PS4: Is it me or do these games not look next-gen?

SchollA from Console ControllUs pronounced console-control-us writes:
Before I officially start this article I would like to say I thought it was funny and actually liked the way Sony started the conference; talking about the PS Vita as if they weren’t going to announce the PS4, good one Sony!

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Abash1883d ago

It's just you. Please get your eyes checked

konnerbllb1883d ago

I'm in no way trolling but I agree with him. It looks slightly better than the best of this gen and that's not a bad thing.

It's a great thing! It means there is room to grow, there is time for optimization and improvement. Pull up youtube and look at CoD2 gameplay footage. Everyone was blown away by the graphics and physics. Compared to the games of today or even the current CoD games it looks weak.

I'm excited to see what next gen games are like 2 years post launch. This is when Devs apply everything they learned and built from their first game to their second game and further improve it.

pandaboy1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

I honestly couldn't tell the difference. I think that GT5 looks better than Drive Club at the moment and Killzone was too blurry to make out any detail. Also, there were no textures on the character models. A very weird looking game.

Deputydon1883d ago

I would say from a simple FPS perspective, I would agree. But look at the SCALE of the world being rendered in KZSF. The Draw distance is incredible when compared to a PS3/Xbox 360 game. The lighting is also a huge step up. KZSF simply could not be done on the current generation of consoles without having buildings popping up in the distance and terrible lighting effects.

I just really, really, really, hope that GG doesn't end up adding the typical Killzone 2/3 color filter to the final product.

classic2001883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

I think you were looking for avatar graphics and got disappointed.

Also you will see better looking games over time, to be honest I think the leap is not about graphics but how powerful the memory is.

The 8gig of gddr5 will benefits us in having bigger world, more detail environment not seen in any games. Also no more load times and more intelligent AI.

classic2001883d ago

To be honest though if the panta rhei demo is real which I think it is, then this is a huge freaking leap. Sony is holding back if on graphics if the panta rhei is not capcom lying.

Ares84HU1883d ago

Let's wait for some gameplay and some HD footage of these games.

I can tell from what they showed that these games are MUCH larger and look a LOT better than anything current gen. If you can't than maybe your expectations were way to high and was dissapointed but my expectations were exceeded with what Sony showed. Just look at the lighting and the detail and scale of these games.

But as I said, let's wait for some HD videos and everyone will see the difference as clear as day.

WarThunder1883d ago

PEOPLE STOP posting and visiting flamebite game console bashing articles....

They are looking for hits.

Larry L1883d ago

So graphics WAY better than Killzone 2/3.....and btw, 2/3 do some AMAZING things graphically with real time particles, physics, A.I., and animations....with no install I might in full 1080p.....which is not possible on current gen tech, and that's not "next-gen"?

And that's on old PS4 specs. Even developers didn't know PS4 was going to have 8Gb of RAM. At the most it was made with 4Gb of RAM specs, and rumor has it, it was developed on a 2Gb of RAM dev kit. So.......I don't know about judging games and a system based on the very first in-game footage ever released for the thing. This Killzone 4 footage is "launch game" material we're talking about here, which we KNOW isn't optimized for the hardware.

And the same can be said for all the PS4 launch [window] games that will also be PS3/360 games like Destiny, GTA5, Watch Dogs, Project Cars (not confirmed for PS4 yet, but it's already a graphically scaled down game for 360 and PS3, I'm sure there will be a PS4 version scaled up graphically that will launch with every other version), and all the other games we don't know about yet. These are games that fundamentally have to be able to run on PS3 and 360, so even though the PS4/720 versions will have a WAY nicer coat of paint.....we can't judge the hardware by these games.

Like you said, it's not going to be like year 2+ when we'll really start to see the real hardware every console's not like I'm stating a revelation by stating this.

