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David Cage Talks About The Perfect Future Of Gaming

GI:We sat down with Quantic Dream founder David Cage (Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls) to discuss the game industry’s Peter Pan syndrome, the technological limitations facing creators, and the parallels between the evolution of the film and game industries. (Culture, David Cage)

RememberThe357  +   823d ago
David Cage is an idea man and I love his damn ideas. I love the idea of the industry maturing. We're seeing more and more games try to take on touchy subjects but they have to do in such adolescent ways that the impact isn't always there.

Cage, the guy who did Braid, Kojima, there are some well known and successful creators that don't just want to make fun games, they want to make fun games with a purpose. I like that, we'll get a few games that are preachy and take themselves too seriously but I think it's going to be a great era in games when these creators get a chance to just explore interactive entertainment and how they can pull at our heartstrings and get us to see so much more than a Movie or TV show can. I think Heavy Rain was an ice cube on the tip of the ice berg.
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StrongMan  +   823d ago
David Cage has spoken.
miyamoto  +   823d ago
i hope there will be a video game about all sorts of stuff aside from shooters and platformers

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