Majority of Mass Effect 3 Fans STILL Unhappy

A comprehensive video that takes an unbiased look at the facts.

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zeal0us1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

Can't blame them really. The ending(original)basically made all your hard work in the previous titles pointless. The revised ending add a little but still leaves Shepard ultimate unanswered.

The was rumors about a DLC surrounding find Shepard's body on a world that was on the edge of the solar system but it only turn out to be just that, a rumor.

crxss1878d ago

i know i am. me3 was a huge letdown after what me2 brought to the table. if the next mass effect game is a prequel i'll most likely be done with the series

jeeves861878d ago

Yeahhh, but that's like saying all your hard work in God of War 1, 2, 3, Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta was for nothing, too...

How did you expect it to end? What would you have changed?

kreate1878d ago

Yea but biowre made a lot of promises from the beginning of mass effect and hyped the gamers of decision making and creating ur own story type of gameplay. Ending depends on how much work u put into it. Supposedly.

But god of war is a straight shooter. Story is laid out for u. If u lose a save file cuz ur ps3 broke doesnt mean u gotta go back to god of war 1.

Sovereign591878d ago

I wasn't concerned with whether or not Shepard survived. I went into the game fully expecting my Shepard to die a hero. What STILL bothers me about the ending (other than numerous plotholes such as why did Sovereign need to access the Citadel in ME1 if the Reaper had an "inside man" in the Catalyst all along?)is the fact that the ending completely trivialized the Reapers. The Reapers had quickly become my favorite video game villains, and then the final 10-15 minutes of Mass Effect 3 completely destroys their awesomeness. We find out they're just the pawns of an AI that was created by a race of vain squidpeople. If you played the abysmal Leviathan DLC you will know what I am talking about.
And then the other big issue I had was the fact that Bioware had such a small amount of content in the game for many love interest characters. So disappointing.

UnHoly_One1878d ago


The last 10 minutes of the game completely ruins the hundreds of hours I had spent on multiple playthroughs of the other games.

I'll never give Bioware another penny of my money.

omi25p1879d ago

Will it killed the entire franchise for me.

When ever i try to play it i just get so annoyed because i know every choice is pointless

ziggurcat1878d ago

your mistake is that you thought your "choices" actually mattered.

it's a game, its designed to send you on a pre-determined path, despite the illusion of choice. thinking that you were getting anything other than the already-determined cutscenes/endings across all 3 games just because you made choice x here and choice z there means that you don't seem to understand how games that appear to give you choice work.

adorie1878d ago

It all comes down to a satisfying ending and making you FEEL like you have a choice.
ME3 didn't achieve that in the eyes of the fans.

Redempteur1878d ago

Sorry but your logic doesn't work ..
Since the start it's a game about choices.
Repercussions on your choices were obvious to the players across all games. heck the ending section of mass effect 2 is a prime example of giving full freedom to the player and seeing the consequences of your actions.

In a serie , molded by choice, in a series were each "shepard" is different , reaching a different ending, even if it's an illusion is a given that everyone was expecting and bioware didn't deliver on that aspect at all.

What is the point of the % you were raising during the third game ? what is the point of some of your choices before ?
Having linear story elements to tie everything together is expected , but ignoring everything else that happenned in the last 15 minutes to give us "the illusion of choice" in true form is horrible and unforgivable.

omi25p1878d ago

well they mattered in the second one.

crazysammy1878d ago

I have said this before, but you will be disappointed if you think all your choices led to a different ENDING. The entire game of ME 3 was the ending of the series not just the last 15 mins. The whole game had different scenarios based on the decisions you made. Because of a decision I made in ME2 I could NOT save the female Krogan...

This game was awesome, and while the ending was left open for interpretation (Which is alwasy dumb when you say its the end of a story) the entire journey was great and I am sorry if you didnt enjoy it, because I sure as hell did.

aliengmr1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

You also would be upset if you expected good writing. If they wanted a single ending they should have done that.

And it was not left up for "interpretation" it was sloppy, nonsensical writing, pure and simple. Its the kind of crap you tack on to the first or second act of the trilogy, not the end of one. And certainly not one that utilized lore like Mass Effect did.

The ending was a travesty akin to making Emperor Palpatine a damn Ewok, blowing up the universe, stranding the Falcon on a random planet, and rolling the credits.

If you have more questions than answers at the end of a trilogy, you have failed, period. Which the data overwhelmingly shows.

Furthermore, except for the well written side archs (Mordin, Legion, etc,) the overall plot in ME3 was shamefully contrived and clearly showed a lack of planning and foresight. Then there is the complete disregard of the dramatic arch, the complete abandonment of the primary antagonist and the subsequent reintroduction of an entirely new primary antagonist in the final minutes of the game. Any one of which is an epic fail of writing.

ME3 was the final installment to a series whose sole strength was in its storytelling and BioWare just tossed the rule book out the window. If it were a novel, it would never have been published.

WolfLeBlack1879d ago

There's certainly unhappy fans still out there, but I don't think I'd call 'em the majority.

Cueil1878d ago

the majority of Bioware fans are unhappy I would guess... they have very high standards for Bioware

aliengmr1878d ago

Then where were they? If they didn't care to give any feedback they don't count.

If that magical majority existed you would think they would have shown up by now, its been a year.

Aloren1878d ago

Yeah, cause you show up to talk about all the things you like all year long.

And you go praise your government in the streets when they do something you appreciate.

And you go see your teacher when you think the grade he gave you is fair.

You also call the chef whenever you eat in a restaurant, just to tell him how you appreciate the food....

aliengmr1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )


Totally, because nobody ever defends what they like on the internet.

And those who don't vote are automatically counted one way or another.

I guess BioWare has the ability to read the minds of everybody who threw money at them... Oh, right.

Aloren1878d ago

But people do defend bioware on the internet... the very fact that you're arguing here proves it.

Root1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

Well yeah I'm not surprised

Fans gave them a way out with the Indoctrination Theory, if they did that they could of started over, Shepard wakes up after being hit by Harbingers laser and would finish the fight in one last epic DLC. We would still be ticked off about the ending and the fact the real ending is DLC but at least then the whole Casper the friendly ghost thing and all the other plot holes, A TON still not addressed in the Epilogue DLC wouldn't exist.

They just didn't want to admit a theory fans came up with was better then their own crappy ending.

SnakeCQC1878d ago

the pc versions have been pretty bad none of them support a controller(found out after i picked up 1 and 2 on origin)

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