PS3 and 360 have HUGE install

guitarded771883d ago

If we look at the earliest games of this gen, there are some that looked amazing, but most didn't look like much of a change texture wise. I think Killzone looked incredible, and Watch Dogs and inFAMOUS look really good. As we get more generations, we will not notice the same changes we have in the past. Textures will get better, and polygon count will increase, but there comes a point where the differences are negligible to the eye as poly counts grow exponentially. The greatest leap next gen is going to be how well the games run. They will look better, but they SHOULD run much better with smoother frame rate, and 1080 standard.

TheGamerDood1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

from the eurogamer article.

"Last week's visually compromised live-stream and the Facebook gameplay upload don't really do justice to the scale of the visual achievement, but luckily we have access to alternative assets that completely eliminate the macroblocking blur and reveal the full extent of the new Killzone's splendour. A full HD trailer encoded in Apple's ProRes format grants us the opportunity to pore over the game's finer details at a quality level akin to the software running right in front of us. So with this resource available, it's relatively straightforward to build up a picture of Guerrilla Games' vision of what we should expect from next-gen PlayStation hardware - and 1080p is clearly the focus."

camel_toad1883d ago

As someone who was disappointed with the small jump from xbox/ps2 to 360/ps3 I can say that the jump from ps3 to ps4 actually blows my mind - assuming capcom and square can pull off what they showed. Killzone (and I'm not a Killzone fan) also blew me away with the details in the draw distance.

Shadow Flare1883d ago

When I look at this it reminds me off watching a movie in the cinema, something like minority report or iRobot, when they have futuristic landscapes. It could easily pass for a movie in the cinema. But to think that's real time? That's a game we can now play, that's how good the graphics have got? Mind blowing. It can't be done on current gen consoles.

And wasn't Killzone using 1.5gb VRAM? For an unfinished game, not using the full power available of the ps4, and this early in the consoles life, it looks exceptional.

Think of the leap from resistance 1 to the last of us. We haven't seen anything yet from ps4

Virtual_Reality1883d ago

''I think that GT5 looks better than Drive Club at the moment and Killzone was too blurry to make out any detail''


kreate1883d ago

They did show a tech demo of what could be done on the ps4?

GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

i totally agree

disagrees are from fanboys that only read your first sentance

cod3 compared to stuff like the last of us proves your point, room to grow

Ju1883d ago

The insanity on n4g and the internetz has no end. Really?

Saigon1883d ago


Great comment because in reality, this is something that has been missing from games. The graphics are improved from the current Gen, but not by much...but of course we will have to wait until devs get use to the new architect to really judge.

Either way, I wanted to say that I am more interested with devs fixing or I should say improving game physics as well as AI and other features within video games...People may not like me saying this, but this current gen of games were a mess, meaning that some games couldn't pull together proper environments and some games had many load issues on simple environments. I just hope this next generation helps fix these problems.

3-4-51883d ago

in 06-07 games didn't look much better on 360 compared to xbox

give it time

chaos-lockheart1883d ago

cause your watching a video

morganfell1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )


Anytime you show up in any Sony article you should be flagged for trolling. Why you ask? Just look at your post history. Certified, 100% Grade A Sony trolling every time.

No wonder your ignore to follow rate is 17 - zip.

In fact, there are almost no posts at all from you that aren't trolling on the PS3 or PS4, or Sony in some manner. This second, or third account was obviously created for trolling.

That's a pretty sad. All of that time spent because of jealousy and rage. Hurts doesn't it, knowing Sony and it's products dictate what you do with your free time. You don't support them but they own you all the same because Sony determines how you spend your life.

ape0071883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

i agree with you 100%, yeah gaming reached a level where they look extremely impressive, all we need now is great games, not mediocre games with fancy gfx cough RESI 6 Cough

bobtheimpaler1883d ago


Killzone 2 and killzone 3 are set on a brutal planet for which the helghast were given the shaft. Helghan is supposed to look bleak and harsh. Helghan is a militaristic regime with a soldiers first mentality. Kind of like North Korea.

