Building Character: Final Fantasy X – Tidus and Yuna

Oprainfall writes:

“While Valentine’s Day may have passed, the month still revolves around an ultimate love. That love which we can feel for another person, that can seemingly consume us. When we take time to reflect on our feelings and our relationships with those we love, we often ask ourselves exactly how far we would go to help this person, our love. How far we will go to take care of them, to get them exactly what they need in their time of greatest desperation? Regardless of whether or not we’re in a traditional relationship with someone, most of us would like to believe that we would take that extra step. We like to think that we would go that extra mile to help ensure that no harm would come to this person.

“The story of Final Fantasy X answers, at least in part, some of these questions for one couple in particular. The game itself holds a special place in my heart, which made it an easy choice for me to focus on for this week’s Building Character.”

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