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Next Gen is When Blu-ray Will Finally Actually Shine

The PS3′s inclusion of Blu-ray was a controversial one – it added significantly to the console’s already insane price, delayed it in Europe and came at a time when many thought that HD-DVDs would win. But at least all the games would all be 50 gigabytes of awesomeness, right?

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Community1699d ago
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ftwrthtx1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

Blu-ray sold me on the PS3. It can only benfit both the PS3 and the Xbox 720

darthv721699d ago

It doesnt magically make things better. all it does is provide space for content to be stored compressed or uncompressed.

though if you have everything in uncompressed form, it fills up faster. So that is why there is compression to begin with.

the real part that does the shining is the hardware itself that does the decompression of the content so it can be displayed on the screen.

Think of the format as a really big box. that is all it is. It can hold all sorts of stuff and depending on how well you organize the stuff, you can fit more into the box but there is a limit as to how much you can put.

Then you get another box or an even bigger box. But the same rules apply.

ProjectVulcan1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

It'll still matter, but less and less as the PS4's life continues. We are inevitably heading toward downloading most games.

It is a gradual process but much of the developed world is expect to have vastly superior internet access and speeds in 5 years.

The UK's speed is still actually rubbish compared to most of Europe but even that has made huge gains in 5 years.

It has nearly trebled in that time period and will only keep rocketing for the next 2-3 years because of big investment in the network. The UK is not alone with major high speed internet investment programs.

Bluray won't be made obsolete by downloads too soon but it is inevitable at some point that a large amount of console gamers move to download games as PC platform already has.

Personally I like physical copies of games but the demand for that method of delivery will decrease.

ftwrthtx1699d ago

Blu-ray was more important for movies when the PS3 launched.

As for storage, 1 disc versus 3 or 4 discs does make it considerably better. To say otherwise isn't being very realistic.

darthv721699d ago

It didnt take the PS3 to make blu a success like the PS2 did for DVD. People were going to move on to a better visual product anyways.

the competition between players on the market was much more prevalent than back in the dvd days. Prices of stand alone units were dropping quicker than that of the PS3.

As to the convenience of a single disc...yeah i totally agree. Like i said, bluray offered more storage space. the perception of it being better was due in part to the content not having to be compressed to fit. But movies tend to be very linear to begin with. Not a whole lot of variables to have to deal with when it comes to the core of movie.

I think many are not digesting my first comment correctly. The fact it was more space didnt make things better. The overall is the sum of its parts. the quality of the hardware and the quality of the content are what should be viewed as making the format better. Not the other way around.

Case in point, CD's offered more space than carts. So we didnt really see and advantage to that space in the games OTHER THAN higher quality music (redbook audio) and some fmv/animated cut scenes.

The core of the game itself was always the same as what could have been on a cart. The programming, code, sprites...all of which are processed by the hardware not the media it is on. The same holds true till this day.

all of what you see on screen is a result of the processing power of the platform. Not the storage medium. The disc, cart, hdd, flash drive...all of them share the same common bond and that is the storage medium to hold the code. Just in different capacities.

guitarded771699d ago

@ darthv72

Storage is one of the most important aspects of making a game, or any piece of software. The more you have, the more you can do... it's more than a trivial aspect of development.

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alexcosborn1699d ago

The format for games maybe, but not for movies.

Ares84HU1699d ago

How is it not for movies??? I'm genuinely curious

Dark_Overlord1699d ago

DVD's would struggle to cope with the bandwith required for Blu-Ray movies without running at very fast speeds (creating more noise), let alone the space required for the full movie, you'd end up with every film being multiple discs.

TrendyGamers1699d ago

Creepiest Kaz pic yet? He looks like a weird fish instead of a Na'vi.

dbjj120881699d ago

I hope so. The asset files for next-gen games must be HUGE.

Kurt Russell1698d ago

The first game to benefit from these huge assets will be Dead or Alive...

I went there :(

andrewsqual1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

Yeah it doesn't matter that my copy of the first Resistance is still perfectly scratch free and a copy of Dead Space 3 bought 3 weeks ago on 360 is probably scratched to bits.
But yeah Bluray, Shine, Next Gen, fuck off bullshit article.

Edit* if you work in retail where you trade in PS3 and 360 games, you know exactly what I am talking about and how good it is to say to somebody buying a preowned PS3 game "I can guarantee you 100% you will have no problem with that disc."

flyingmunky1699d ago

Manufacturers should really put that special coating from blurays on dvds too. They really do scratch up pretty easy, then again it doesn't help that a lot of people use their disks for cup holders and ashtrays. Or at least that's what it looks like when I buy a preowned game or rent a movie from redbox.

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