Shadow Fall is set on Vekta which is pretty similar to earth. Hence the differences.

DOMination-1883d ago

Personally i thought Killzone was impressive. The thing thatwargues me though is that the gameplay didn't look next gen. Its just looked like another action shooter.

I do not wish to single Sony out. But so far I've only seen substantial footage of one other next gen game. Watch Dogs i feel has a lot of buzz because there are some fresh ideas in there.

FamilyGuy1883d ago

The Deep Down tech demo part where the guy passes the torch blows everything from this gen out the water. I personally think the dragon fight was bs though, it looks like there's a video playing of a dragon in the background rather than them really being in the same room. The facial animations and torch scene were great though.


info obviously needed for some people - when watching videos on youtube make sure you select the HD setting and watch on a HD monitor

MariaHelFutura1883d ago

Go look at some ps3/360 launch games and get back to me. Launch games are never that that impressive, it's the 2nd wave of games where things get going for a console.

ElectricKaibutsu1883d ago

All I know is that PS4 graphics in 5 years will blow these launch games away. It doesn't matter that some people were impressed with the footage so far and others weren't.

SilentNegotiator1883d ago

Article reported as lame. Complete joke to even suggest it with Killzone running at a high res, high AA, high details, etc.

Kurt Russell1883d ago

I thought the same thing when I saw early games on PS3 and 360. I was wrong, over time these consoles ame into their own.

UnholyLight1883d ago

Not sure all the dislikes, maybe because you said CoD 2 and that was an Xbox 360 exclusive but it's true. I remember the first day I saw a demo kit and played that game. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen at the time and I begged my parents a couple months to buy me one hahaha. Even CoD has progressed a lot since CoD 2...I have been playing CoD 2 a lot the last couple days and it is true, the game is not as pretty as new games are.

BUT, surprisingly in some ways that game looks better than other CoD shooters because the details in the soldiers helmets and the way they shine is really cool. Not to mention every person that gets killed in online play has their body left on the ground where they have been killed.

That's something that should be put in every FPS game come next gen and the power should be there to be able to do that even with a 64 player match in say Battlefield 4. Just a cool detail that for some reason is missing in games today

snipes1011883d ago

Who the hell cares about graphics when these games are doing nothing to advance games on a game play level? The new Killzone looks like it plays identically to 2 and 3. Show me more than what you can do to make a game prettier. Then, I'll be impressed.

Gameplay > Graphics - I don't care what anyone says.

fsfsxii1883d ago

Umm, did you expect a first game of a new generation to be impressive???
They need years to maximize a system's potential, although it might be quicker this gen than the PS3 because PS4 is easier to code on than the ps3

negative1883d ago


Say anything anti-Sony and prepare to feel the wrath of the fanboy community!!!


profgerbik1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

I would honestly wait for brand new IP's to judge the thing. I am not going to judge games that want to stay withing the same artistic style because they are already built franchises.

Either way the effects and added detail was very apparent for many of the games, especially to me with the Square Enix demo, the fire on the shield just that entire scene screamed next gen console.

Many things I saw just cannot be done on current generation consoles. So that is next gen enough for me.

jjb19811883d ago

I think this guy has glaucoma... Anyway, you can't expect this next-console to blow your mind and remain at a proper price point. These games look awesome and not only are the graphics next-gen, so are the features!

sticky doja1883d ago

@camel_toad You weren't impressed with the jump from 480p to 720/1080p but are amazed at the difference from PS3 to PS4 so far?

I want to watch the same videos you have been watching. Could you send me some links?

linkenski1882d ago

Killzone 3 did indeed look very similar, however that backdrop had some incredible detail and draw distance! Also did any of you guys see Deep Down? That looked like current gen FMV stuff, and though it didn't seem to be ingame, it was DEFINITELY in engine running on the PS4 in real time!

Timesplitter141882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

I agree with you konner.

