Pillow Talk: Everything You Need To Know About The PS4 Press Conference

Catrina Dennis's sweet pillow talk provides everything you need to know about Sony's PS4 Press Conference.

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mushroomwig1910d ago

Considering this girl does this for a living she's not really up to date on the news. Yes, you can play used games on the PS4..keep up.

YoureINMYWay851910d ago (Edited 1910d ago )

I dont remember sony saying that at the press Conference? Site your source? Please :)

classic2001910d ago

I am a source and it plays used games, I got it from the same source he got the info from. We dont need to prove nothing to you because we are sure of what we are saying.

Persistantthug1910d ago (Edited 1910d ago )

I'm on my mobile browser at the moment, so you're gonna have to google it yourself. I'm sure you can find it pretty easily there though.

Cupid_Viper_31910d ago

"Tonight on Pillow Talk, we'll be talking about the PS4 Launch!"

Well there's your first problem, there was no PS4 launch. It was an "announcement"

GribbleGrunger1910d ago (Edited 1910d ago )

Something tells me that if her friends buy one and Sony make it cool to own a PS4, that this cynic will buy one even if it's absolutely terrible.

edit: But you didn't reflect the views of anything other than the cynics that for some very odd reason thought the conference was boring. Yes, you could argue that we have different tastes, but the sheer number of differences between what I saw and what my friends are all raving about and what you say in this video, is so drastically different that I can't help but feel you just said what you thought you were expected to say.

For instance, this sudden urge for repeating 'the PS4 wasn't actually shown' as if it in some way it makes you connect immediately to your readers because that's the meme of the moment, is leaving me dumbfounded. I didn't give a damn about what it looked like, I saw what it could do (in less that 4GB of fast ram and a lower spec dev kit)

ohcatrina1910d ago

I daresay we're all very cautious about the PS4, and that I'll probably end up buying one later in Spring 2014 unless it actually end sup being a toaster. I love my PS3 now, but who did when it came out?

This was my critique on the /conference/, not the PS4. Given that we haven't even seen the console, I think jumping the gun and critiquing the machine itself isn't exactly the smartest thing for anyone to do a the moment, don't you?

Thanks for the feedback though. :)

ohcatrina1910d ago

Sorry about that! We filmed this shortly after the conference and, from what I saw, backwards compatibility was just barely grazed upon and very vague. So I tried not to confirm nor deny it. :)

PeaSFor1910d ago

your video is cringeworthy

Knight_Crawler1910d ago (Edited 1910d ago )

@Catrina - Good show! Dont worry about the disagrees and negative comments on N4G - this place is infested with PS loyalist who will crucify you for saying anything negative about the almighty Playstation brand.

Will subscribe to your channel on Youtube.

Edit: Also you are very sexy ;)

classic2001910d ago

Your only saying that because your on the opposite side.

YoureINMYWay851910d ago

The first thing I remember are my friends bitching about no backwards compatibility, and no PSN transfers...

YoureINMYWay851910d ago


At the time Backwards Compatibility was NOT CONFIRMED! BOO YA!

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The story is too old to be commented.