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GameArena: Tomb Raider review

Tomb Raider is an outright classic game franchise. From dubious beginnings by way of oversized polygonal chests, it presented a comfortable balance between challenging puzzles and visceral violence. After getting lost in the forest the franchise now comes full circle - this younger Lara is arguably a more mature representation of the character and rightfully reclaims her place among gaming's mot iconic characters. (PC, PS3, Tomb Raider, Xbox 360) 9/10

Ares84HU  +   515d ago
Wow, so many 9-9.5 scores for the new TR. I guess we will see this week if these are true or not. I'm a huge TR fan so my expectations are high especially because of all these review scores.
ko-zee-ii  +   515d ago
I was a huge fan of the franchise's earlier iterations, but more recent attempts had lost their way. This is a really gritty, brutal and exceptionally dark origin with shades of The Descent. I don't think this will only appeal to Lara Croft fans, but to any action genre enthusiasts. You won't be disappointed dude. Believe the hype.

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