There is one thing, however, that is incredible about the PS4 and that not many people seem to have noticed. If you look closely at the explosions in Killzone 4, and the little energy tornado thing in the infamous trailer, you'll notice they're not mere particles like in current-gen games. They're actually real-time fluid simulations.

That means the PS4 can simulate real 3D smoke, fire, liquids, etc.... at interactive frame rates, which would've been UNTHINKABLE on the PS3. We've also seen a lot of real-time reflexions at the beginning of the KZ4 video. THat too would've been impossible on the PS3.

This, I think, is because the PS4's GPU can make use of GPGPU languages like OpenCL (not to be confused with OpenGL). This basically allows programs to use the outstanding power of GPUs for computing purposes (doing the processor's job).

Another thing te PS4 will undoubtedly allow is tesselation shaders, which, for example, would allow things like this to be made without making the GPU explode :

Dee_911882d ago

Next gen gameplay looks like current gen cgi..
So I can see why some would think that current gen looks as good because they were fooled by bullshots and cgi.

starchild1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

If you can't see the very big difference between current gen games and the games shown for PS4 then you are likely to be disappointed with gaming graphics from here on, as you are probably one of those unperceptive people who don't notice details.

You know what I mean, the kind of person that says dvd looks just as good as blu-ray, for example. I have a lot of disdain for people like that because they hold back progress. Why bother making better looking games if these kinds of people can't even tell the difference? Sad.

I'm a PC gamer and while I know the PC will continue to offer the best graphics overall, I was still very impressed with what Sony showed. It is a huge leap in graphical quality and I am excited by it.

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Knight_Crawler1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

Well when you compare the Samaritan demo to the Killzone demo then you can see why the person who wrote this article would think that

Or when you compare this to anything that was shown at the PS4 conference then I see the articles point.

I think we were expecting too much from next gen consoles and that's why we were disappointed on what Sony showed.

Edit @ DATCU - Notice I said from next gen consoles, the 720 wont be that much different from the PS4 so my comment applies to all consoles in general.

Me and many people were expecting to be left with our jaws on the ground but from what was shown was not even better than Crysis 3 on PC.

konnerbllb1883d ago

The Samaritan demo was next gen. Killzone was not. Even the developer admitted it was unoptimized and used less than 2gb or ram.

WarThunder1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

"we" were disappointed on what Sony showed.
Who is "we" u mean u as a 360 fanboy (sorry mate but u are a fanboy you past posts speak for themselves)

Have u ever seen early PS2 games compared to late Ps1 games? there was no big leap. after 2 years you could start seeing the difference.

specialguest1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

Everything shown so far even the KZ presentation has not matched the Samaritan demo. The Samaritan demo was a striking vision of an ideal next-gen fantasy. However, i believe it could be achieved years down the line though.

darthseth241883d ago

Samaritan demo this samaritan demo that.Show me someone actually playing the samaritan demo killzone was actually being played.Until I see real gameplay it's nothing more than a cgi demo.

1nsaint1883d ago

Graphics today are already pretty good, but how this guy cant tell a difference.. Idk.

Just look at the reflections on the buildings in the killzone gameplay, in such big an open environment. I dont see any current gen game (on console) pulling that off.

Also the samaritan demo was run in real-time, not just some mpeg clip..

The thing i want though, is that games are running in native 1080p.
Havent heard anything about that from sony but i think its safe to say they will right?

Also lol at everyone replying always to the first comment, N4G needs to change that shit, everyone is just abusing the reply system so there comments get higher up :P

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aceitman1883d ago

I am disturbed by anyone who is judging demos that are in early stages.they are in pre-alpha stage,just wait till they will put more ram and the icing on the cake. u are not a hard core gamer if u don't know about this , and shouldn't be writing articles like this . oh by the way its you period .

Sony3601883d ago

You're disturbed by someone judging a demo that was designed solely to show something off?

What exactly about that disturbs you?

Moonman1883d ago

Glad I have 20/20 vision!!!! :)

stuna11883d ago

Damn it's the WII U all over again!

