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MMGN: Welcome back, Lara. The survivalist hero we always wanted you to be. Tomb Raider is a resounding success and one of the best reboots this generation. It starts off slow, but once it hits its stride, Tomb Raider evolves into an emotionally rich adrenaline-fuelled quest for survival. The combat is engaging, the story is entertaining and the new Lara really is a Croft.

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Raider691944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

A great reboot of an icon franchise!This is the kind of games gamers need with substance.

NeXXXuS1944d ago

I'm happy to see that it's doing very well, and I'm VERY happy to see that they didn't do the same thing that ninja theory did to DmC.

LessThan2Tflops1944d ago

These are goty scores, great job cd