What are Microsoft's First-Party Studios Up To?

IGN - Something next-gen is afoot. We snoop around and try to figure out what each of Microsoft's own internal development studios are making.

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Mikefizzled1880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

Black Tusk could be key for Microsoft winning some credibility back next gen. Hopefully the 2nd team at 343 are making Halo Wars 2 since the first was a solid console RTS.

FarCryLover1821880d ago

I heard that they might be making a Halo MMO or something along that sort.

user39158001880d ago

Well Killer INSTINCT 3, illumiroom its good enough for us core gamers and the 4 new ips releasing with console as stated by MS. kinnect exercising games lol... for the ladies and casuals.

Pre ordering pizza for the reveal.

1880d ago
MikeMyers1880d ago

"What are Microsoft's First-Party Studios Up To?"

Hopefully new ip's and not making different soles for the bottom of the shoes for our Avatars. A new Halo Wars would be cool, I like the last one but I want to see a lot of focus on new ip's that are hardcore games.

Mikefizzled1880d ago

Well there is reports that there is a number of new ips whether or not they are true is remaining to be seen but I have higher hopes then I did earlier this gen.

EverydayGuy1879d ago

Well I heard they are making an app for Kinect, the camera can scan your body, and you can try on clothes for free before buying it. JK

I hope they go back the the original XBOX days and release a bunch of real exclusives that you can't play anywhere else.

Aceman181880d ago

well hopefully they show me games other than Halo, Gears, Forza, and Fable.

they need to show me that they can get the variety i look for in my exclusives. it they do this, and not shove kinect casual crap down my throat then they might get my hard earned money.

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maniacmayhem1880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

I would rather MS hit us with a surprise launch of a superior Crackdown 3 or a bad a$% Perfect Dark. Save those other established titles for later in the consoles life.

And I agree with Mike above, a Halo Wars 2 would be great to see. Take a chance on making RTS's popular on consoles. Maybe change it up a bit to play like DOTA or LoL.

the_hitman30001880d ago

I know where you're coming from with wanting those other titles but lets face it a early Halo game will sell the system. I may not be an Xbox gamer but I'm curios to see if there first party line up will be better then the 360's

josephayal1880d ago

I trust in 343 and can't wait to see what a next gen Halo will look like

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

Epic is first party??

I think it sucks that MS opened a new studio to make a FPS. As if there are not enough of them.

But I understand xbox games tend to like shooter more than any other console platform. Also I like the name black tusk.

Poor list though. It really shows were MS's focus has been. I think they open some new studios few months back.

whoyouwit041880d ago

"I think it sucks that MS opened a new studio to make a FPS. As if there are not enough of them." Really.

xbox gamers love FPS the most, That's funny coming from a sony fan because the one ps4 game you all hyped up the most is kill zone 4. What that be? Me thinks it's a FPS boss, can you say double standard.and how can it be a poor list when it's a assumption.

Kalowest1880d ago

343 Industries isn't working on Halo 5 at the moment, but it is a game set in the Halo universe.

Turn 10 are busy making Forza Motorsport 5, but PG5 is most likely going to be shown at E3.

Rare, Alot of ppl hate them now and thats not going to change for awhile. IMO Rare has been MS bread and butter.

Black Tusk are actually working on 4 new IPs

Microsoft Studios LA needs to make "Xbox TV" similar to TechTV and hire Adam Sessler.

Lift London seems like a good company and hopefully they'll use Xbox Smartglass to its fullest.

Microsoft KALE are working on "Kinect TV". Is it wrong to be 21 and want to play a Sesame Street Kinect game.

MS most likely has other new IPs, that haven't been announced yet.

SJPFTW1880d ago

They are working on Halo 5. 4 was a start of a trilogy. The job posting was for a game set in the "Halo Universe"... no where in the wording hints that it is NOT Halo 5.

whoyouwit041880d ago

you are wrong they had a job post a few months back and it exact words were they were making a game set in the halo universe that is not a sequel or part of the main line, besides it's a two team studio do you really think 2 teams are working on one game. If that's the case then naughty dog a 2 team studio are using both teams to work on the Last Of Us, But we know that's not true just we know both teams at 343 aren't working on Halo 5, This second team was working on halo anniversary why the main team worked on halo 4.

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