LessThan2Tflops1883d ago

I'm fine with less pretty, 720p versions of the new killzone or infamous games on ps3. I haven't seen enough for me to want to spend 400-600 on another console.

I'm happy to hear watch dogs, destiny, diablo 3 are coming to ps3

Thatguy-3101883d ago

If you don't think what was shown is next gen then I wonder how you'll see the xbox reveals =/ think the writer should just stay with his pc. The jump wasn't going to be noticeable but to say that they don't look better than most current gen games is ridiculous.

Abdou231883d ago

Actually non of them made me go crazy, graphics, animations and even the ideas look like current gen games. It won't for another 2 years into the systems life cycle before we see some real next-gen games.

It's not the Playstation fault it's just devs needs time to get used to the new tech. same with every gen.

GraveLord1883d ago

The games definitely looked next-gen. If you weren't satisfied, keep in mind that developers were working with older dev kits. Once they all start working on the final silicon, that's when you PC snobs will really wet your panties.

Mounce1883d ago

Then ask him to define "What makes something Next-gen?"

Like....what can we do? NES to SNES is obvious...

SNES to N64....

But PS2 to PS3 is exactly the same as PS3 to's a Leap of visuals, so how can it just not be TEH NEXT GEN!1!1....So...

Yea, it's just him. Probably just another guy trying to kill the PS4 hype with strange personal goals and vendettas.

Scholla1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

No I actually am on the PS4 hype bandwagon lmboo thats the irony, Oh I'm getting the system! The exclusives I love are all going to be on it, not trying to kill it at all just trying to give some honest journalism (agree or disagree we need that).

In Terms of defining "Next-gen" you have to justify its existence and that could be done in a plethora of ways but for the most part, emphasis on most, everything shown looks and plays the same its like the complaints about Madden every year it comes off as a glorified update. As I explained in the article if your not going to take a big leap forward graphically at least give me GTA's open-worldness with Heavy Rain or better yet beyond:two souls Graphics.

And I disagree with the jumps you try to parallel between systems Heavenly Sword basically a launch title destroys anything made on the PS2 graphically. Uncharted early in the life cycle same thing and dont even let me talk God of War 3 which its predecessors cant hold a candle to! And MGS 4 which its predecessors cant hold a candle to - and if that wasnt enough forgetting that the PS3 ushered in the HD era C'mon!

Mounce1883d ago

If you compare Heavenly Sword to any PS2 game. I'd say, what about God of War 2? Which was at the end of the PS2 cycle and looked bloody gorgeous and was epic for a PS2 title, especially the intro-fight with the colossal statue or even at that, Shadow of the Colossus. That and if you try to make a comparison with Heavenly Sword to PS2 games....Keep in mind that Heavenly Sword was released 1 year after PS3's launch while you're currently judging games shown 8/9 months BEFORE PS4 has even been released....Keep That in mind. The visual leap will obviously continue to rise as PS4's tech remains as it is and the further in its life cycle we get. With that said? I'd also say, hold your horses until the studios behind all those titles you've mentioned, show off the game they're making on PS4. GoW3?(which its predecessors cant hold a candle to?) then wait and see what Santa Monica studios has in store for PS4 and Then compare GoW3 with what they show :)

The difference didn't have to be size or scope, just most people never tried to conquer that. That and GTA games were on PS2, the only difference with a GTA game on PS2 and GTA4 on PS3 was the resolution and the draw distance, the detail-per-distance and AA. It's what I'll say is what is Current to Next gen...

Current gen is limited draw distance(Next-gen is INCREASE draw-distance, Draw distance to increase the visual clarity and scope in our perception as we say, look at The Witness, it didn't have THE BEST visuals, but its draw distance to show the scope of the land were something that can't be done this generation except for Minecraft, which then is visually Bare. (That or Killzones' demo showacsing the city in the distance and such).

