepler  +   791d ago
Nice one #9... These guys are probably too young to catch that!
nypifisel  +   791d ago
I think that reference went over the heads of some of your commentators -_-
Lifebanisher  +   791d ago
Why are you guys leaving out enix? it should be called
Squre U Enix.
MacDonagh  +   791d ago
Ubisoft's actions have been irrational of late. Here's some quotes.

"We want social, we want all the things that exist on PC to be possible on a console. We want the mobile capacities to play short-term and to play from anywhere you want."


"Actually you need both, because, in our world. the fact that you can be immersed in new worlds with NPCs who can be emotional will help you to get into those worlds and be immersed."

Why? Are you pushing for an app that can be used in tandem with a game like say Watch Dogs? Will the "Director Mode" be used or any other social features in any capacity that the PS4 presents?

"The other part that has been growing fast has been all the social—all the connections—the fact that you can update your content very quickly...all of those things [are things] we wanted them to bring in. We really pushed for them to make those things happen, because we think it's the two combined that will make this generation a good generation."

Typical. It's a nothing article, based on vague CEO prattle that leaves more questions than answers. Some things can be surmised from the double-talk but I rather would like some people to be more straight-forward when it comes to the plans that they may have for the PS4 rather than engage in verbal foreplay.
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StrongMan  +   791d ago
Sony listens to developers and gamers.
ame22  +   791d ago
Seriously just ban this site already.
rainslacker  +   791d ago
Remember when game machines were made to get away from the complexities of PC and make everything easy on the consumer to just sit down and play games? I do, and if I wanted all the PC or phone stuff I would get one of those. Rather, I already do have both of those, which already offer all that stuff, yet for some reason I still prefer consoles...maybe because they're simple...or at least used to be.

Sometime I wonder if publishers and console makers realize that by making their systems more like PC's, it gives less incentive to actually pick one up. PC's(or phones) are much more ubiquitous than game machines, so they are kind of making it pointless in picking up a second device to do that same thing.

I don't really mind all the extra stuff, but keep it simple at least, and stop trying to be something else.

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