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Rumor: Splinter Cell: Blacklist heading to Wii U

GE: "Splinter Cell: Blacklist appears to be heading to Wii U." (Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Wii U)

Hard to tell
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animegamingnerd  +   883d ago
well since ubisoft is like the only 5 publishers who actually care about the system it doesn't surprise me
2pacalypsenow  +   883d ago
Rumor :no one cares
It might be just me but Splince cell is dead. Complete 180 of game style and diferent voice actor. That's like when the main actor of a tv show leaves and then they continue it only to be canceled after the next season, the magic is gone
Brucis  +   883d ago
Might be neat, but I'd prefer it if they had the old voice actor and went back to being important to be stealthy instead of simply 'don't get caught killing everybody'.
Rockefellow  +   883d ago
This is one game I would probably pick up for the platform. I've never played a Splinter Cell before, but I imagine the gamepad could be used for some cool stuff. Plus, I don't have any system recognition for it-- it's the same reason I probably won't get Bayonetta 2, since I played it on PS3.
zeldafreak404  +   883d ago
As long as Nintendo keeps games coming they should do fine.
wiiulee  +   882d ago
lets bring all the good games to wiiu.....wiiu is ahead to stay if nintendo can get the games out

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