So, Draw Distance, clarity, TRUE 1080p instead of 720p, and the better availability of 30FPS or 60FPS since this generation only a rarity of games beyond XBA or PSN titles did that. Are to me, the 16 bit to 32 bit.... it's a 720p to 1080p era. And beyond that? Only time will tell how Sony's first party devs make use of the hardware, we all can just agree that they will surely make the BEST use of the hardware when the time comes, we simply have to wait.

007Bond1883d ago

You obviously never seen PC graphics, keep having fun on the lower level of graphics. :)

ALLWRONG1883d ago

It's an improvement over this gen, but it's not that impressive considering PC can do all of that now.

Hicken1882d ago

Look at you, living up to your name again.

How much would a comparable PC cost? What would the specs be?

Most importantly, who cares?

This has NOTHING to do with PC, and EVERYTHING to do with whether or not what was shown was something capable on current gen consoles.

Guess what, genius: it wasn't. Killzone wasn't something you could pull off on today's consoles, and it's only going to get better as it nears release.

I think it's amazing how you and others always try and find some way to downplay something Sony does.

nintendoland1883d ago

22 disagrees with you :/
I'm one of em

Sony3601883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

Actually, it's not just him. None of them really jumped out at me, other than the Unreal Demo, and the Final Fantasy demo which we've already seen. Perhaps it was because I wasn't there to witness it on a big HD screen.

Even Bungie's demo (Halo is a long time love of mine)is something that I wouldn't have known was next-gen, unless I had been told by someone.

It was like this last time though, we didn't see a huge graphical leap at the beginning of this generation, but eventually things just got better and better. There's no doubt that the hardware is a huge leap, now it's just a matter of devs getting to grips with it.

The PS4 will produce some fantastic looking games, there's no doubt about that, the internal workings of this machine are revolutionary, but if you think *everything* looked like a huge leap at this particular demonstration, then it's you who needs your eyes checked.

maddfoxx1883d ago

1. These games aren't finished yet. Theres a high chance they will look better upon release.

2. Development cost should be an factor. For better graphics it will take more time, money, man power, etc. to produce a game.

3. It will take developers time to get used to the new systems. Compare the graphics of Resistance: Fall of man to Resistance 3. . . or Gears of War's Graphics with GoW3.

CaptainCamper1883d ago

Jesus christ. You've got more bubbles than an underwater level in Sonic :D

Dno1883d ago

they said the same things about xbox 360 in 2005. These people just want hits and they get them with these stupid titles.

CalvinKlein1883d ago

really? I have all PS systems but people here would call me an xbox fanboy because im not a ps3 fanboy. but how could you say those dont look next generation? The wiiU is next generation if you like it or not and the ps4 will be for sure.

Those games are not even done yet and its the first games. They said killzone barley used 1.5 gbs of ram for vidoe. I thought infamous and the dragon game reallt looked like some next gen games and the multiplats as well. You will see when an AC or GTA game comes to the ps4 and next xbox that it is a pretty big leap.

Anyone saying it is only slightly better are just full of their own shit they have been eating thinking the 360 or ps3 are great. The quality of videogames will increase because the 360 and ps3 wont be holding back games.

pain777pas1883d ago

Whoever is submitting and approving this trash please stop. These opinion pieces take time to scroll past. We need game announcements, impressions from demos of games and reviews. We do not need endless and pointless opinion pieces. If you are covering the industry then do that. Get devs to trust you and report otherwise, GTFO!

edgeofsins1883d ago

I agree. People forget that the resolution is also much higher. The graphics themselves look a good bit better, not so apparent on the low quality stream though. Better graphics, higher resolution, higher frame rate, etcetera.

xtremeimport1883d ago

Are people really starting with these articles already? lol

first of all, we saw demos (which still looked incredible and very much "next gen") of launch line up games. some of which are also going to be on current gen platforms.

second, why must people look for things to pick at when there is nothing there in the first place.
Just makes you look like a whiny fanboy and its really annoying.